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    Red face Euro rate

    The Euro had declined to an exchange rate $1.22 to 1 Euro......Then it was "said" that when it hits $1.34 "you" will be cooking with grease. (Greece ?)........This morning the Euro finally hit the $1.34 exchange rate........ This has been indicated to be some sort of benchmark. That being said; I do not know if the IQD is to be equal to the Euro or possibly 3 times 3 x's 1.34 = 4.02......


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    Kaperoni - Article: “The International Monetary Fund extended a loan agreement for Iraq in seven months“ This is not a good article. If true, the IMF just gave Iraq an excuse to do nothing with the dinar for 7 more months. And this seems odd since the IMF had two Article IV consultations with them encouraging them into Article VIII. Yet, Iraq wants out of UN Chapter VII at the end of the month.We know Maliki is smiling ear to ear as he will continue to smuggle dollars to support Syria, and Iran. Makes no sense to me. If I was voting come the end of the month, I would say no. They want 3.7 billion from the IMF, how they gointing to pay Kuwait 11 billion? it makes zero sense. I am really mad tonight at this. Usually, it takes a few days to see this kind of information on the IMF. If it is recycled, we shall know in a day or so.

    So it is "said" the amount owed by the Central to the Kurds is 3.7 billion.....And a loan rides along some rules of the UN regarding Chapters, and with added stipulations comes some control mechanisms should the road map to follow be charted off course by some rogue persons.......I did read where one person called 11 billion usd chump change.......That being said; the quickening has begun......And I will watch as chump change turns to chump changing his mind.

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