" The Dinar Daily " ...... Monday, 22 April 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily " ...... Monday, 22 April 2013

    Parliamentary Integrity announces refer the issue of Russian arms to eliminate and emphasizes the lack of evidence
    22-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / follow-up justice
    Said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee on the transfer of Russian arms deal case to the courts for consideration, saying there is no legal basis proves the existence of corruption in the deal.
    According to the deputy high Nassif in a press statement, citing the agency {Euphrates News} that "the case has been forwarded to eliminate for consideration, and I have a different perspective about مايقال in the media, where he searched for corruption and show that he does not have a legal basis, confirms receipt of the money." Nassif showed that "the country needs to weapons and مالديه, for the few countries in the region also weapons ستصلنا by will make the security forces in the superiority on terror." It confirmed that "there are political parties worked to thwart the deal, which is driven from the United States, where it is after the failure of the deal began moving in earnest on the Ministry of Defense to convince her that the import of the way, such as McCann previously, although it gives timetables too far and determine what is imported from weapons Using the program {Wallace MSN} and also the Kurds have had a role in the lack of success of the deal, arguing that the weapon might located in Iyad is honest and be what happened in the past, these reasons is sufficient to keep Iraq possesses no weapons drawn smaller countries such as Qatar and Kuwait. " She Nassif that "the federal government to not possess weapons that can of terrorism so the importance of the deal include that we are not at the mercy of America and that we go out and deal with countries such as Russia in order to help us to remove Iraq from Chapter VII." It showed that "what happened in the deal is suspicion of corruption as there are no hold incomplete Staff". And was raised on Russian arms deal, which was $ 4 billion and $ 200 million processed under which Russia Iraqi army with weapons and military equipment and suspicions of corruption during the charging of commissions from people Iraqis or Arabs, but it stopped in agreement with the Russian side.
    That deal led to the sacking of the Russian president for his defense minister as well as parliamentary bodies revealed the names of Iraqi figures involved in corruption in the deal sacked on the track Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh and House of Representatives to form a special committee to investigate corruption in the deal. And expressed Russia before the fear of the continuation of the transaction as the words of a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary governor Zamili, who stated that "there is fear big by Russia on contract with Iraq in the trades new weapons for not resolving this file from the Iraqi side."

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2R9EwJsWk

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    Preliminary results of today's election
    22-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad - the provinces - morning
    Announces the Electoral Commission for elections today preliminary results of the provincial elections.
    The Baghdad and eleven other province, except Anbar, Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces of Kurdistan region, saw the day before yesterday, the elections third of the provincial councils, in a move welcomed internationalist and internationally, as it has been described as "the most prominent fruits" of democracy, in particular it is the first after the withdrawal of U.S. forces.
    Lost, said UNHCR spokesman Safaa al-Musawi: "The Board of Commissioners decided to announcement of the preliminary results of the provincial elections starting on Monday."
    Al-Moussawi said that "the Board of Commissioners decided to be the announcement of the results from the initial level entities by 90 percent within a period of four days starting on Monday, as it was yesterday received the results from the provinces to be announced 10 percent remaining after deducting the complaints of all kinds and the expiry of the periods of legal for appeals relating to decisions issued by the Board of Commissioners relevant. According to several sources for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," the coalition of state law blocks and the Liberals and the citizen and united progressing in most provinces, while the other blocs competing in individual provinces.
    The sources confirmed that the ballot papers in total could see the progress of state law in most provinces, including Baghdad, while competing with Ktlta the Liberals and the citizen and the other blocs in the southern provinces, central, noting that the bloc united by its well-attended in Salahuddin and Diyala provinces and some parts of Baghdad.
    Despite the size of the average turnout did not exceed 50 percent, according to statistics from the Electoral Commission, but many international organizations and diplomatic bodies hailed the experiment which was considered "a step towards the consolidation of democracy."
    The Electoral Commission for elections announced yesterday evening (Saturday) post about 6 and a half million in the public ballot, or 50 percent, while the rate of participation in total after the addition of special voting 51 percent, or about 7 million people.
    The sealed ballot boxes in 12 counties at the 5 of Saturday afternoon, as he was entitled to $ 13 million and 800 thousand voters cast their ballots in 5190 polling stations and 32 102 polling stations, as well as the provinces of Kurdistan and Anbar, Kirkuk and Nineveh, which will allow them to vote for the displaced from the provinces to participate in elections.
    And compete in the elections, 139 political entities and coalitions with the participation of more than 8000 candidates.
    The center of this picture, recommended منظمتا July for Social Development and the sun to observe the elections need to accelerate the implementation of the census proves census of voters and their home areas, with a view to ensure the best and the division is suitable for distribution of voters.
    It recommended that the two organizations in a preliminary report to the monitoring of provincial elections irregular province and got the "morning", a copy of the need to expedite the issuance of the law of parties, which regulates sources of funding, and to ensure higher efficiency for all cadres of the Electoral Commission, both in terms of management level, or neutral, or daring.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2R9FjLqsq

