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    " The Daily Dinar " ........ Sunday, 28 April 2013

    Parliamentary Security: "Swat" receive orders from al-Maliki and the pilot manages the operations of the Baghdad airport
    28-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / Wael grace

    He is a member of the Security and Defense Committee that the military special forces, known as the "SWAT" does not have any legal or constitutional cover, revealing that the elements of one sect and specific regions, and is directly linked to the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
    SWAT forces have faced recently charge stand behind the killing and wounding dozens of demonstrators sit in the yard in the town of Hawija, south of Kirkuk and burning tents of the protesters, according to statements by the Minister of Education and resigned from the government negotiator in Hawija. As previously convicted of these forces for allegedly dealing harshly with demonstrations in Baghdad and Basra and other cities in 2011.
    There were reports that the army was trying to deal gently with the demonstrators but cruelty and excessive use of force by the troops came Swat.
    The empty site and the Interior Ministry-mail of any information about the formation of forces Swat or missions undertaken by and there is no trace of those forces on the official page of the ministry, while the talk pages on social networking sites "Facebook" for receipts and tournaments those forces and posted pictures of modern weapons and " النواظير "sophisticated nightlife and تظهرا photographs of a number of operations carried out by using the forces Cars" Hummer "sophisticated American.
    And often frequented the name of "forces Swat" in security incidents hot country has witnessed during the past years, such as the battle that took place between the American forces on the one hand and insurgents in Anbar, and then the battle of Najaf, Charge of the Knights in Basra, as well as their participation in the storming of the Church of Deliverance in Karrada in 2010, and the attack on the building of the Ministry of Justice in March last year.
    A member of the Commission on Security Chuan Mohamed Taha said in remarks to the "long" yesterday that the forces "SWAT" is directly linked to the Prime Minister's Office, and receive orders from the team Farouk al-Araji, the senior agent for the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi.
    He Taha said these forces number was nearly 1,500 component but increased dramatically to 15 thousand element, indicating that the armament was simple at the beginning of its establishment and gave them U.S. troops 2,000 pieces a weapon, but they today have "weapons sniper and modern cars and equipment advanced military."
    He pointed out a member of the Security and Defense Committee that its members "are chosen by a certain range, mostly from the southern provinces, and very few from Baghdad," stressing that "these forces did not observe the national balance in the composition and limited to the Shiites and there is no element of the Kurds or the Year" .
    And confirms MP Taha that "the forces of Swat or NRF located tasks, training, rehabilitation and equipping weapons rests with the Ministry of Defense, it only takes orders from the Interior and the Office of the Prime Minister," saying it was "outside the legal cover despite the fact that the government says it is working within the law of the Ministry Interior. "
    And confirms a member of the security and defense committee that these forces are directly linked to al-Maliki and coverage is to work through the Ministry of Interior Act despite the fact that the Office of the Force Commander resides at Baghdad airport.
    SWAT forces are spread in a number of provinces such as Mosul and Kirkuk, Babil, but do not take orders from local officials, nor can the Security and Defense Committee in the words of parliamentary Taha تحاسبها, or watching her work.
    Said a member of the list of "united" Ahmed electrodes in an interview with the "long" yesterday that "menu and after the recent events in Hawija emphasizes the need to be canceled shaping forces Swat, and accounting officers and elements that cause massacre Haweeja".
    It was a recent statement from the list, it stressed that "the military operations carried out by these forces proved they were not only against the Iraqi people, and did not hesitate for the killings appalling to the Iraqis in cold blood and the last of the killings carried out is her crime in Hawija, as confirmed We have information that it has Balajhaz on the lives of the wounded and even peaceful protesters who wanted to sit out of the yard. "
    The statement also pointed out that the bloc "calls on the investigative committees to provide leaders of the competent courts for the crimes of premeditated murder and illegal carried out."

