Trade: the reluctance of the distribution of the ration card items caused by the late arrival of the financial allocations

17-06-2013 12:58 PM

Baghdad (news) .. Ministry of Commerce announced it is on alert for processors any delay occurs in the distribution of the ration card items in all provinces in the country.

said Director General of the General Company for Trade materials Meshaal Hassan Saleh said in a statement received Agency (news) copy of it:, the company continues to distribute material oil and within marketing plan until the month of June, especially the areas least poorest, including the province of Samawah, stressing that the ministry has contracted many companies with productive and manufactured global sober for processing large quantities sufficient country for three months to come.

said: that the delay in the distribution of food recently due to the late arrival of the financial allocations , in addition to the instructions that had contracted with companies producing conditions harsh in the contract and the letter of guarantee and assignment caused by the reluctance of many international companies to contract with the ministry in addition to shipping problems and transportation prices global stock and other problems. said: the reason for the delay contracting Ttaghizmadh milk was the result of failure models milk screening laboratory inside Iraq in terms of specifications and contractual laboratory established in the laboratories of Iraq, where the ministry is coordinating with the World Children's Bhmaganb so as to ensure the health and Slamaalotfl Iraq.

As part of preparations for the ministry of the holy month of Ramadan said Mhalahalh contract to equip the ministry at 18 thousand tons of material lentils for distribution during the month of Ramadan by half a kilo each individual within the authorization ration card حيب the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Commerce to purchase 18 thousand tons of lentils for distribution in the holy month of Ramadan. / End / b. PVC /