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    Kerry Abbas will meet again in Istanbul to discuss peace process
    Istanbul / a. P. B. - 04/22/2013

    Began and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meeting on Sunday in Istanbul with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, as a U.S. official said.

    He said the diplomat in the U.S. State Department said Kerry and Abbas, who met several times during the last two months, they meet in one of the major hotels in Istanbul, in the presence of their delegations, to be followed by the meeting to meet individually. Kerry, who will be held on Saturday evening participated in a meeting of the "Friends of Syria" in the Turkish city, a press conference alone. And Another U.S. official said that Kerry and Abbas "Sitaavan of certainly talks initiated by several weeks ago about how to bring the parties back to the negotiating table." The U.S. Secretary of State warned last Wednesday in Washington that time is running out for the resumption of the peace process on the Israeli-Palestinian track, is selected for the first time in a maximum of two years to reach a settlement. Kerry is currently working on a project to revive the Palestinian economy and restore confidence between the parties. He also announced that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Special Envoy of the International Quartet Committee for the Middle East, and agreed to participate in efforts to try to "push the Palestinian territories economy forward." Specifically, this topic will be discussed by Kerry and Abbas also said the U.S. official. This meeting comes after the resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Fayyad's resignation comes at a bad time for U.S. diplomacy. In the absence of any progress during the political Kerry's recent visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, the U.S. State merely an agreement with Israeli and Palestinian officials to "promote economic development in the West Bank."


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    *** COURTESY OF SING4U2 ***

    Kurdish leader for "politics": Sistani's influence around the direction of Khamenei 04/22/2013

    Preliminary results of Iraq's elections point to a resounding defeat for Maliki

    Baghdad ¯ Basil Muhammad:

    Initial results of vote-counting operations showed the Coalition of the Citizen headed by Ammar al-Hakim made decisive progress in the three Shiite southern provinces of Wasit, Dhi Qar and Babil. He also leads in Najaf and Maysan, while the Coalition of the Rule of Law led by of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki leads in Karbala province and the capital Baghdad.

    Partial information indicates that the coalition of 'Free' headed by Muqtada al-Sadr leads in Diwaniyah province, also the Sunni - United Coalition led Speaker Osama Najafi leads in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala.

    A high-level Kurdish official for the Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Massoud Barzani, said a loss by Maliki's in 6 or 7 Shiite provinces will represent A POLITICAL DEFEAT because he would have needed to win 7 or 8 Shiite provinces in addition to a victory in the capital Baghdad, to achieve a victory.

    He said the preliminary findings indicate that Hakim and Sadr’s Coalition won 6 or 7 out of nine Shiite provinces, meaning that now Maliki no longer controls the dominant Shiite political scene, also his (MALIKI's) plans for the formation of a majority government will begin to face major political dilemmas. Maliki had plans assuming that he would defeat his Shiite coalition partners in view of local elections and specifically undermined the influence of Hakim and Sadr in the first place, allowing him to instantly go for early parliamentary elections. According to he (HIS) own numbers he need(s) to win between 150 and 155 seats in the next Parliament, after which he would have needed 8 – 13 seats to comfortably form a majority Government and realize a third term.

    The Kurdish source said Hakim and Sadr’s leads in the local elections and other accounts dispel all hopes of Maliki of an overwhelming majority in local elections and the two won more seats according to the preliminary results, the influence of the Supreme religious leader Ali al-Sistani in Najaf, was stronger than the influence of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who strongly supported Maliki and his coalition.