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2RiCvt0uR

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    Peshmerga forces surround Kirkuk in anticipation of major terrorist acts
    28-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: «Middle East»
    Advertise team Jabbar Yawar, Secretary General of the Ministry Kurdish Peshmerga that «the Peshmerga forces deployed around the city of Kirkuk to replace the federal forces withdrawing them because of the tense situation there», adding that «the deployment of such forces around Kirkuk, not political goals behind him, and they are expensive duty to protect the city from terrorist attacks and in agreement with their portfolios », pointing out that« intelligence information received by the ministry refers to the intention of terrorist groups carry out major operations in light of the security vacuum up winning those areas.
    The team said Yawar said in a statement that «after the unfortunate events that took place in the town of Hawija, and a state of tension and insecurity in most areas of the provinces (Diyala, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Nineveh), an event that has raised great concern to the citizens of those areas of the provinces mentioned, and on the face particular population of the disputed areas, drag it to withdraw most of the military forces of the Federal Government deployed in those areas of their headquarters and areas of deployment in anticipation of the target, such as the headquarters and military units of the band's fifth Diyala, the fourth division goodness of religion and the band 12 in Kirkuk, especially during the night for fear of attacks terrorist groups, which led to a security vacuum dangerous to those regions, especially the province of Kirkuk, and in order to protect the population and the components of those areas of the Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and other ethnic groups of Muslims and Christians, Armenians and Yazidis, and Sunnis and Shiites, and after consultation with the Governor of Kirkuk decide to send Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan To fill that void, especially around the perimeter of the city of Kirkuk, and the only goal is to extend protection to the city and prevent the infiltration of terrorist groups armed them, and especially that the ministry had received intelligence information confirms that the armed groups exploit this security vacuum and is preparing to strike a major within the city of Kirkuk, and therefore sees Forces Command Peshmerga to a duty to act to protect citizens and their property, and to initiate fill the security vacuum and the military to those areas.
    He concluded the team Yawar his statement by saying that «the Peshmerga forces this move has no intention entering the city of Kirkuk or any other city, and emphasizes the leadership of the Peshmerga forces that there is no objective behind this procedure is immediate, and that the only goal is only to protect the lives and property of citizens of possible terrorist attacks and call on all citizens to cooperate with those forces in order to ward off the dangers of the area and maintain security and stability.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2RiFo6H00


    Intensive deployment of Peshmerga seen near Kirkuk

    Saturday, 27 April 2013 21:05 | | |

    Kirkuk (AIN) –The Peshmerga forces are deployed intensely near Sirklan area of southwestern Kirkuk province.

    Security source reported to AIN ''The Peshmerga forces are deployed intensely near Sirklan area where dozens of military vehicles were seen near Tikrit Square and the Peshmerga elements were armed with light weapons.''

    "A senior source in Peshmerga attributed this intensive deployment to the lack of presence for Iraqi Forces in the area so the Peshmerga forces are deployed to preserve security in the area,'' the source added.

    Some Iraqi provinces witness security unrest due to clashes that erupted between the security elements and protestors.

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    Survivors of massacre Haweeja: forces 'Swat' fell we شتما to the sectarian Vdharba .. Then killed
    28-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: Shirzad Shikhani, (Asharq Al-Awsat)
    What happened in the town of Hawija in Kirkuk last Tuesday holds between the folds of the horrific details, and the testimony of witnesses, sectarian dimension can alter the fragile political situation in Iraq already significantly. And gather the survivors who spoke to «Middle East» in hospitals in Kurdistan, where they are receiving treatment, that the aim of the attack was launched a sectarian war, citing b «insults nature sectarian», which they said were the elements of forces «Swat», or «troops dirty, a subsidiary of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki carried out a raid Square sit-in.

    In a visit to the Emergency Hospital Arbil, spoke beginning of its director, Dr. Ronde Mushir Hoiz noting that «after the events occurred in Hawija, and on the orders of the President of the region, declared a state of alert at the hospital to receive the injured there, and we received the first meal 17 injured, then was transferred two other cases of Kirkuk Hospital to reach number of injured who Aganahm to the 19 people, we had emergency surgery for three of them, and the rest are still receiving treatments and medical care, and most cases suffer fractures and injury bullets. Asked about their conditions after a week of treatments, said Dr. Ronde: «Thank God, we were able to provide essential treatments for all patients recovered some of them and returned to their town, and there are eight other cases under follow-up and care, and three of the wounded only suffer complications, including one of the injured who suffers shortness of breath and conducted a process of opening the chest, and another suffered cut artery of the leg may need to amputation if not benefited him treatments, and the last occurred repercussions because of his chest as well, and the rest are okay, and we continue to treat them, and there are three cases were shot in the head Holnaha to Hospital رزكاري, because they need special care there.

