Central reveals that the three banks to sell the dollar at a rate lower than the price stated

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19:17 06/13/2013

Baghdad - and babysit -
Revealed the Central Bank of Iraq, from the sale of three banks for dollars at a price lower than the advertiser.

The bank said in a statement today, received news agency public opinion a copy of it, that "the central bank governor received a formal letter from the Association of Banks, includes a commitment to the announcement earlier initiative by three banks as a first stage to sell the dollar to the public at the price lower than the price advertised up to 1183 dinars to the dollar instead of 1189 for cash, and 1178 dinars to the dollar instead of the 1184 documentary credits'.

He considered it "came in the framework of supporting the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and the provision of foreign currencies is the facilitator of the citizens", valuing this initiative, "which represent the natural behavior that show most of the country's banks

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