Dhi Qar is preparing to take over 8 mobile power stations

15/06/2013 12:00 AM

To be installed in the center of the province and decoding bottlenecks

Nasiriyah Hazem Mohammed Habib

preparing Electricity Distribution Directorate of Dhi Qar province, to take over the 8 stations mobile power from the Turkish side, to be installed in the center of the province in order to break bottlenecks in the network, while embarked electricity Najaf processing power rate of eight continuous hours per day for agricultural areas covered by the plan of planting rice crop for this season, and instructed the Minister of Electricity to achieve a balance between pregnancy agricultural and pregnancy residential equipped to Central Euphrates provinces.

said Director of the Department of Electricity Distribution Dhi Qar, Qusai Abdul-Hussein's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network), that the province is preparing to take over the 8 stations, mobile power from the Turkish side within the plan of development of the regions, adding that the stations that will reach the province next month, with a capacity per 16 of them (or any), will raise the rate equip citizens with electricity to about 18 hours a day.

, adding that his department will set up four of the Those stations that draw power stations steady until at the center of the city of Nasiriyah, noting that those stations within the monument tables and Timers allocated to them, will help lift the bottlenecks experienced by transformers and distribution networks, as well as their contribution to increasing hours of processing.