    Infected proof Jubouri, recounted how it started storming operation, saying: «clashes between mattresses army and local police after Mlasna between demonstrators and soldiers spoke with conflicts of hands, and as our area clan has resorted protesters to their relatives and members of their clan who endowed to their rescue, but the army began shooting, The massed forces (SWAT) elements and forces with a dirty band band المستقدمة of southern Iraq Nasiriyah, along with tanks and rockets, besieged Square sit-ins, and then the town of Hawija, and then began the attack on the civilian population. Asked about the government accuses the protesters that they are initiated the first shot, he replied: «This is a lie and a fabrication, we the people peaceable not Boadna any weapons when attacked us Hedmna tents and took Asaha to face the army, and that was sticks are the only weapons in our hands to defend ourselves, we were We demand our rights, no more, I'm talking to you about myself, I am a graduate of the College four years ago, sitting in my house without a job, and Briqpti 14 Navarra Family, how Oaachehem? ». And the government's accusations existence of weapons hidden in the yard of sit-ins and the presence of members of al-Qaeda and the Baathists, Jubouri said: «This is all a lie, when applied forces (SWAT) told them Come admitted to the scene and searched as it pleases you, but when they entered the arena and during the inspection were entering weapons to even call that they found weapons hidden, and after that came the Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim and a number of MPs told them, they searched all over the arena, but Swat Forces Command rejected our offer and insisted on intrusion. He continued: «All of this escalation, who got bears responsibility Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who carried out a blueprint put Iranian Alatalaat Minister repairers (...) wanted this malignant planned that happens a sectarian war between Sunnis and Shiites.
    He was a leading exporter senior has captured the «Middle East» Earlier, speaking on condition of anonymity, that «among the 51 bodies turned into a hospital in Kirkuk during the bloody events Bahoijh, there were between 20 - 25 bodies killed their owners shot in the head or throat ». Faced Jubouri fact this subject, supported this by saying: «Yes, this is true, it was in front of my eyes, and I saw twenty people throw in the house under construction in the town, and I heard their commander military orders his soldiers to kill them, and including a number of wounded, and begged to one of the soldiers not to kill a boy at the age of ten, but it is implemented officer and kill him treacherously which was unarmed and helpless. The Jubouri that «the forces driving the Tigris cooperated well with the demonstrators, and faced forces (SWAT) who are just killing people civilians, and in control of close to Square sit-heard ears that some of its members speak Farsi, and this is evidence of cooperation Iran with al-Maliki to eliminate the broadcast year of sectarian strife.
    Ali Khalaf Mohammed was wounded in turn shot and says: «I am a Muslim man and a believer fairness demands filed by demonstrators so I joined them, and you're in the arena pray and praise when they attacked us forces (SWAT) and first began to beat us, so I beg to soldiers and Okhadobam: Khater God Arahmohna». He adds: «What I saw there is something incredible, what they did not do a Muslim brother Muslim, and I swear to you in God we did not have even a white weapon when attacked us lead bullets.
    In turn, Mekki said Hamoud Saleh, who was hit by several gunshots: «I and my brothers in the peaceful demonstration and we were no weapons in our hands and there is no absolute Baathists. We طالعين to pray Friday. Clashes have taken place, including the first, the band between 12 and Army forces (SWAT), you scene and heard an officer ordering soldiers to fire on us and said to him: fired them and kill them .. These people are Sunnis. But the soldier disobeyed his command and did not shoot, what was the only officer that the soldier was killed, and after he learned one of the cousins ​​of this incident soldier attacked the officer and stabbed him and killed him, and this incident we did not have income basis. When it came Minister Mohammad Tamim and stayed with us to negotiate the borders of three o'clock in the morning, but what if he left the minister even started forces (SWAT) surrounded the scene and began shooting (...), it was actually the massacre have not seen the like in the past and in front of my eyes executed several people on the ground, even if their cars were trampling on corpses lying there. This concludes the citizen, who was shot three shots: «Many have died and hundreds were injured, what we expect from this government that kill their sons, Saddam was doing this thing until executed and went to irrevocably.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2RiHFOhjR

