Millionday Roundtable 5/3/13

[millionday] here is a statement of what the ministry of finance said about the cbi

[millionday] Said a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Najiba Najib, that the process of switching the national currency when you delete the three zeroes which does not need to enact the law by the House of Representatives, but the instructions issued by the central bank. said Najib (of the Agency news): The Bank Act allowed the Central Bank of the validity of the currency exchange and restructuring, so the project to delete the three zeroes tubeless (senseless) for the enactment of the House of Representatives, but the controls serve as legislation to regulate the process of replacing the currency.

[millionday] so what this is saying is this
[millionday] yes cbi has all the controls but dont worry about the results in the pricing ect because the controls will be set by the goi as to protection for the consumer ect

[lorijeanmarshall] millionday But the CBI is in control of removing the 3 000's and changing the rate whenever they want, right?

[millionday] so this is great because they have made it clear that cbi has clear rights in structuring the activation of the monetary policy
[millionday] yes that is right

[millionday] Foreign Minister welcomed the United States, John Kerry, during a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Friday, understanding and agreement, which recently took place between the federal government and the provincial government and the return of ministers and members of the House of Representatives of the Kurdistan Alliance to Baghdad. The Foreign Ministry statement received Agency (news) copy of it: he During the call, which was received by Zebari, Iraqi relations - the U.S. and the importance of activating the work of the ministerial coordination committees between the two countries within the strategic framework agreement. The statement noted: that the minister Kerry sent a formal invitation to Iraq's foreign minister to visit Washington next month.

millionday] very positive --- as if they have reached a goal and that goal is the activation of the strategic framework agreement to start with

[tiger_ag] millionday did you see the one on the transfer of funds to the Iraqis pilgrims? any ideas on who the Iraqis pilgrims are?

millionday] i took it as the pilgrimage that has been going on for years outside of iraq and through the arab nations --- to me it was about the rate they would get going out of the country

[millionday] The statement added: The Foreign Minister of America welcomed the understanding and agreement that took place recently between the federal government and the provincial government as well as the return of ministers and members of the House of Representatives of the Kurdistan Alliance to Baghdad to continue the practice of their role in the constitutional institutions of the state and Sustain-neighborly relations between the parties and the promotion of national partnership and resolve disputes, according to the law and the Constitution

[millionday] so look at that --- this is great
[millionday] they did come back and they are working on the works of the constitution that they are now following -- excellent

[millionday] kurdistan is demanding that the federal gov pays them according to the budget and obviously they are willing so calm is on the way

millionday] Called on the United Nations, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, to renew the commitment to press freedom in Iraq, and urged to halt acts of violence and intimidation against the media and journalists. The Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq, Martin Kobler said in a statement received PUKmedia copy of it: "The freedom of expression is one of the fundamental human rights" and added: "Iraq is in need of a free press to ensure the exercise of the right to profess and sound knowledge of the truth", while stressing the need for the press and mass media ethics.

[millionday] so this is the statement that came from the complaints of the media
[millionday] freedom of the press is a perception in all countries if you ask me but who am i ? smile

[millionday] this is for any of you that have these accounts or have a plan to use them

[millionday] Said Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said on Saturday that his country intended to approve within weeks to give other countries * members of the European Union the right to see the details of the bank accounts of foreigners, clearing the way for the bloc to start talks on secret bank accounts with non-members such as Switzerland. Faymann said he hopes to reach an agreement before the EU summit scheduled for May 22, which will discuss ways to reduce tax evasion, which is deducted around one trillion euros (1.30 trillion dollars) annually from the income of Member States. Union leaders have urged Austria to reach an agreement before the meeting.

millionday] smile -- just a little info
[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] Iraqi list confirmed that "the agreement between the Kurdistan Alliance and the central government is positive, because it is necessary to resolve all the points of disagreement between the partners in the political process rather than the survival of conflicts and tensions." The MP said the Iraqi List, the appearance of al-Janabi, told the newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, "The Iraqi blessed this agreement and believes that every effort is aimed at resolving the problems in the interest of everyone." Janabi denied at the same time that "there is an agreement between the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan on what happened."

