RK discussing Obama's request...
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Thread: RK discussing Obama's request...

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    RK discussing Obama's request...

    Some thoughts, questions and observations on RK's info:

    Granted, there are things in play we are not even remotely closely aware of. Having that said, there are reports that the US holds at least $3Trillion in IQD. On top of that, word on the street is that the US also made deals with Iraq for oil at $30+/- a barrel. Oil gets resold at rate of $90..well do the math and the US is looking at trillions in income. Add to that the taxes that can be collected on the rest of us exchanging our currency, that adds another several billion to the coffers. So, if the US is looking at/sitting on all this money, why in God's good name would O try and stall this any further. Furthermore, why would he want to try and raise the debt ceiling in August? As with everything, the answers will be found when you follow the $$$. I don't trust Obama, nor so I particularly care for him either. It all boils down to motives. The question is, if O is in fact stalling this, or even requesting it to be (which I doubt), the only question is WHY!

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    Some input would be appreciated!

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