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    Iraq's defense minister and the commander of the ground forces refuse to give testify in «massacre Hawija»
    28-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - «life»
    Sunday, April 28, 2013
    I obeyed the Truth in Haweeja events Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi had Hawija results of the province of Kirkuk (240 km north of Baghdad), while the rejection of Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, commander of ground forces, Ali Ghaidan give شهادتيهما in events.
    The Iraqi security forces stormed the square sit-in Hawija dawn Tuesday last, which led to the deaths of dozens of victims.
    And the exchange of tribal Hawija and army commanders accusations, leaders فزعم they stormed the arena after being exposed to fire from some 'lurking' sit in the yard.
    He called on Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, the members of the fact-finding committee to «put its report to be submitted to parliament in the special meeting tomorrow (today), and demanded b« a meeting of all parties concerned, especially the army, officials and citizens to put the facts in the record straight and hold negligent and referred to the judiciary from any party they , as well as redress for the victims and their families to cut the road in front of troublemakers sedition.
    Najafi stressed «the importance of the report of the Commission to prevent the deterioration of the situation and prevent those involved managed to escape.
    The parliament formed a committee of inquiry into the events of Hawija, headed by MP Ammar Tohme, and Hoedo Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary, and the membership of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the Commission on Human Rights, and the appearance of al-Janabi and Maha league and Samira al-Moussawi and Jamal al-Kilani and وصال properly.
    The Committee visited the province of Kirkuk, the first of yesterday and met with local government and some tribal elders yen mostly refused to meet her, declaring they would not accept less than the dismissal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
    A member of the fact-finding committee deputy «Iraqi List» appearance Janabi told «life», that «the Commission recorded testimonies wounded and some clan elders and people Haweeja. And listened to the opinion of the governor of Kirkuk and members of the provincial council and some security leaders », adding that« Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, commander of the ground forces Ghaidan refused to come to Kirkuk to cast testify.
    The Committee pointed out «repeat call-Dulaimi, Ghaidan, commander of the Tigris in order to determine who is responsible for the events.
    Dulaimi was Ghaidan flatly denied that «there are orders issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces (Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki) relating to the events in Fallujah.
    The committee held its first parliamentary yesterday closed-door meeting in Kirkuk with the People's Committees in the province and in Hawija to listen to her testimony. And visited the Azadi Hospital for the conditions of the wounded.
    Furthermore, member of the Committee confirmed deputy «Liberal bloc representing al-Sadr in parliament Maha league through the need to« carry out investigations in a transparent and honest with all parties to ensure the rights of citizens and security forces.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2RiTLubL6

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    A positive atmosphere between the center and the region and Nnigervan Barzani in Baghdad to discuss the budget and end
    Justice / Haider Ali - 04/28/2013 - 12:49 p | Hits: 27

    In light of the ongoing efforts to overcome the crisis between the central government and the Kurdistan region in the framework of the findings of the joint committees,

