Basra's new government begins its work to change "men-Maliki" and requests additional funds
16-06-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad / Wael grace
Basra's new government seeks to change some of the "positions of the Dawa Party," in sensitive districts in the province, and talking about "the failure of four years, led by directors of education, police and health." Stresses on the lips of members of the "Basra First" that has an integrated plan in the field of services and investment. As refers to sources close to the provincial council to the former governor of Basra, Maliki's coalition "may reluctantly" the position of the presidency of the Council relying on the disintegration of "Basra First", who led the formation of the government, after the distribution of positions while piety fork head the Council on the governor.
And the voice of the Basra Governorate Council's New At its first meeting on the (candidate of a coalition of Basra first) Majed Nasraoui, of the mass of the citizen, governor of Basra and behind Samad candidate state law, Chairman of the Board, while session witnessed absence of members of the Badr Organization and the Dawa Party, Iraq Organization and a member of the mass of independent, in One of the hardest losses for the coalition of state law.
The hub of Basra oil industry in Iraq and its port only, with a population of more than three million people, as well as an international border with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and moans population of poor conditions service where the longer the commercial port and oil only in the world that does not have a desalination plant for seawater, which is needed since it dropped the level of the Tigris and Euphrates to an unprecedented extent years ago and led to the rise of the tongue sea salt to a depth of 100 km in the Shatt al-Arab.
It is worth mentioning a source close to the Basra Governorate Council "long" yesterday, that "the Council held one meeting was the selection of the governor and his deputies, the President of the Council and his deputy," he said, adding that "the Council did not specify its second and broke up in the hope of forming and selecting the names of members of the committees that will work within the Council" .
He says the source, who asked not to be named, said that "the new governor and (Basra First) managers are seeking to change the education, health, police, affiliated with the Dawa party, because of their failure."
It is said that criticism directed political parties and deputies of Basra earlier against the security reality and carried the responsibility for a car bomb security breaches targeted markets Basra, as well as criticism of the reality of health and education in Basra.
It also draws the source that the selection behind Abdul Samad former governor of the Dawa Party, Chairman of the Board of Basra did not satisfy the latter because he was aspiring to return to his old "but the Dawa party, convinced him that a coalition of Basra first and after the distribution of positions and different FAQ central to the Liberal bloc and the citizen will disintegrate," He pointed out that "the rule of law seeks to achieve a new majority in the House of Basra," despite the fact that these seem aspirations become difficult to achieve in light of the parallel loss of local government in Baghdad.
In the meantime, deputy for Basra said that "the governor of Basra Council sworn in and promised to work for the benefit of the province and not the other."
He adds MP Hussein al-Mansouri said in an interview with the "long" yesterday, that "the agreement, which took place between the (Basra first) and the rest of the winning blocs in the elections of Basra that the work is done on the basis of one team and avoid individual decisions," adding that "the new government, including the President of the Council sworn that work in the interest of Basra, without paying attention to the interests of the party. "
Mansouri show optimism Balcecchelh the new government of Basra, stressing that it "will take a top priority change losers officials, as well as interesting for drinking water, electricity and health situation and open the door for investment more broadly."
It is said that Basra has failed to achieve the spending rate of the year 2012 budget of $ 1.6 trillion dinars, as it did not reach financial completion rate in Basra to 1%.
To see Ahmed Al Sulaiti, former deputy head of the provincial council in Basra, said "the new composition of the Basra government will take care of real-time strategy projects and solve the problems of the province and the most important of the approval of the draft of Basra, the economic capital and an end to the problem of salinity." Sulaiti say, in connection with the "long" yesterday, said that "some of the winning political blocs in the elections to have a realistic programs can be implemented", praising at the same time, the coalition program "Basra is first." Explains a member of the provincial council in Basra, the new mass of citizens, saying that "the program Basra first will take care of addressing the problem of electricity, housing, unemployment and end the phenomenon of slums," stressing "the existence of a priority in the monitoring of projects and companies lagging and removal companies bad."
And speaks member bloc citizen in Basra strategic plans and vessels to solve the problem of salinity in the province, revealing "a strategic project for the construction of a dam on the Shatt al-Arab prevents stretch salinity, and trapping salinity sources in addition to the continuing work of previous projects."
And refers Sulaiti to "the presence of more than 3 thousand project a service in Basra and need 9 trillion dinars to cover them," He believed that "the draft petrodollars will not be enough to accomplish these projects," tight that "the new council will demand an increase allocations petrodollars, especially since oil production in Basra growing" .