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    " The Dinar Daily " ............. Sunday, 5 May 2013

    MALIKI IS NEAR APPROVABLE OF 140...................................

    Future Iraqi Kurdish delegation visit changed special recent convictions Baghdad Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the disputed areas and article 140 of the Constitution concerning the administrative management of these areas, after the convictions has had to reconsider its relationship with the Kurds after what happened in Baghdad and other provinces dominated by Sunni Arabs. Political sources revealed early on the Kurdish delegation visited Baghdad recently under the chairmanship of the President of the territorial Government nechirvan Barzani to a tentative agreement with Maliki to resolve all outstanding problems, as well as understandings reached on future relations between the two sides that would "tighten the noose" on the Arab Sunnis. The source said "the future of Iraq," Al-Maliki "not tense positions on the issue of Kirkuk, the disputed areas", predicting that "approve activating article 140 and lines that will give the Kurds a greater dominance to many areas in Western provinces. The source noted that "the tense sectarian attitudes shown by Sunni Arabs from the Government to back Al-Maliki pushed to Hawija events review the relationship with the Kurds." The source added that "Kurds were very satisfied with recent positions expressed by the Prime Minister, which worried the Sunni Arabs, which may lead them to reach understandings with Al-Maliki in the coming days." The visit was the reason for the return of Kurds to their Ministers in the Council of Ministers, after having boycotted the Council in protest against the passing of the budget without their consent. The deputies from the national and Kurdish alliances have confirmed for the "future of Iraq" that the discussions between the two parties resulted in important understandings on all outstanding issues.


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    Shihaili: Maliki’s assistants, MOI officials involved in corruption
    Sunday, 05 May 2013 10:56 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed involvement of key officials at the office of the Commanding General of the Iraqi Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry in the corruption file of the Explosives Detectives Devices (Sonar).

    MP Jawad al-Shihaili stated to All Iraq News Agency “We have evidences that the CG’s office demanded to buy large amounts of the Explosives Detector Device while the Inspector General at the Interior Ministry has protested on buying this device since 2007 but his objection was neglected.”

    “We have also evidences that the Ministry of Sciences ad Technology also objected buying this device,” he added, noting that “The former Interior Minister, other officials at MOI and Nakhil Company which is responsible for importing this device are all involved in this fie.”


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    The final results of the provincial elections Iraq of 2013

    2013-05-05 16: 00: 54

    The electoral Chief said Miqdad Al-sharifi, told a press conference that the number of seats on the Baghdad provincial Council 58 seats where the State of law Coalition won first place by winning 20 seats, followed by block are United in second place with 7 seats and the coalition of citizens in third place by winning 6 seats while the liberal coalition is ranked fourth by winning 5 seats and then followed by the Iraqi national coalition, combined with 3 seats, the number of seats for minority quota of 4 seats, Seats reserved for women and 15 seats.
    According to preliminary statistics, the State of the law (Maliki) won 97 seats.
    While the Supreme Council (Hakeem) won 78 seats.
    While the Sadrists won 46 seats.
    And Sunnis got 46 seats.

    In Karbala province, the number of seats in the province was 27, which made ranks first as the State of law Coalition won 7 seats, the liberal coalition and 4 seats, while the major 3 seater, 3 seater national coalition.

    In Najaf province, the number of seats was 29, with the first list to Najaf, 9 seats, and a coalition of citizen got six seats, and the State of law coalition 5 seats, and the liberal coalition 3 seats.

    And now we come to Diyala province, where the number of seats to 29, with the national coalition of Diyala ranked first with 12 seats, iraqiya in Diyala 10 seats, brotherhood and coexistence 3 seats, the Iraqi national coalition two seats.

    In Babil province, the number of conservative seats 31 seats had ranked first the State of law Coalition 8 seats, followed by the coalition of citizen 7 seats and independent Iraq qualified pool 4 seats and the liberal coalition Alliance and Babylon 3 civil Iraqi unified national coalition one seat.

    In Diwaniyah, the number of conservative seats, 28 seats, where the State of law Coalition won 8 seats, followed by the coalition of the Liberal and national coalition and coalition audiences Diwaniya 4.

    In Muthanna Province, the number of seats to 26 seats, where the State of law Coalition won eight seats, the coalition of citizen 7 seats and the liberal coalition won 3 seats.

    In Basra province, the number of seats the State of law won 35 seats to 16 seats and the National Alliance won 6 seats and the Liberal bloc in third place by 3 seats.

    In Wasit Province, the number of seats in the Wasit Province 28 seats, one seat for Calcutta llkord Feili 7 seats for women and the State of law Coalition citizen's coalition seats 7 7 seats and the liberal coalition 7 seats.

