"The Daily Dinar " ..........SATURDAY,15 June 2013
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    "The Daily Dinar " ..........SATURDAY,15 June 2013

    Iraq approaches the end of CH VII and Onward to CH VI

    BAGHDAD / Press-term - Iraq announced, on Wednesday, he was approaching the exit from Chapter VII and understandings conducted with the Kuwaiti side capable of moving to “Chapter VI”.

    The Kuwaiti Prime Minister Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah arrived on Wednesday morning, to Baghdad on an official visit was scheduled in May last year but it was postponed for technical reasons.

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    CBI decides to transform government amounts of compensation to the outside of Iraqis who have permanent residency only

    Central Bank of Iraq, on Friday, he decided to transform the compensation government for Iraqis living outside Iraq and issued in their favor decisions judicial deterministic, while stressing that the conversion will exclusively Iraqis who have residences permanent and not temporary, pointed out that the conversion will be the currency Alognih According to the pricing in banks approved by him.

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    Iraq prepares for the exchange and delivery of the remains of soldiers killed during Iran & Kuwait wars

    The Director of the Office of Human Rights in Basra, Mahdi al-Tamimi, the readiness of the Ministry of Human Rights to undertake an exchange of remains of soldiers killed in the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran.

    He said al-Tamimi told {to Firat News} that “the exchange remains between the two sides came to process the fourteenth,” adding that “work is continuing on the stage {11} to search for human remains in the Faw area salted specifically, and is hoped to be completed in {20} of the month June current “

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    Confidential consultations to arrange a new meeting between Maliki and Najafi

    Baghdad / Orr News - Iraqi political sources revealed arrangements conducted behind closed doors for a meeting and a comprehensive national reconciliation Avatar employs between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi on the table, head of the Supreme Islamic Council. The sources confirmed for “home” that the arrangements for the next meeting between Maliki and Najafi being Tertbhe by Vice President Khodair al, leader of the state law, led by al-Maliki, noting that the work of this meeting can come out بتوافقات political end to the enactment of the amnesty, and amend the law of accountability and justice required timeframe him until the end of 2014, naming the ministers of interior and defense, and discuss the mechanics of the application of Article 4 terrorism, the controversial legal definition of explicit applications baggy that lend themselves to accuse any party of supporting terrorism and undergo trial offense up sanctions the death penalty.

    No sources confirm or deny the information traded on the participation of the Minister of Finance resigned Rafie al-Issawi in his expected this week, saying only that the initiative of Sheikh Abdul-Malik al-Saadi respected everyone, and will be the focus of discussion to resolve differences between the leaders of the Iraqi List and the rule of law, including legal disputes resolved the resignation of a number of ministers, including al-Issawi.

    The leader of the sit-ins gray Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, said in a press conference that the protests are Anbar met with Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and Juloh to negotiate with the government in order to achieve their demands and confirmed that they carried him a requirement is added to the list of their demands basic, while expressed Najafi willingness to meet with Maliki and negotiate with him in order to calm the situation in the country, stressed that the negotiation begins to accept the government initiative of Sheikh Saadi and hand over the killers of the protesters and worshipers in Fallujah, Hawija, Diyala, Mosul, and stressed that it can not accept any solution that exceeds the demands of the demonstrators.


    Maliki and Najafi making any sort of "deal" - or even talking, for that matter, is monumental news. Seems like they are dealing with a "laundry list" of long-standing disputes as well. I am not sure what to make of it - but very, very interesting.

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    Iraq begins a new exchange of the remains with Kuwait, Iran the search continues

    Twilight News / Iraqi authorities uncovered, Saturday, for a new exchange remains with both Kuwait and Iran in 20 of the month.

    Iraq began in the exchange process remains with the two countries since the fall of the former regime in 2003, in coordination with international humanitarian organizations.

    The director of the human rights office in Basra, Mahdi al-Tamimi's "Twilight News" that Iraq will begin "the process of exchange of the remains with Iran and Kuwait on the twentieth of June."

    "The Ministry of Human Rights has coordinated with Iran and Kuwait on the subject of the exchange remains" the victims died in the wars in the first and second Gulf.

    Tamimi said that "the number of the remains will be announced soon, because in the final stages."

    Tamimi revealed the existence of an "action plan by the Ministry of Human Rights to search for human remains in the Majnoon field and salted area in Faw."


    BGG - This is a highlight because this is one of the critical international issues the UN has insisted on before Iraq is allowed to exit CH 7 sanctions. The fact they intend to "translate" these on the 20th is most interesting (as in - prior to the 27th)...

