United: no truth to the existence of an agreement on the criminalization of-Baathification law and published in the door enters the political history

18-06-2013 10:17 PM

Baghdad (news) .. He said the coalition / united / he is keen to activate all the laws that are in the interest of the Iraqi people, denying reports that an agreement with the state law on the criminalization of the Baath.

And between the coalition said in a statement received Agency (news) a copy of it on Tuesday: that what has been agreed upon is to form a committee to study all the laws without allocation or discrimination and examine all avenues to see the light, explaining: The publication of such news comes in the context of history and political miscarriage election by those who are afraid of losing that is imminent elections in Nineveh and Anbar.

He added: that the Iraqis are waiting for activation of dozens of laws that still Off hostage to political rivalry between the various blocs, stressing: The united will not only be faithful to the interests of our people and our fans, whatever the consequences and challenges. / End / o. P /