    And Dhi received 31 seat where the State of law Coalition won 10 seats while the national coalition won 7 seats, the Liberal Alliance 5 seats.

    In Maysan, the 27 seats the liberal coalition got seat 9 seats and the State of law Coalition to 8 seats in the National Alliance won 6 seats.

    In Salahuddin province, the number of Board seats are 29 seats including seven seats are reserved for women and progress Coalition Iraqi fans ranked first by winning 7 seats, followed by the list are 5 seats and the Coalition Iraq authenticity 5 seats and the National Coalition for salads 3 seats and the Iraqi national unified coalition 3 seats and the National Alliance in Salah al-Din Iraqi and Arabic 3 seater 2.


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    *** COURTESY OF SAM ***

    dismissal of the Maliki government
    May 5, 2013 in investigations

    BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq - report Saad Kanani ... draws the report published by the newspaper "New York Times" of America yesterday, which came after the establishment of large numbers of people of the tribes yards sit engage in the army of tribal self-defense result of the repercussions of the events of the massacre of Hawija in the April 23, 2013 It is a clear violation in the use of power, but power beyond the Constitution, especially Articles 37 and 38 of the right to peaceful expression of opinion and this fundamental pillar of Democratic Action, and introduced "The Times" orbiting two questions in the minds of Iraqis of different communities? Does the country is heading towards a new civil war? And if so, is it will be a group of ex-Baathist leadership of one of its aspects? ", And formed clans in the provinces Almatsamh army armed with her sons said that shall protect the places where there are protesters and prevent the repetition of" violations "of the security forces, but the government quickly threatened Elimination of those armed manifestations most recent threat defense minister acting Saadoun al-Dulaimi on 5 May 2013 when he said "arenas sit turned into slaughterhouses human and an incubator for terrorism." The report indicates that "this group, Men's Army Naqshbandi, has emerged as a possible alternative to al-Qaeda in the Land Rivers for protestors who Isawarham a long time ago a deep sense of marginalization under the government-led "parties elitist," and who decided to take up arms again. "is organizing Naqshbandi of armed groups accused of" terrorism "by the Iraqi government. and indicates the report" feelings of resentment between Sunnis have intensified after a raid by security forces on a sit-in to protesters year in a village in the northern city of Hawija, "Sulaiman Bek," which is a stronghold of the armed group. "It seems that the town of Hawija inflamed the feelings of the demonstrators in Iraq, which threatens the possibility of the return of sectarian conflict that lived Iraq in 2006 and 2007 did not come out of it a winner probably killed on impact tens of thousands., says the report, "while continued al-Qaeda to launch attacks and suicide car bombings, the group Men Army Naqshbandi waiting appropriate opportunity and is working to arm themselves, and the recruitment of several army officers and security services earlier, and the formulation of a media campaign to spread the word and emphasized that its members are the protectors of Arab nationalism and the Warriors Iranian influence. "and accused politicians and clerics and figures many of the ruling party and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to" employment "of the State of Iran and they ينفذان" agendas sectarian "under the guidance of them working on "exclusion and marginalization of all national in Iraq and keep them from the center of decision", but Maliki always says that "Iraq independent land and people and sovereignty" and neighboring countries does not interfere with its affairs even tried one of them, "it will not allow it!"!. and the movement of the "New York Times" for officers intelligence of America as saying that "Al-Qaeda will not lead the confrontation against the government in the future, but will be led by the organization led by senior members of the former Baath Party," in reference to the organization of the Naqshbandi. says deal with matters relating armed groups that al-Qaeda has Hawwadhanh in the western regions of Iraq and faded sympathy some with him in those areas because of targeting the security services of the army, police and civilians in markets, mosques. Meanwhile sheds British report on the situation in Iraq and believe the writer that "the drums of war began to knock again in this country, which was torn by sectarian strife." The report indicates that published by the Independent newspaper, that "the political structures, developed by the United States in Iraq, after the overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein, were not solid but fragile and Oahna". But that "the Maliki government used the power for the purposes of stealing the country," and draws the article that "the acts of violence between the components returned, ominous civil war fueled by bloody clashes in neighboring Syria, which also have backgrounds sectarian." In the opinion of the article that "the rise of" parties Safavid "to "Power in Iraq has made the Dawa Party, his main concern is the only how to stay in power whatever the losses," The article describes al-Maliki, to "be a man executed political skill to persuade the Sunnis and Kurds that he is keen to benefit the whole nation." Referred to as the politicians warn of a civil war on a sectarian basis if the situation continues as it is in the country, expressing their opinion that the best solution lies in the government's resignation and early elections. consistent international parties with the warnings on the existence of the risk surrounding Iraq in light of the regional situation volatile, and the reflection of the events that take place in Syria on the reality of the region. showing observers concern conditions of the region and the Syrian crisis in particular and say it began to evolve and take grants sectarian and doctrinal may include the region in general and the neighboring countries of Syria in particular, and those countries of Iraq, which is witnessing multi-religious, sectarian and nationalist.


