Nasarawi inspects wounded in Sadr Teaching Hospital in Basra and confirms reconsider security plans

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The governor of Basra Majid Naseroy he in the process to meet security leaders in Basra, the Basra police director and chief of operations to discuss security plans and re-considered.

He said Nasarawi during roaming in Al Sadr Teaching Hospital to check on the wounded blast double occurred on Sunday, accompanied by Director of Health Basra Riad Abdul Amir told {Euphrates News} that "what is happening in Basra is including what is happening in Iraq bombings," stressing that "the situation makes us think in restoring security plans currently in place. "

It was a double car-bombs occurred near the office of Basra passports the nearby Ataiwash area of ​​the publican county cited on its impact, according to a security source four citizens, including a director of anti-explosives Colonel Hassan Globe, also injured more than {10} others.

The source confirmed a significant damage in cars parked near the Passport Office in addition to the houses near the place of the blasts.

Police cordoned off and forensic evidence blasts place and imposed a ban on a vehicle close to the place as seen nearby roads crowded traffic after changing the path of cars to other routes in anticipation of the occurrence of other explosions. Ended

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