11:02 14/06/2013


Iraq prepares for the exchange and delivery of the remains of soldiers killed in the wars of the previous regime with Kuwait and Iran

Follow-up - and babysit -

The Director of the Office of Human Rights in Basra, Mahdi al-Tamimi, the readiness of the Ministry of Human Rights to undertake an exchange of remains of soldiers killed in the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran.

Timimi said that "the exchange remains between the two sides came to process the fourth century," adding that "work is continuing on the stage {11} to search for human remains in the Faw area salted specifically, and is hoped to be completed in {20} of the month of June now."

He added that "work is continuing in the {12} phase of the search for human remains in an area east of Basra crazy," pointing out that "the Ministry of Human Rights is also ready to receive the remains of Iraqis from the Kuwaiti side."

Tamimi stressed that "the work of the Human Rights Ministry centered in the province of Basra because it is one of the most exposed areas to the battles, whether in the former regime's war with Iran or in the wars in the first and second Gulf."

It is said that the process of handing over mortal remains where Iraq has regained a lot of them out of hundreds of military personnel who were killed inside Iranian territory and Kuwait during the war carried out by the dictatorial regime with Iran, Kuwait and who are still missing in terms of legal