    The source noted that Khamenei, according to certain information that Maliki vowed to remain in power and in government contracts as long as he gets the base of the mass of the Shia Coalition, the Iranian leadership was therefore a notable anti-war resolution in Parliament to three presidential terms, the Iranian political plan was aimed at the survival of Maliki in power for a long time as in the case of other dictatorial regimes in the world.

    According to the Kurdish political source, most of the main political forces including Hakim and Sadr wanted to oust Maliki through elections and therefore the results of local elections would abort the Prime Minister’s expectations of a win and having an overwhelming majority. These are just the beginnings of defeat in the upcoming parliamentary elections and thus the renewed viewpoint of these forces to resolve the current political crisis by electoral defeat of Maliki on that basis.

    According to the same source - Iraqi leaders expect Maliki to leave political life if he is not assured a third term for Prime Minister and if he failed in the coming parliamentary elections to gain more than maybe 60 seats.

    The Kurdish source said that Maliki erred when he thought his differences and problems with Sunni’s and Kurds would be politically and electorally useful, he chose escalation in recent periods but the local election results, while not conclusive, indicate that this crisis was a positive factor for his Shiite coalition partners instead.

    The source added, "Hakim has already benefited by these differences and he presented himself as Shiite Moderate Politically versus a Shiite Militant led by Maliki and his Dawa party. It should be noted that most of the Shiite streets do not want to return to confrontation between the Sunnis and Kurds. Maliki did not understand; instead he listened to Iranian Political Analysts and perhaps some influence from Syria, who convinced him that further escalation against Sunnis and Kurds would lead to a rise in numbers by his supporters and advocates in the elections in all 9 Shiite provinces and Baghdad that would have allowed him to sit on the throne of power as united commander without any competitor.

    The Electoral Commission announced that elections turnout in the first election since legislative elections in March 2010 stood at 50 percent.


    This article originally came from: http://www.faceiraq.com/inews.php?id=1616096

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    Indicators to provide al-Maliki bloc in local elections
    BAGHDAD - bright Abbas
    Monday, April 22, 2013

    To declare the preliminary results of the Iraqi elections local held on Saturday for three days, but indicators show progress relative to the mass «coalition of the rule of law», led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the southern provinces and Baghdad, as indicative of the diversity in the map of the winners سيضطره to re-calculations during the next phase.
    Maliki's coalition was achieved solo in the 2009 elections, won a clear all rivals cradle to win about 89 parliamentary seats in the 2010 general elections and take a fresh mandate.
    It seems the difference between the two trials great, Maliki entered the local elections allied with the forces of other Shi'ite, such as «Reform Movement» led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari and «mass Virtue» and «the Badr Organization» led by Hadi al-Amiri, was the goal of this alliance to achieve the majority allow him to run in general election 2014 or go to early elections to form a majority government policy and get a third term, and directed major Shiite forces such as al-Sadr, like Sunni alliance Speaker Osama Najafi (united) from the competition.
    Although the indicators show progress Maliki in the majority of the provinces, but it also emphasizes breakthrough for the mass «citizen», led by cleric Ammar al-Hakim in a number of cities, especially in Dhi Qar, and declining relative to Muqtada al-Sadr in most cities except for Maysan.
    In the public accounts, does not allow the new map, which is expected to be limited to the major powers and extends to the percentages of seats obtained by streams and new forces and other civilian, a radical change for the benefit of al-Maliki or his rivals in the Shiite cities, but they indicate to the emergence of a powerful bloc led by Najafi ( Unitarians) in Diyala, Salahuddin and North Babylon to calculate the mass of 'Iraqi-Arab', led by Saleh al-Mutlaq, while focused fortunes «Iraqi National» led by Iyad Allawi in Baghdad, and was its leader, called for the formation of a transitional government within 45 days.
    And the absence of governorates of Anbar and Mosul for the electoral arena waiting for the adoption of a date for elections in which the center's expectations to be 'united' head start.
    The days that will follow the announcement of the results will reveal in detail the positions of the political powers of the overall crisis in Iraq, P «Supreme Islamic Council which did not enable the previous results from entering into the political game, it will be the option to go into an alliance with al-Maliki on new terms, or bias to what has become known as «alliance Erbil - Najaf», which includes Kurds, Sunnis and al-Sadr, and the latter may re-calculations to move alliance anti-owners in the light of the current results, or considered (results) an indication of the intentions of the alliance «rule of law» exclusion of power from the arena Shiite, فيندفع to try drop-Maliki before the general election.
    Year will be no choice to revive the «Iraqi List» alliance again with Allawi and al-Mutlaq, with ambitions to Ngeevi lead the list, or will spend a struggle to win Sunni representation, and this is linked to the positions of Saleh al-Mutlaq next and whether he will go into an alliance with al-Maliki in the upcoming elections or to join his opponents.
    Kurds, who announced the day before yesterday to send a delegation of a new negotiating with Baghdad over their crises with the government, Siqison weight-Maliki, the new weights his opponents, and on that basis may decide to respond requests for calm and revitalize «Shiite alliance - Kurdish» or go to collect the opposition to form a strong alliance ousts President government in early elections or parliamentary decision.
    In fact, local elections will not change much in the Iraqi provinces that suffer a lack of services and rampant corruption ratios drain on public budgets, but it certainly will enter the Iraqi political forces in the new accounts.