    Complementing the talks between the two sides is scheduled to begin head of the provincial government Nechirvan Barzani's visit to Baghdad on Monday at the head of a senior Kurdish delegation, in order to discuss the outstanding issues. An informed source said that "this visit will discuss various disputed issues between the central government and the region." He sources "table talks between the Kurdish delegation and officials in the central government search includes the return of Minister Kurds to the meetings of the Council of Ministers and the federal budget and the allocation of the Peshmerga, as well as other issues," adding that "the atmosphere between Baghdad and Erbil look positive ahead of the visit." Meanwhile, MP for Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil appropriate that the conditions now in order to remove obstacles between the KRG and the federal government in Baghdad. Khalil said that "the agreement was to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad after receiving the positive forces of Kurdistan message and compel them that they have a serious in implementing demands and Maitalq the Constitution and the partnership and compatibility." "The conditions today are convenient to translate this into action atmosphere to remove a lot of obstacles, including the statement of the political map after the elections, where there was a real crisis as a result of entering the country in the atmosphere of the elections." He continued by saying, "will come to high-level delegation headed by Barzani and his hand full powers to negotiate and thus today we are in the process of application," noting that "this delegation will be implemented in a lot of demands and an exchange of letters between the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance to resolve outstanding problems." The National Alliance had discussed with the delegation of powers in the office of the President of the Kurdistan Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari earlier message Territory on solutions to resolve the current crisis, where the meeting stressed the need to resolve the outstanding problems between the two parties and a commitment to positive media speech stimulate constructive dialogue.

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    Stressed the need to distinguish between those who carry weapons generally peaceful state and citizens
    Mr. Hakim: The most important is the fulfillment of the commitments and cooperation for the formation of local governments
    Baghdad / justice - 04/28/2013 - 12:49 p | Hits: 18

    The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim on the necessity of sorting between those who carry arms outside the framework of the state security men and the general state institutions, and among citizens who have the right to peaceful demonstration,

    Indicating that the arms overall security men and the work of state institutions is illegal and break the law. A statement by the Supreme Council of the presidency, "Mr. Hakim stressed during his meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the army men representing the prestige of the state and the prestige of the political process can not be allowed offended by the army and reputation." He added that "the government has dealt with flexibility and capacity with the demands of the demonstrators was issued and implemented many of them." With regard to the results of the election Mr. Amargam that "the most important after the vote of confidence is the fulfillment of the commitments and vision made ​​during the election campaign and provide successful management that achieve well-being of citizens, as well as a sense of citizens that there is a team كفوءا strong homogeneous honest faithful are able to provide the service." said The two sides that "the biggest challenge is the need to audit the management options of responsibility and the existence of the program and a clear vision for this team to offer the citizens, in addition to cooperation and expanding the involvement of all the forces of the winner, provided harmony, commitment and vision statements to complete some others." For his part, the Prime Minister stressed the need for "cooperation between the forces of winning in the last election to form a strong cohesive local governments promote its responsibilities towards the citizens in all parts of the country.


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    SLC MP: Elections reject many previous political figures
    Sunday, 28 April 2013 09:50 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Sadiq al-Laban, of the State of Law Coalition showed that the primary results of the elections rejected many of the previous political figures of the last term.

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said “The primary results showed that the Iraqis decide freely and a real hope in building a real state.”

    “There is a variety between the previous results of the former elections where the Iraqis decided to build their state,” he concluded.


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    IS MP accuses IHEC of “Not being neutral in dealing with complains.”
    Sunday, 28 April 2013 09:15 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Jamal Kilani, of the Iraqiya Slate accused the Independent High Electoral Commission of “Not being neutral in dealing with the complaints of the political blocs.”

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said “The statistics announced by the IHEC are not final and complete and we are concerned whether the remaining results to be subject to forgery.”

    “The political blocs witnessed disputes and violations to the electoral centers where some complaints were submitted but the IHEC did not respond to all the complaints and did not deal seriously with them,” he concluded.


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    Christian Refugees in Syria Forced Back to Iraq by War

    ALQOSH, Iraq – “We were afraid of being kidnapped,” says Nanith, a 43-year-old Christian, explaining why he and his family fled Syria to return to their native Iraq. “We mainly feared the Free Syrian Army (FSA),” explained his 40-year-old wife Rawnaq.

    The couple was among the Iraqi Christian community in Syria, which in 2010 numbered about 100,000. Most fled there after the 2003 US-led invasion, that toppled Saddam Hussein, unleashed a wave of violence, part of it against Iraq’s ancient Christian community.

    But after the popular resistance against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad erupted into a civil war just over two years ago, those Christian refugees this time found themselves caught in the fight between radical Islamists allied with the FSA, and government forces.

