Dollar weakens against yen

15/06/2013 12:00 AM

TOKYO (Reuters) -
The dollar weakened against the yen on Friday but settled above 95 yen after falling to its lowest level in two months in the previous session thanks to rising Japanese stocks and purchase orders from export companies.

, and the price of the dollar in the latest insider 95.28 yen, down slightly from its level in late trading, the U.S., but up from the level of 93.75 yen hit on Thursday after falling Nikkei Stock Average Japanese 6.4 percent.

The Nikkei up 1.9 percent on Friday. were associated with the movement of the dollar against the yen index Japanese stocks in the past few weeks, as investors began to stop the activity of selling yen The purchase of shares, which dominated the market in the period between November and May. And also result in falling stock to pay investors to reduce their positions dollar Konoha to hedge Yen.

settled dollar index - which measures the strength of the greenback versus a basket of currencies - after falling on Thursday to its lowest level in four months at 80.500 while revived U.S. data strong global equities and made investors prefer the euro.

, and about the dollar index to record low at about three percent over the past two weeks, the biggest drop of its kind in more than a year.

The euro was steady near its level in late trading, the U.S. at 1.3352 dollars after climbing gradually began on 17 May and brought him to the highest level in four months at $ 1.3390 on Thursday.

Australian dollar fell 0.6 percent to $ 0.9587 after rising nearly two percent to U.S. $ 0.9665 on Thursday.
New Zealand's dollar fell 0.5 percent to $ 0.8053 after rising 1.9 percent on Thursday.