Deputy for Iraq: the blocks not current Bakamosha services to citizens concerned the formation of local governments

15-06-2013 06:32 AM

Baghdad (news) .. Male MP / coalition in Iraq / Nabil Hrbo, that the political blocs currently preoccupied with the formation of local governments and their access to positions of local sovereign, and that the interests of the Iraqi people is not current Bakamosha.

He said Hrbo in a statement (of the Agency news): The political blocs busy road nationwide, conducted the elections, and the provinces that will take place in, and trying to get sovereign positions where local, explaining: that the blocks are trying to evacuate the fruits of political crises that do it to obtain privileges.

He continued: The Iraqi people do not come the first prize in the thinking of the blocks, not Bakamosha now the issue of services and the security situation, explaining: that these subjects Arkint the inclusion or corners of the political blocs and interested in how to control the provinces, and then refer to the creation of political crises and return to solve.

The political scene, dialogues between the blocks of winning the election that was held in 12 counties, and some provinces resolved and the other is still pending, is likely to resolve the pending entry of the leaders of the political blocs on line التفاوضات. / End / 7. J. N /