" The Dinar Daily " ...... Thursday, 9 May 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily " ...... Thursday, 9 May 2013

    Iraqis are demanding al-Maliki to address the Shiite militias backed by Iran
    Sparked threats by the leader of League of the Righteous Iraqi murdering ministers, deputies and politicians angry reactions called al-Maliki to address these militias and his responsibility to protect the lives of Iraqis of all armed militias and irregular and equipped with weapons and advanced silencers and backed by the intelligence services of neighboring countries in reference to Iran.

    Surprised coalition in Iraq "statements and threats derogatory and intimidating peaceful protestors and the Iraqi people fired by elements of the militia irregular allied with parts governor of the State of Law coalition (led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki), including the so-called Basaúb Ahl al-Haq and the army chosen and Hezbollah Brigades and other bands played a major role in the destruction of the country and the dismantling of social fabric in front of the eyes and ears of the security forces and the Iraqi government passed between media official and unofficial.
    said spokesman Iraqi Maysoon that such irresponsible remarks and charged with violence and hatred are linked directly or indirectly bombings of mosques and cafes in recent weeks and the continuing assassinations that led to the death of dozens of innocent young people in different cities of Iraq.

    He held the coalition in Iraq, "the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of responsibility Nuri al-Maliki full to protect the lives of citizens" of all armed militias and irregular and equipped with weapons and advanced silencers and backed by intelligence agencies of neighboring countries also carry the "responsibility to decline the political situation to this level humiliating and silence applied over these statements that increase tensions and conflicts in the Iraqi street. "
    and at the same level across Haider Mulla MP for the Iraqi-Arab led by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq surprised at the silence of al-Maliki and Minister of Defense Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi toward threats leader of the League of the Righteous Qais al-Khazali liquidation of MPs and politicians.

    Mullah asked during a press conference in Baghdad today about the status of the prestige of the state amid these threats and said, "How come an armed militia leader Qais al-Khazali of the public squares and in the presence of MPs and ministers to threaten and other ministers and MPs within the political process? And divides the God they would not surrender and say openly Sentalkm even if you are inside the Green Zone and even if you were in the armored cars or in mosques or hotels. "
    said Mullah it's a shame to come out militia leader threatens the political process and the state in this way, he said the demonstrators, who say Bslmah demonstrations The authorities sent military leaders to kill them. "

    He added that that is happening now and what happened this week makes those involved in the massacre of Hawija and Khazali's remarks under the framework of legal accountability both domestically and internationally. " He warned that the threat of al-Khazali would apply to ministers and MPs in hotels, parliament, ministries, stressing the need to address the armed militias that are trying to stir up sectarian strife.

    And the people of the right to a Shiite factions armed receiving support from Iran and was responsible for the kidnapping of Britons in Baghdad in 2007, which had split from the Sadrist movement and declared its leader, Qais al-Khazali last year for its transformation into a civilian organization and giving up their arms and join the political process after the withdrawal of U.S. troops end 2011.
    Khazali was last Saturday called on the protesters in the provinces where the demonstrations "not to spoil" demonstrations the speech "sectarian" and the expulsion of the clergy "foolish" and all of the calls to territories and military personnel were killed. And threatened what he called "political agendas owners, regional and foreign states that support them," saying that "no Tkova Fsnsal you shall never prevent us Hsonkm the no armored your car from reaching you and speak clearly.


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    High Nassif calls for the legislature not to pass the proposed demarcation of provincial boundaries considered by some Kurds substitute for Article 140
    09-05-2013 05:33 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. called MP / coalition in Iraq free / high Nassif legislative power not to get involved in passing the proposed demarcation of provincial boundaries, considered by some Kurdish politicians substitute for Article 140 expired. said told him the Information Office of the coalition: the legislative authority that does not exceed lines of national centers of legal for the provinces through its dealings with the proposal put forward by the Presidency for the demarcation of provincial boundaries, the idea itself could lead to inflaming the political situation and the emergence of differences of new conflicts among the provinces, at a time when we are desperately in which we are to heal the rift and unite Iraqis against external challenges that lie in wait for the unity of the row of Iraq. said: It is unfortunate that some Kurdish parties consider the project demarcation of provincial boundaries submitted by the presidency as an alternative to Article 140, which is now finished effect, ie, that the idea of demarcation of the border, in fact, is only a wrap on the Constitution. / End / l. m /


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    Osman: Barzani trip to the outside to avoid not to meet with Maliki in his upcoming visit to the region
    Thursday, 09 May / May 2013 06:15

    He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman said "travel of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani abroad is not to avoid a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his upcoming visit to the region."

    He added Osman told all of Iraq [where] that "Barzani did not leave in order not to meet with Maliki he left for a short time and that the visit of Prime Minister's visit to Arbil will see a meeting of the Federal Cabinet in Arbil, along the lines of the meetings held by the Council in other provinces."

    The Presidency of the Kurdistan announced Tuesday in a statement received [where] a copy of a sudden "about travel regional president Massoud Barzani out of Iraq on a private visit lasting several days" without disclosing the statement more details about the nature of this trip and the state that draws them.

    This is expected that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Kurdistan without specifying the time and as part of efforts to ease the crisis and the outstanding problems between the center and the region, following the visit of a delegation from Erbil chaired by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad.

    The head of the Presidium of the region, Fouad Hussein, said that "Maliki told Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad recently his intention to visit Kurdistan and meeting the President of the region, Massoud Barzani," suggesting that "the visit will not be this week, it is possible to agree on the appointment through our upcoming with the federal government in Baghdad. "is over.

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    Maliki's coalition rule out the adoption of a general amnesty in the event of comprehensiveness "murderers and corrupt"
    Thursday, 09 May / May 2013 06:15

    Ruled out the State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki approve general Alqau law in the event of comprehensiveness "killers and criminals."

    The MP said the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod told all of Iraq [where] a copy of "the rule of law is not against the enactment of a general amnesty, but with its own legislation, but not at the expense of the innocent and bring the killers and criminals from prisons, but with the law excludes murderers and criminals who اوغلوا murder and those that came out again you will not repent, but will continue in their transgression and terrorism operations that affect innocent people. "

    He added that "there are two parts to this law with the enactment of the first general amnesty excludes from murderers and other section calls for general amnesty out by all the murderers, terrorists and corrupt so I thought that if we went towards a general amnesty excludes him killers فسيشرع the law."

    The Committee of Five own political follow-up to the demands of the protesters held a meeting Tuesday at the home of the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari and discussed which version of the amnesty law and the need for non-inclusion of terrorists who are on their hands with the blood of innocent children of the Iraqi people, as well as the lack of coverage contributed to the crimes of financial corruption, and waste public money. According to a statement of the alliance.

    The Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the state law, Hussein Alchehritani has criticized the legislation of the General Amnesty Law "for the inclusion of the previous law, which initiated and approved and which was released senior corrupt officials who stole public money and stopped pursuits around them and this matter has to be addressed and the prosecution of those and work to restore the stolen money and extradition to eliminate the fair they get their reward. "over 17.


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