Iraqi parliamentarians are demanding a greater role in decision-making
16-06-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad: Afrah Shawqi
Iraqi parliamentarians demanded a greater role for them in decision-making and resolve the political crisis in the country, through their involvement in all parliamentary blocs and parliamentary committees and tables of dialogue and peace negotiations.
This claim came through a regional program of events organized recently in the Jordanian capital Amman, the Iraqi Institute (one of the civil society organizations in Iraq) with the participation of parliamentarians from countries in the Middle East and North Africa and in the presence of international experts.
She said Rend Rahim, Executive Director of the Institute of Iraq, told «Middle East»: «We need to important steps for legal literacy and political as well as illiteracy and urged parliamentarians to reach the women's rural and remote areas and activate their role in the control and follow-up and to encourage other women to enter the Parliamentary arena.
In turn, confirmed the independent MP in the Iraqi parliament Safiya al-Suhail that «women leaders Moghaibat are great for meetings and political negotiations and sincere efforts to resolve the crisis experienced by the country, and there is marginalization of feminist and limiting element meetings more than once on the male leaders.
There are 82 deputy in the Iraqi parliament in its current session, out of 325 seats. The only two women were able to chair the committees of the parliament, namely the Committee on Women, Family and Child and the Committee on Reconstruction and services. Under the Iraqi constitution must not be less than the percentage of women in parliament than 25 per cent, while women make up between 55 - and 60 per cent of Iraq's population.