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    "Economic" intends to limit the Governor to discuss steps to lower the dollar

    Parliamentary sources, on Friday, the end of the investigation in a previous administration of the Central Bank, adding that the eight accused only stay in the case of the seven employees were released on bail while still Deputy Director Office of laundering money and has been referred to the Court, a decision likely to release it for lack of evidence, comes at a time of economic and investment Commission announced in the House of representatives would limit current Governor Abdel Basset Turki to learn the steps in by reducing The price of the dollar.

    Parliamentary sources said the impact of anonymity for the sensitivity of the subject, “an investigation into the charges against the former management of the Central Bank is coming to an end”, stating that “investigative authorities settled on the eight accused of this case.”

    He said the seven had been released on bail while still fouzia Kadhim, who was serving as Deputy Director of the anti-money laundering Office at the Central Bank was being held in custody. ”

    The (new morning) revealed earlier reached by specialized agencies to lose (210) a specific invoice values of up to 2 billion (289) million.

    And in an interview with the source (the new morning), “Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi has completed the investigation of his case was also transmitted to the specialized courts”, but ruled out that “his trial in absentia because the current circumstances do not permit.”

    The source noted that “preliminary information indicates that the trial of the Deputy Director of the anti-money laundering Office will close and the period that the charges against her are merely being a contravention or a misdemeanour is simple and does not rise to the level of felony”, likely to be released for lack of evidence available right and therefore could not be condemned as it currently exists, the Court will endeavour in its pleadings to strengthen the conviction decision “, but he did not deny that there may appear” facts New in the trial stage and the volatility of all scales.

    And they (the new morning) quoted Attorney Haitham al-Jabouri is a member of the parliamentary investigative committee charged with following up the Central Bank said in April that “a Committee headed by the President of the Court of appeal of five Baghdad/rusafah federal work to investigate the Central Bank’s file and there are quite a few suspects, including current and retired,” he said, adding that “most of the charges related to the smuggling of currency speculation and that the responsible officials in the Bank add another civil banks have the right to take legal action such as bank North across Iraq and United. ”

    And, the economy and Investment Committee threatened the current Administration for the Central Bank to crack at the legal and media to work to reduce the price of the dollar.

    Committee member, said Amer Al-Fayez told (the new morning) that “the current Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki had promised in an interview earlier with the adoption of measures to prevent the continued rise of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar”, adding that “despite the passage of several weeks that promises nothing but the deteriorating national economy more than months ago.

    According to Al-Fayez, a member of the National Alliance “there are international and domestic commercial mafias behind rising hard currency for graft at the expense of the public interest”, deploring the fact that “the specialized agencies unable to reach these groups suspicious that the figures supported window.”

    And vowed economic and Investment Committee member in the “next few days will see the return of Parliament and we in the committees we will control what we can to hold the current management of the Central Bank, but that” we will call again to hear Turkish him reasons for not achieving the promised earlier and then we will have a firm stance if convincing answers. ”

    He said that “we have several options if the situation continues with the current image, we will address the Prime Minister’s Office and ask them to take legal action against the current Administration will resort to the media to uncover the facts as they are.”


    BGG - Very long and difficult to grasp article - but in short, Dr Shabibi is about to be exonerated and Turki is going to have to answer for what is going on and why he didn't produce as "advertised".

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    Zebari, Kerry discuss a number of issues

    Khandan - John Kerry held and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the U.S. telephone conversation with Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on a number of common issues.

    A statement issued by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, said Kerry praised the release of political happening in the country and reduce the sources of tension and visited the prime minister of the Kurdistan region, and stressed that the U.S. administration always urges Iraqi leaders to dialogue and communication and the search for solutions within the federal democratic constitutional order.

    He also expressed his support for the U.S. administration to Iraq and Kuwait's efforts to shut down all of the files and move to a new phase of cooperation and to the stage of construction after the provisions of Chapter VII.

    Kerry briefed the Iraqi side on the recent shift in the U.S. position on the Syrian crisis with continued adherence to finding a political settlement through the Geneva Conference (2).

    For his part, Zebari told his U.S. counterpart that the Iraqi government and its policy of official and orientations do not support and does not support or encourage the participation of volunteers Iraqis or members of militias in the fighting in Syria, under any pretext was that Iraq policy fixed in the independence of neutrality and non-militarization of the conflict or support a party at the expense of another party with Tadi for a political settlement and the Geneva conference, also said Iraq has taken and will take measures to prevent the arrival of military supplies through Iraqi airspace to Syria.

    Zebari expressed the Iraqi government's appreciation to the U.S. president's decision to extend the protection and immunity to Iraqi funds and assets in U.S. banks for an additional year again.


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