[millionday] The Kurdish forces, decided at a meeting headed by Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan, last Wednesday, the return of ministers and deputies Kurds to Baghdad, following the visit by the Kurdish delegation and conducting a series of meetings as well as signing an agreement consisted of 7 points with Prime Minister Federal Nuri al-Maliki

[millionday] The independent MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman confirmed the return of Kurds' ministers and MPs to Baghdad to attend meetings of the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives, noting that the province will form special bodies to monitor the implementation of what was agreed upon in Baghdad between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region Nechirvan Barzani. "

[millionday] note -- this is confirming what i had told you all that they will have committees to monitor the activation of the reforms and agreements and they are forming them -- so they are on the move of activating the change all at once as we suspected

millionday] He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "These bodies will hold meetings with their counterparts from the central government to develop mechanisms and timetables to resolve problems after the recent agreement," noting that" the points agreed by the province with the central government to resolve are; the application of Article 140, the salaries of the Peshmerga, enact the oil and gas law, and partnership and compatibility in application of the Constitution. " He explained that "the implementation of the recent agreement, needs some time because the two parties will form competent bodies and committees to implement each of the points agreed upon separately, because the points are different in trends and competencies

[millionday] The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani visited Baghdad last Tuesday, and met with the leaders of the National Alliance and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the House of Representatives Osama al-Nujaifi and a number of political leaders in Baghdad, and discussed the crisis between the province and the center and agreed with al-Maliki to pass important laws that have an effective impact in resolving "outstanding issues" between the two parties, such as oil and gas law, and give the security side "of particular importance in all parts of Iraq, and further meetings to resolve all issues. The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani met yesterday with Kurds' ministers and MPs in the presence of the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation that visited Baghdad recently. " During the meeting they decided, that Kurds' ministers and MPs return to Baghdad
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[millionday] so this is great because they will be present at all meetings and serve as mediator

[millionday] very encouraging to say the least now i have some things that will show us what happened Thursday so give me a sec

lorijeanmarshall] I wonder how much time they are talking about to set up all these committees?

[anthonlcs] lorijeanmarshall lorijeanmarshall I seen an article this morning that said within a week they would have committees set up

[lorijeanmarshall] anthonlcs Oh, ok. Not so bad then. I can wait a week! Thanks for the info!

[millionday] they are setting them up today by how it looks
[millionday] i cant find what i had to bring you but let me tell you what it was

millionday] it was the decision to start moving money to the provinces for their areas -- so to me it was very exciting as we have not seen this in a very long time and also gives a sign that agreements have been made

[millionday] A spokesman for the protesters in Samarra of Sheikh Mohamed Taha hamdoun that coordinating committees for the sit-ins will distribute questionnaires for four options on the provinces where the sit-ins. Reporter (News Agency), hamdoun told thousands of protestors in Samarra after Friday prayers: questionnaire forms will be distributed to the protesters and demonstrators in six provinces during the next week, to choose one of four options which we have made today. The reporter said: the protesters in the square chanting "Yes, Yes to the territory ', hamdoun replied: If the territory is your option will be executed

[millionday] the committees are being done quickly is how it looks and will be from all parties
[millionday] so the sit ins have been addressed in the last few days in multiple ways

millionday] the religious leaders have been speaking to them and asking for calm -- the goi has written a list of four choices to be activated by a sort of vote in the areas as they choose and they have been asked to move and supposedly given protection of the order not to be hurt

[millionday] so the move to address them is all over most media outlets which we know is very positive when it comes to protesting -- also the move to raise the gov benefits is not bad at all and most of what they want is the power sharing and the jobs they are now going to be able to create with the activation of the reforms ect

[millionday] the demands are within the reforms as you can imagine -- so they should be getting things they are demanding in many areas and bring a calm

[millionday] does anyone have anything they would like to bring ?

The s family] Did they address the budget yesterday?
[brubba] i would like to bring the rv but i dont have it today

[millionday] they have said they are moving money but as far as an announcement that the budget is open i have not found it from anywhere i trust
[millionday] so i hope to have it on the call tonight
[millionday] have some calls in as well

[tiger_ag] will there be some sort of notes on call for those if us who cant make it ?

[millionday] brubba im right with ya hun but i do see that they are talking about the protection for the citizens during the rv and also the rights of the cbi to do it anytime they like

[Gary W] millionday In your opinion, is there any possible way Obama could be holding this up for political reasons, as some might have heard one of the more respected voices in dinar land say yesterday? Thank you, ma'am.

