"The Daily Dinar " ..........Friday,21 June 2013
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    "The Daily Dinar " ..........Friday,21 June 2013

    Another Hopeful Post From Eagle1

    (I am simply passing this info on - it in no way implies any confirmation, verification or agreement of any kind on Dinar Updates or BGG's part - Thank you)


    Good Evening, Family!

    While we would all have liked to see this thing accomplished earlier --
    and I've stuck my neck out with reporting information that indicated it
    would have already been done -- everything is still on track overall.

    This IS a global event that has been unfolding during the past ten-plus years.
    The Basel III Protocols (which includes the Global Currency Reset) have required
    the cooperation of many nations -- 198, to be exact. That said, let me add a bit
    of perspective to all the unfolding events.

    The fact that Iraq plays such an important role in this picture has caused everyone
    to be overly focused on just the events taking place in Iraq.

    I need to remind everyone that -- beyond what we're seeing and having the
    opportunity to participate in with the IQD, the VND, the IDR, and other currencies --
    this is something that is the result of God's promise to His people,
    and the fulfillment of prophecies made thousands of years ago.

    We're in the middle of an event that is a once-in-history happening!

    The last time a wealth transfer of this nature happened was when the wealth
    of Egypt was given over to the children of Israel when they departed for the Promised Land.
    The magnitude of what is happening now makes that pale by comparison!

    We all tend to become extremely myopic when we're caught up in the minutiae of
    events over which we have no control. Many folks are hurting financially right now,
    I know, and that tends to sidetrack from the larger picture.

    We ALL want this to be finished RIGHT NOW!! Frank and Delta both share what inte
    l they have gathered, and then make an effort to put that intel into some perspective
    based on all the information they've accumulated.

    Frank's latest gem concerning the VND, and the "East to West" movement of the GCR is a classic example.

    Each of us has different sources of information and intel, some of which comes from
    individuals who are actually involved in the ongoing processes, some of which comes
    from folks on the periphery, and some which comes from others who analyze data they've collected.

    I don't personally know Christine Lagarde, Jack Lew, Ben Bernanke, Dr. Shabibi,
    or any of the folks who are directly involved in the decision making processes --
    and, for that matter, I think I'm accurate in saying that neither Frank nor Delta know any of these folks.

    We each know people who are connected in some way to the unfolding processes.
    Delta is connected obviously within Iraq and has a grasp on facts that he can report from within the country.

    Frank is connected not only to Delta but to others who have access to certain facts
    within Iraq as well as political sources in this country. KTFAlways has some of the
    most spectacular newshounds, like Walkingstick and Mary Cooper.

    For the most part I think we all agree in principle on the events that are unfolding
    and the timing involved. Differences that crop up are a product of our different sources
    and somewhat different perspectives, but any differences are relatively minor,
    and they shouldn't be treated as though we are somehow at odds with each other.

    My contacts come partly from having been in the banking world, as well as having
    been active politically behind the scenes ever since the 1970's. More of my sources
    are connected within the financial realm, although I've been blessed to know people
    who either currently serve in government, or who have served and are still well-connected.

    Speculation on what is going to happen just isn't my cup of tea, and it bothers me to report
    certain projected events that wind up not happening as I've been told. What I'm in possession
    of is a large body of facts and figures that relate to the global picture. I've seen,
    and am in possession of, legal documents that pertain to the unfolding processes and the target dates.

    I've been given a brief glimpse of Iraq's 2013 budget, seen the numbers, and have done calculations
    on what the expected rate is for the budget year. We know the overall plan, and we know what
    the targets are for certain events to take place.

    What gets in the way from time to time (as has just happened in the past few days) is political
    maneuvering and disagreements that delay things. The banking sources and political sources
    who provide me with information on a (mostly) daily basis endeavor to be as accurate in their
    reporting as possible, but because we are in a set of constantly changing dynamics, it makes
    assessing things and trying to put a date on things difficult.

    I've already shared the rates that have been reported to me -- and those rates have not changed
    one iota. I have banking executives who have confirmed to me -- even within the past 24 hours --
    that those rates are showing on foreign currency administrative screens awaiting a release command from the PTB.

    What we're stuck with is a set of political issues and personal issues that affect some of the parties directly.
    Those things have created delays in the timing.

    Frank has reported the 27th of June as the date for the ceremonial signing of the lifting of Chapter VII.
    If you've taken the time to read the original Chapter VII document on the IMF's website, you know that
    the IQD MUST have been restored to international status BEFORE the sanctions can be lifted.

    It stands to reason, therefore, that sometime in the coming days -- and even possibly this weekend --
    we ARE going to see the IQD, the VND, and the entire first basket of currencies released to the rest
    of the world. My intel puts a sense of immediacy to that event, along with the subsequent release
    of the next two baskets of currencies.

    Nothing has changed as far as the target for all 198 currencies having been
    revalued/restructured/realigned by the 14th of October. The plan is still to see
    Baskets 1, 2 and 3 released with their new rates prior to, or by July 1.

    Let's hope that things don't keep delaying so that we don't have an opportunity --
    even a short one -- to purchase the Indonesian Rupiah.

    No matter how this thing times out, we can rest assured that "This is the Lord's doing,
    and it is marvelous in our eyes!"

    Be blessed, Family! Be assured that the Lord sees and knows your need and the struggles
    you are enduring in the meantime. KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT that you will come through this a victor -- and a rich one at that!


