State of Law coalition looking tomorrow position from participating sessions of the House of Representatives
15-06-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News

Announced a coalition of state law, on Saturday, a meeting of the coalition tomorrow for his statement to the House of Representatives with the approach of the resumption of its third legislative term.

A member of the Coalition MP Salman al-Moussawi told (Baghdadi News), that "the State of Law coalition will hold an important meeting tomorrow with all of its members to take a common position on whether or not to participate in the meetings of the House of Representatives in third legislative term."

Moussawi said that "the coalition will take the appropriate attitude toward the House of Representatives, where the coalition discussed extensively in order to clarify the situation and to respond to the charges against him as obstructing the work of the House of Representatives, which is what we reject."

"The coalition members will discuss a number of laws, including oil and gas and the criminalization of the Baath Party and the formation of political parties and infrastructure."