[millionday] tiger_ag yes we are going to have it transcribed and it will be recorded

[tiger_ag] thank you

millionday] Gary W i believe that it will effect the US and the entire globe ---when Iraq sets the rate for their currency
[millionday] i should say when cbi sets their rate
[millionday] smile

[Gary W] But... Obama, you know? Does he have that kind of power, if he chooses?

[millionday] i respect all researchers and appreciate all efforts in life to help at anytime anyone does -- i have no idea who you are referring to but that is what i think of the rate being set -- it will be set by cbi when they are set and having consumer protection in place sure does make me cheer

[Gary W] millionday Randy Koonce's latest hypothesis.

[millionday] Gary W i dont think that Obama has the power to control the revalue of the dinar or the change in the rate of china but the international organizations have the power to hold it up as in the UN and the IMF imo

[Gary W] millionday Thank you. That's what I wanted to hear!
[wmawhite] millionday ...........I concur 100% with you on that, Millionday

millionday] world bank -- ect and agreements in place would have to effect the timeline -- that is just logic ---- however -- obama cant even get us a budget and control our currency imo
[millionday] smile
[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] The Ministry of Commerce has responded to the demands of their employees objectors, saying it has issued recommendations to grant overtime to the beneficiaries and to increase the amount of food, in addition to the monthly remuneration and allowances of the transfer. The ministry said in a statement received / JD / copy of it a few days ago: held an emergency meeting chaired by the Deputy Minister Walid al-Moussawi, the presence of the Inspector General and directors of departments and directors of companies administrative departments in the ministry to consider requests objectors staff and decision-making. The statement quoted Musawi as saying that some of these demands is the prerogative of the ministry have been forwarded to the Minister of Commerce for approval urgently, while there are demands fall within the powers of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives were traded with officials in the Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and members of the Council House of Representatives

[millionday] note -- this is all about the move to prepare in a huge hurry to open up all trade and protect the country and the consumer
[millionday] preparations

[millionday] Moussawi stressed the need to find ways and solutions to meet the demands of the employees in order to be an employee of the Ministry of Commerce in the best case in terms of living conditions and morale, similar to peers in other ministries. For his part, the Inspector General in the Ministry of Commerce Mohammed Hussein Mahdi said grant allocations need to be legislation that references the top and this is a given but there are allocations can the ministry granted to employees without reference to such legislation, and the duty of the ministry to speed up the implementation of applications that fall outside their validity after coordination with the relevant. The Inspector-General stressed the need for efficient employee attention and support financially and morally nomination is not limited to the leading cadres of the Ministry located in the center of the ministry or corporate headquarters in Baghdad, but there are good qualifications and cadres found in the branches of the ministry in all the provinces

[millionday] According to the statement, there have been several interventions by the directors general and directors of administrative departments, and stressed during which the need to adopt the principle of calculating the certificate and service for the salaries of the staff of the ministry where there is a disparity in salaries between employees up to the extent of injustice, and to reconsider the salaries and allowances to companies self-financing and grant allocations tenure officinalis universe The ministry has a large number of stores scattered in Baghdad and the provinces in addition to half-slice dismissed politicians through the formation of a higher committee for their consideration and installation contracts in the companies owners ministry. The ministry said: that the meeting came out with several recommendations have been forwarded to the Secretary of Commerce for approval, including granting overtime to recipients within the rules and regulations and the authorization of General Managers for the granting of overtime as well as increasing the amount of feeding of the five thousand to ten thousand and as provided for by the laws and regulations and

[millionday] the granting of a monthly remuneration of Trustees stores and treasurers be in the form of points extra work, as well as activating the exchange transport allocations by geographic location to recipients who do not have formal transmission lines, and the inclusion of staff branches the ministry Pallaivadat, and update provincial branches of buildings, from all sides. The ministry continued: As scientific testimony will be calculated, such as the Arabic language, geography and physical education, political science, in addition to pursue allocations serious career.

[millionday] so obviously the preparation for the commerce department and the report to the minister of trade is huge and also to be in a hurry in these preparations is obviously encouraging as far as the timeline goes
[millionday] so we will see you on the call tonight and dont miss it --- whoop whooop
[millionday] 730 est
[millionday] be there or be square