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    Trump on twitter

    June 20th, 1:51 P.M. > Donald Trump Tweets; US debt is 17 trillion dollars --- Iraq has 20 trillion dollars in oil reserves --- INTERESTING !

    Above is what Trump had tweeted, I put the date and time stamp of the tweet.........I can say with 100% certainty 6 months ago Trump did not have ANY INTEREST in the IQD or MIDDLE EAST.......The 100% certainty is because the answer came directly from his mouth to my ears. This tweet is interesting to me for that specific reason.....SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED OR IS HAPPENING TO HAVE HIM NOW COMPARING AMERICA'S DEBT AND THE IRAQ OIL RESERVES

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    tman this is very interesting! Thank you for sharing this post!!!

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    Makes a lot of sense to me that Mr Donald would be a big investor in IQD....

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    A lot of our debt comes from the wars and nation building.... this is what he referenced.

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