House of Representatives approves Iraq and NATO Agreement
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Thread: House of Representatives approves Iraq and NATO Agreement

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    House of Representatives approves Iraq and NATO Agreement

    18-06-2013 03:18 PM

    Baghdad (news) .. House of Representatives voted on the law of the Convention on Iraq and NATO to train Iraqi security forces.

    said reporter Agency (news): Voted to ratify the draft law on ratification of the Convention on training Iraqi security forces between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and NATO NATO. / End / b . PVC /


    Visit to NATO HQ of the NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC-9)
    26 Mar. 2013– 27 Mar. 2013

    On 26 and 27 March 2013, the NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC) visited NATO Headquarters on a Field Study visit, organised by the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division (PASP).

    The ninth NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC-9) was welcomed at NATO Headquarters by Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, Ambassador Dirk Brengelmann, for a two-day programme that included meetings with NATO officials and Permanent Representatives on the North Atlantic Council.

    The NRCC-9 received briefings on NATO’s New Strategic Concept, the Mediterranean and the Middle East by Mr. Nicola de Santis, Head, Middle East and North Africa Section, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division, on NATO’s Military Cooperation in the framework of the Mediterranean Dialogue and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative by Colonel Pierre Goudal, Branch Chief,

    Cooperation and Regional Secruity Division, International Military Staff, on NATO’s Operation in Afghanistan by Major General Marcel Druart, Director Operations Division, NATO International Military Staff, on NATO-Russia relations by Dr Petr Lunak, Deputy Head, Engagement Section, Public Diplomacy Division, and on New Emerging Security Challenges by Mr Michael Ruehle, Head Energy Security Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division.

    The visit also included a series of high-level meetings with the NATO Deputy Secretary General, H.E. Alexander Vershbow, with General Knud Bartels, Chairman of the North Atlantic Military Committee, and with several Representatives of Allied Nations, notably with H.E. Ambassador Gabriele Checchia, the Permanent Representative of Italy on the North Atlantic Council, with H.E. Ambassador Philippe Errera, the Permanent Representative of France on the North Atlantic Council, with Mr Manuel Acerete, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Spain on the North Atlantic Council, and with Mr Ekkehard Brose, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany on the North Atlantic Council.

    The NRCC is a direct response to NATO's HOSG decision in Riga in 2006 to launch the NATO Training Cooperation Initiative with the countries from the Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI), and the success of the NRCC is demonstrated by the growing interest from regional states.

    The ninth NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC-9) has 24 participants, from Algeria, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the USA.

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    Central Bank praises the decision of the three civil banks to sell dollars at a lower price advertiser

    06.17.2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

    Long-Presse / Baghdad Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, received a formal letter from the Association of Banks confirms its commitment to the initiative of three banks as a first stage to sell the dollar at a lower price than Advertised price, as pointed out that this initiative represents a "natural behavior", which show him Iraqi banks , confirmed it complies with its monetary policy to support the Iraqi economy.

    said the CBI in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "central bank governor received a formal letter from the Association of Banks includes a commitment solemnly announced earlier initiative by three banks as a first stage to sell the dollar to the public at a lower price from the price advertised. "

    the statement said, "the Association of Banks decided to cut dollar selling cash at 1183 dinars instead of 1189 dinars to the dollar, and 1178 dinars to the dollar instead of 1184 dinars to the dollar for Documentary Credits." promised the central bank's decision Bankers Association that "comes continue with the policy of the Iraqi Central Bank in supporting the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and to provide foreign currency are soft to the public in the framework of cooperation between the Central Bank and Iraqi banks. "

    and the price of the bank's central bank this initiative, and saw that it "represents a natural behavior that show him most of our banks to stand with trends monetary policy governance that are moving out and the keenness of the Central Bank and the banks to support the Iraqi economy and raising the efficiency of financial instruments and cash used. "

    It was the Iraqi Central Bank announced, earlier, the cancellation of banking companies is registered has regardless of obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of whether or not , confirmed that the banking companies registered and certified before 2003 were 300 companies only, as pointed out that companies exceeded Thousand a mixture of companies that operate in accordance with the conditions and controls the bank and the other got a leave of absence from the Ministry of Commerce while running other companies without getting any vacation.

    referred to as the central bank announced, earlier this year, 2013, for closing 190 offices for banking in Baghdad and the provinces for violating the legal requirements imposed by the bank. was the Truth in matches Development Fund of Iraq revealed, April 8, 2013, that the central bank sold during the past six years in the auctions process conducted by about 207 billion dollars, equivalent to 56% of the revenues of Iraq's oil in those years, and while confirming that those sales were more doubles than you need the local market, they revealed that more than half of those sales went to the banks specific poured their purchases from the bank in the Gulf and Jordan.

    accused deputies, politicians and economists Central Bank of Iraq over the past months, burn "an average of four billion dollars a month in an auction of hard currency for the benefit of ten banks, mostly with capital Gulf, you buy a day most of the claims of the Central Bank of hard currency and make a profit overcharge up to 6% as it controls the Iraqi economy. "

    accused the General Authority for the North Bank for Finance and Investment, on the seventh of April 2013, the CBI not to meet the needs of the Iraqi market of hard currency over the past five months and refer it the responsibility of the private banks, while confirming that Iraq need to pump nearly $ 300 million in the market daily to meet needs of the coin currency in when he criticized the central bank These statements promised they attack him and "stems from ignorance and lack of knowledge of monetary policy."

    and decided to Iraqi Council of Ministers in (16 October 2012), the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki functions of the central bank governor and the agency rather than the Governor of the Bank Previous Shabibi on charges of issues of financial and administrative corruption in the bank, especially in operations Auction dollars, but something did not occur to the work of the Bank and currency auction whereas the price Iraqi dinar exchange a significant decline against the dollar as it jumped from 1170 dinars per dollar in autumn 2012 to 1270 dinars to the dollar in April 2013.


    was the International Monetary Fund said in a report issued in (21.03.2013), following the end of the consultations held in Amman between A delegation from the Fund and an Iraqi delegation headed by VMware Planning Ali Shukri, and seen (long-Presse) it "an improvement in the financial sector," but he stressed that it is still "need to be greater efforts by the central bank in the revision of monetary policy tools and strengthen banking supervision, and accelerate the re- restructuring of the banking system. "

    and called on the International Monetary Fund Central Bank of Iraq to "take measures to gradually towards the liberalization of view of foreign exchange through auctions held by the Bank so as not to repeat disorders suffered by the financial market in the last year."

    UNFPA emphasized that the establishment of a banking system National requires abandoning the current model, which is controlled in which weak banks by state-owned receive preferential treatment apart from private banks, "calling on Iraq to do to strengthen public financial institutions to ensure efficiency and transparency in the use of oil revenues.


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