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    Putting the final touches to remove Iraq from Chapter VII; Vote anticipated on June 27

    United Nations officially recommends so .. And Zebari discussed with the ambassadors of the five permanent members

    recommended UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a report submitted to the Security Council, to derail Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII after Ivaķh all its international obligations. comes at a time searchable and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari with Ambassadors from the five permanent members of the Security Council accredited to Baghdad, the deliberations currently under way to adopt a new resolution in the Council to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, while stressing the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, the importance of developing economic relations between Iraq and Kuwait next step after get rid Iraq of international sanctions.

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    Critics say its time for CBI to manage protected funds after CH VII

    Calls for the central bank to take over the protection of Iraqi funds file

    student Economists Iraqi Central Bank to prepare from now to take over the file to protect Iraqi funds in banks in the United States and take appropriate measures to close this file and restore the sovereignty of the money the country.

    U.S. President Barack Obama announced mid last month to extend the legal protection of the Development Fund for Iraq and some Iraqi assets other in the United States.

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    CH VII events and strategic framework agreement

    Zebari and US Ambassador discuss Iraq out of the remaining provisions of Chapter VII

    Baghdad (newsletter).Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, US Ambassador Robert Stephen bikroft Iraqi-US relations in the framework of strategic cooperation.

    According to a Foreign Ministry statement received (News Agency), a copy of which the two sides discussed the domestic and regional situation after elections in Anbar, Ninawa and Syrian crisis and its impact on neighboring countries and the region.

    The statement said the two sides discussed the efforts of the ongoing diplomatic Iraq in the Security Council to get out remaining provisions of Chapter VII and Iraq meet its international obligations and the preparations for his visit to Washington in the near future.

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    Politicians hopeful HCL law will be adopted as a result of Malikiís visit to Erbil

    Oil and gas law between a consensus Constitution and Parliament to adopt

    Baghdad (allakhbaret)./Report/Beth/continuous controversy among political blocs since the first parliamentary session on oil and gas law is close to a solution as House members, particularly after Prime Minister Nuri al-Malikiís visit to Erbil and agreement with the territorial Government to pass a law in accordance with the constitutional framework.

    MP says/the State of law Coalition/Hassan Al-yasiri (News Agency): the oil and gas Act file cannot be resolved in accordance with the rules of procedure of the House that this is one of the crucial issues concerning the Iraqi people need a political consensus. He added: these differences after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kurdistan and specifically to Erbil will hopefully be unblock to come up with an agreement the two parties can benefit from the oil and gas law.

    Either the Kurdistan Alliance, for his part, by his Deputy Sheriff Solomon said in an interview (News Agency): to abide by the Constitution in the oil and gas law is the only way to be successful and consistent inclusion of Deputies, adding that the work within the Constitution to approve oil and gas law would enable everyone that there is no obsession on national wealth and not have but one without the other.

    Solomon said: that the drafts do not have controversy and that maintain harmony and maintain the Constitution will acknowledge within paragraphs of the oil and gas law, which will be in agreement with all the political blocs.

    But it seems that the Iraqi list tsbad the Bill during the current session of Parliament that optimism seems to pass the oil and gas law did not include all political blocs since the Iraqi list I thought by some deputies that the Senate does not pass a law but that he would be deported to the next parliamentary session due to inability to tendig laws.

    The Deputy says Iraqi Al-jumaili unit (News Agency) that any new law do not believe that it will pass in the first legislative term during the fourth legislative year, stating that any law including the oil and gas law needs a political consensus between all the political blocs and not only between the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance

    Al-jumaili said that the current session of Parliament is able to and not eligible to tendig laws that reflect the will of the Iraqi voter, or give it a hope that there is positive things can improve the bitter reality.

    It was agreed that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government nechirvan Barzaniís first visit to the territory by the need to work for the adoption of laws and legislation that will have an impact in resolving outstanding problems such as oil and gas law.

    The United Nations criticized the end of the year 2012 in Iraq delayed oil and gas law while demanding political parties to pass this Bill as soon as possible,

    The Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies decided (13 September 2012) forming a small Committee to study controversial points on the oil and gas law and the drafting of the new law, while Parliament Speaker Osama Al-nujaifi said that the Government is serious about the law through the merger of the two bill drafts (2007) and (2011) the first Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay Al-Suhail, the Cabinet called for the adoption of the draft in 2011 only.

    The Iraqi Government announced (August 28, 2011) on the ratification of the draft oil and gas law and decided to refer it to Parliament for ratification, while the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein Al-Shahristani at the (2) that the Government has introduced some modifications Ď to Ď draft oil law long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on energy.

    The origin of the dispute between the Governments of Baghdad and Erbil due to oil contracts concluded by the territory that it considers illegal in Baghdad says the territory based on the Iraqi Constitution and bilateral agreements with the Federal Government and triggered a serious crisis on oil between Baghdad and Erbil to stop Kurdistan (1 April 2012) pumping oil until further notice due to disagreements with Baghdad on financial receivables to operating oil companies

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    United Nations expresses its support for Iraq’s five-year development plan

    Baghdad / term Presse seen by the Ministry of Planning yesterday the United Nations Mission to the five-year plan for the years (2013-2017) developed by, and promised that the success of the five-year plan “a real challenge to the Iraqi government,” asserting their need to “support” the United Nations to make it a success, while shown recent willingness to provide “help new Iraq” in this regard.

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    Vietnam Central bank closely monitoring forex market in response to rising US dollar prices

    HA NOI (VNS) — The State Bank of Viet Nam has said that it would closely monitor exchange rate movements and balance of payment figures to manage the rate in a manner that would encourage dong holdings and limit shifting to US dollar holdings.

    The central bank made the statement in response to the rising price of the US dollar in commercial banks that hit VND 21,035 late last week.

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