Badr Organization: Mohammed al-Bayati's remarks represent his point of view .. And we have historical ties with the Kurdistan region

01:20:14 / 06/2013

Khandan - The leader of the Badr Organization, the Attorney cream Silverline Muhammadawi, that the statements by the organization Muhammad Mahdi al-Bayati regarding Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region, does not represent the point of Nzernizh Badr, but his personal view, noting that the Badr historical relationship with the region since fighting the regime.

Muhammadawi said in a statement "Khandan": the al-Bayati's remarks represent his personal view, he said, adding that al-Bayati believes that there are differences in the region inhabited by Turkmen and opinion Cray Turkmen citizen, not Ray Badr Organization.

He added: that the Badr Organization has a historical relationship with the Kurdistan region since the struggle against the former regime, and are now working on the convergence of views between the political parties, to maintain the fabric of the Iraqi people.