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    Sunday, 05 August 2013 16: 24
    Anbar sheikhs and notables: Al-Maliki is able to end sit-ins by protesters ' demands are not onerous implementation

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    Anbar/Al baghdadia news organized sit-in square confirmed Sheikh Khaled Hamoud jumaili of Fallujah, Sunday, that four legitimate demands are a road map to end the sit-ins and Maliki's recent show wild thinking to end sit-ins. "

    He said Al-jumaili told Al-baghdadia/news/"Maliki urged to find appropriate solutions to the demands of the four protestors rather than threats exerted against them and is unable to as he did with the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to approve all demands unconditionally, calling on him not to release such statements."

    "Who wants the confused situation in the country contain the ijaa radical solutions not prosthetic and accept the demands of the protesters is legitimate demands you disable him if Al-Maliki wanted to do but apparently there are influential actors in the Government does not want stability in the country by seeking to fabricate a crisis rather than resolve them."

    "The strike is not as inconceivable arenas in some quarters in the Government which is trying to reverse ward for their aspirations and aim behind this strike for theatres and terminate by force."

    Sheikh said Abdul Razak Al-dulaimi, one of the organizers of the sit-in "failure to achieve our demands, the scene will be complicated and everyone seeking waiver in order to alleviate the tense atmosphere rather than complex and go into the unknown."

    "The Prime Minister is able to finish all the sit-ins if implemented is not impossible demands as portrayed by Al-Maliki," adding that "it's time to change the policy that produced the last operation and had a negative effect on the future of Iraq."

    And between Al-dulaimi that the organizers of the sit-in yards in Anbar is ready to negotiate with the Government if serious talks and lead to the fulfilment of the demands of the protesters, "Noting that" the use of force against the protesters would lead to dire consequences and then sit down at the dialogue table, so the ball is in the Court of Al-Maliki is capable of tackling the tense atmosphere and end the sit-ins.

    Sheikh Hamid al-Hayes, the "theatres sit-ins has become an incubator for terrorism and the sheikhs and tribal leaders of Anbar expulsion of lawless elements to that time was implemented and may lead them to serious consequences."

    "Our elders and notables and clerics in Anbar to take the bold step of purification of sit-in yards and expel all armed groups from carrying arms or encouraging violence."

    "The Prime Minister agreed to a number of demands and leaving only the claimant is not the prerogative of the Government," referring to the House of representatives. "

    The Vice Chairman of the Anbar provincial Council Saadoun Obeid Al-Shaalan, the Federal Government and protesters to the country out of sectarian war slider on the back of there parties pay the sons of one country to fighting partisan interests that lie in the promotion of various parties with views to resort to force and violence. "

    "The tense latgdi useful welathal remarks is us and we realize the seriousness of the situation in the country and work in order to reach satisfactory solutions a technologist ghost of crises and lead us away from bloodshed."

    The "local government in Anbar to narrow the differences between the Federal Government and the protestors through the formation of committees of Council and leaders of the organizing committees for the sit-in and urged everyone to resort to constructive dialogue in order to meet the demands of the protesters and end the atmosphere of demonstrations and sit-ins in Anbar and other provinces standing."

    The security source called the Anbar police led the protesters to abide by laws and discourage violence targeting security forces and halt all letters altharidah which lead to the deterioration of the security situation and the only loser is the Iraqi people. "

    The source, who asked not to be named, said "the organizers of the sit-in, demanding peaceful sit-in maintained through the expulsion of the required elements of the security forces outside the arena and not accommodated because it exposes them to legal accountability." Finished/10

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    Barzani: problems with Baghdad will not be solved soon visit
    05-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Twilight News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, that all disputes with the federal government will not be solved as soon as his recent visit to Baghdad, but he pointed out the importance of open dialogue and the presence of the efforts to resolve the problems.

