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    What is interesting is the response of the US government to all of this... We will come out and make a statement condemning all of this violence, but in reality Maliki is a plant... He is the chosen one of our government, and others who control the world's governments...... And until this plant of a prime minister has served his purpose, he will continue unabated in this chaotic mess.. Through this chaos, there will be order... And whether Maliki will continue to be allowed by those outside of Iraq to govern this country remains to be seen... But what is clear is that this has been orchestrated, and only a few are in the know... That is why Maliki is in the position he is in and remains there...

    Maliki may at some point be ousted, and ride off into the sunset a very rich man... Maybe he will be allowed to serve out his term... But in the overall scheme he is a willing diversion to what is going on within Iraq.... This is about control by those outside of this country.... Which is why there is chaos... The US could and would have taken care of this dictator if he in any way was impeding there desires... But in reality he serves them...

    The reaction from those like Sadr could be sincere and genuine... One never knows what is going on with everyone, and who is in the know of what is truly going on... But these governments types do nothing to Maliki because he has been given the green light by those who are in reality in control of all governments of this world... And for all you bible believers we know who is being allowed to control the kingdoms of this world at this particular time... The world's most famous rebel of all time... The scriptures refers to him as the serpent, or the devil... Lucifer, who God now refers to as Satan...

    God allows him to control the media, and he is doing exactly what the bible said he would do until the return of Jesus Christ... Setting up his one final kingdom with the beast and the false prophet at the helm.. Some refer to it as the New World Order... So the father of lies will continue this media manipulation, and the majority of the world will continue to be duped.... The one thing we must all bear in mind is that it must be fulfilled, so there is nothing we can do about it... Our reliance and faith in God is of utmost importance... Because when this whole thing comes to fruition, no physical being will be able to stop it... Period...

    So while your analysis of the news has been great BGG, chattels, Red Lily, among others... Bear in mind that these events that are unfolding have been preplanned.... Sadly, there is collateral damage... But those who are truly running this masquerade in reality do not care for those of us who they look upon as useful idiots...

    This RV will come to pass when the Powers that be desire... And ultimately when God allows for them to carry out their diabolical plan... And believe me we have not seen anything yet... What the world is experiencing now will be like a walk in the park at some point in the future... In fact this RV, and wealth will serve as a diversion itself... But a test for the saints of God... Remember this, and be wise as the serpent, yet gentle as doves..
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