    According to official figures, overall about 76,000 Iraqi refugees have recently returned to Iraq, among them Nanith and his wife, who are originally from Baghdad but now settled in the Christian town of Alqosh in Iraq’s multi-ethnic northern Nineveh province.

    Many Christians in Syria looked to Assad’s regime for protection, but with the embattled president himself fighting for survival, they found themselves unprotected, and vulnerable.

    Returnees to Iraq say that their community itself became a target after a group of Assyrian Christians in Syria’s Kurdish region sided with the rebels. “We were seen as taking sides,” Rawnaq explains.

    In the lawlessness in Syria that has claimed an estimated 70,000 lives, a Christian gold trader was kidnapped, released only after a hefty ransom; at the University of Aleppo a Christian was stabbed to death after a quarrel; more recently, Syrian media reported the kidnapping of two orthodox bishops who were traveling near Aleppo.

    Nanith and his family, who lived in the Syrian Kurdish town of Qamishli, say that Islamic militants began threatening Christians. He recounts how a rich Armenian Christian received an envelope with a bullet, together with a demand for $200.000 dollars if he wanted to stay alive.

    “He left everything behind and took his family to Armenia,” says Nanith, who himself eventually took his family back to his father’s birthplace in Alqosh, in Iraq’s so-called “disputed territories” that are claimed by both the Arab central government in Baghdad and the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the north. Alqosh is governed by the KRG.

    Nanith fled Iraq, after twice deserting from Saddam’s army. He escaped to Syria after receiving a two-year jail term for desertion. In Syria, he was helped by the UN’s refugee agency.

    But after Saddam’s fall, he lost his refugee status in Syria. “Because we were no longer considered refugees, we lost our status and our papers,” Nanith explains.

    The battles in Aleppo affected some of his children who were studying there. Meanwhile, Nanith and his eldest sons lost their jobs, and the family fell to penury, struggling for food and fuel. “We spent a winter without any heating,” Rawnaq recalls.

    Like many Syrian Christians who fled the violence, their Iraqi brothers mainly went to Lebanon on the way out to the West. Those Iraqis who could safely return to Baghdad did so. Alqosh only houses two families who fled Syria.


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    Ali Al-Allaq: The National Alliance MPs will not attend today's session.
    28/04/2013 10:01:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the National Alliance, MP for the state of law coalition, Ali al-Allaq confirmed that the MPs of the National Alliance would not attend extraordinary session called by the Presidency today, noting that " the National Alliance is still politically boycotting the Parliament until the law of criminalizing the Baath Party be included within the agenda of the Council.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "to hold the extraordinary session without setting its bases in advance will turn it into a targeting session and exchange of accusations, and perhaps it will be exploited by certain political blocs / unnamed / to stir up chaos and drag the Council to conflicts between the blocs, and this is not in favor of the House of Representatives and the political process, therefore we do not believe that the meeting will be useful.

    He explained that " the President of the House of Representatives is supposed to treat in justice, wisdom and honestly with everyone, and does not allow politicians or other blocs to override the government."

    It is scheduled to hold an extraordinary session for the House of Representatives called by the Presidency to discuss the Haweja latest events and host committees formed after that. "/



    SLC not to attend exceptional parliament session
    Sunday, 28 April 2013 10:20 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) - A source with the State of Law Coalition revealed that the SLC will not attend the exceptional parliament session called for by the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, to discuss the clashes that took place in Hawija district of Kirkuk province.

    The source stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) on Sunday “The SLC will not attend the exceptional session on Sunday.”



    Alewi calls all political blocs to attend exceptional parliament session
    Sunday, 28 April 2013 10:49 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Karim Alewi, of the Iraqi National Alliance called all the political blocs to attend the exceptional parliament session called for by the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, to discuss the clashes that took place in Hawija district of Kirkuk province, to achieve real decision that could settle the political and security situation.

    In a press statement received by AIN, he said “The current situation in Iraq is dangerous and all the MPs and the political leaders of the Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish blocs are requested to attend the exceptional session to achieve good decisions that could contribute in settling the disputes.”

    “In spite of the disturbed political situation, no political bloc adopted an initiative to settle the security crisis,” he concluded.

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