    A statement by the government of Kurdistan reported for "Twilight News", that "Barzani discussed with Robert Beecroft, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, political and security developments in Iraq and relations between Erbil and Baghdad."
    The two sides also discussed the recent visit of Barzani to Baghdad last week and his meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq and the Iraqi political parties and the results of those meetings.
    On his visit to Baghdad; new Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region to emphasize that the Kurds and the rest of the Iraqi political parties have built together the new Iraq and was the Kurdistan Region remains with the treatment of the outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad through dialogue and sitting around the table and understanding, and on this basis and after inquiry and consultation of all parties Kurdish political we have such a visit to Baghdad.
    Barzani also reiterated that "it is expected that we solve all the problems and differences with Baghdad one visit and held a number of meetings and events," adding "It is important there is now an open door for dialogue."
    Barzani added, "We do not neglect any opportunity for dialogue, and we will make our best efforts to solve the problems," hoping "to take steps forward in an atmosphere of calm and take serious steps to resolve the problems and differences."
    For his part, Ambassador of the United States of America expressed support for Barzani's visit to Baghdad and the resumption of talks and dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad, and the return of Kurdish minister to Baghdad.
    He called that this step will be the beginning to calm the situation and address the problems between Erbil and Baghdad.
    The two sides also discussed "the situation in the Kurdish areas outside the Department of the Kurdistan Region and military movements to the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the region and calming mechanism moves the military and the current crisis."

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2SR8mkI5F

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    IS MP warns of seriousness of splitting Iraq into regions
    Sunday, 05 May 2013 18:18 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP Nada al-Jubouri of the Iraqiya Slate warned from seriousness of the demand to form regions in Iraq.

    Jubouri said "The alternative of splitting Iraq into regions is serous project and it will lead the region to a civil war, hence the political blocs should exert concerted efforts to answer the legitimate among the demonstrators' demands starting from approving laws that serve the national reconciliation till the laws related to the retirement, social insurance housing ..etc, and counter-corruption, adopting decentralization and giving larger authorities to the local councils."

    The protestors in a number of provinces released over the last Fridays, the open alternatives which are formation of regions, resignation of the Premier or clashing with the Iraqi regime's military forces.


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    Currency Auctions Announcement No. (2369) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 5-May-2013. The results were as follows: Details Notes Number of banks 30 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 195,381,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 195,381,000 Total offers for selling (US$) ----- Exchange rates

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    Special committee to consider three drafts of oil and gas law; GOI and Kurds approach new vision
    Posted: May 5, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Baghdad, erbil, iraqi list, Joint Committee, Kurdistan Regional government, Minister of Natural Resources, Nouri al-Maliki, Oil and gas law in the United States

    SUNDAY, 05 MAY / MAY 2013 10:13

    Revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Sunday, that the Joint Committee, which was agreed to set up between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, will study three drafts of the law of oil and gas, go out with visions of a united about one of them, to be submitted to the parliament for approval, as promised former Joint Commission canceled.

    He said the Commission’s decision Qassim Mohammed said in an interview for “Twilight News”, “The Joint Committee which will be later of the two governments and federal province will reconsider copies oil and gas law of the three,” noting, that the committee “will work to find a consensus and a common vision for the selection of one of those copies on be made later to the House of Representatives for approval. “

    The item on the formation of a technical committee of the two sides to agree on a draft oil and gas law and the draft law distribution of resources, one of the points that disclosed within seven points contained in the text of the agreement concluded by the head of the provincial government Naچervan Barzani with the head of the federal government Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad recently.

    He said Mohammed, said that “the Joint Committee earlier is finished and void after the completion of the formation of the new joint,” adding, that the new committee “comprising five people are representative of the mass of the National Alliance, another for the Kurdistan Alliance, and the third for the Iraqi List, along with Minister Oil in the federal government and the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government. “

    He noted that the Committee “held two meetings and decided to take the federal oil minister and his counterpart in the province held meetings to agree on the technical aspects of the oil to leave the political aspects to the masses and leaders to resolve.”

    The federal government had agreed with the Kurdistan Regional Government last September to resume the region to export oil by 200 thousand barrels per day to pay the federal government costs for companies operating in the region, is that the region stopped exporting oil later for non-payment of Baghdad’s debt obligations and private companies foreign labor in the region.


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    The people of Kirkuk sue the perpetrators of the massacre Haweeja
    05-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (Iraq) / Walid al-Mahdi
    MPs from Kirkuk to activate the judicial proceedings against perpetrators of «massacre Hawija», and they confirmed they would support the families of the victims to raise judicial invitations.
    The MP said Abdullah west for «future» yesterday that there is confirmed information that the families of the victims of the massacre Hawija agreed to raise the invitations jurisdiction over those who committed the massacre, the right of their children, adding we deputies will stand against the killing of Iraqis and shed their blood Wi Iraqi official oppress his people, regardless of who is and to whom belongs.
    West said that Kirkuk's Congress will demand to activate the judicial proceedings for all convicted massacre Hawija and view others took all the right holder the right and stop actions that exposure of Iraqi citizens killed and injustice.
    Sources from within the province of Kirkuk to the families of the victims of Hawija Connected in مابينهم particularly they're sons clans convergent and agreed to take several steps to take right to the blood of their children, the first calls for a lawsuit against the security chiefs who issued orders to kill peaceful demonstrators Square sit-in.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2SSAEMuU6

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