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    *** WHO IS Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim ? He is the head of one of Iraq’s most prominent Shi’ite Islamist parties, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI). He took over the ISCI’s leadership in 2009 after his father, Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, the former leader and founder of the party, passed away. Born in 1971 and exiled to Iran in 1979, al-Hakim has been politically active much of his life, and is considered one of the most influential figures in Iraqi politics today. Since 2003, he has been the target of several assassination attempts by rivals of his Shi’ite Islamist party.


    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim repeated his rejection of postponing the governorate council elections this year in both Nineveh and Anbar governorates for security considerations, bringing to mind the bad security conditions and the challenges that threatened the political process and which prevailed during the governorate council elections and the former parliamentary elections which did not prevent the holding of those elections. He regarded this as violating the constitution's timings. The constitution remains to be the only referee and the one which is acceptable for solving all political differences and disputes and others in the country.
    Sayyid al-Hakim addressed the sheikhs and dignitaries of the Al Mas`ood emirate to educate their tribesmen, to verify the lists and the candidates and to support the interest of the homeland and of the citizen. : http://www.almejlis.org/eng/more/425...mong-the-blocs.

    Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), stressed that the Syrian dossier is not solved through security; rather, it is solved through dialogue and by giving the Syrians a chance to solve their domestic problems, warning that the delay in solving the Syrian problem means more bloodletting in that country. He stressed that each of Iraq presiding over the Arab Summit and the Islamic Republic of Iran presiding over the non-aligned countries' summit provides an important opportunity for joint cooperation between both countries to solve the region's problems : http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Ammar-al-Hakim/386601629

    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stresses the necessity of compensating strugglers of the marshlands financially and morally : http://www.almejlis.org/eng/more/423...ly-and-morally

    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim says, “Plurality and the diversity in the Iraqi fabric represent the source of Iraq’s strength.” : http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.c...qs-strength-2/

    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stresses the readiness of the Supreme Council for openness on all political forces : http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.c...itical-forces/

    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stresses importance of the independence of the judiciary and the settling of prisoners’ dossiers : http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.c...ners-dossiers/

    Calling on the Iraqi Slate to reconsider its decision to boycott the parliament’s sessions,
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stresses that solving the current political crisis must be an Iraqi one distantly from foreign interferences : http://www.almejlis.org/eng/more/418...-interferences

    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said, “The just modern state moves towards the future, interacts with the variables, renewing its means within the justice criterion.” : http://www.almejlis.org/eng/more/407...rion.%E2%80%9D

    Urgent .. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim calls for the formation of a majority government based on political partnership components : http://www.lewsdinarforum.com/t13122...hip-components

    said Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that "Iraq has entered a new phase after the provincial elections where the people proved that Eileen does not refract and proved his decision in the future." : http://www.bondladyscorner.com/t7022...o-build-a-home

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    Kurdistan Alliance connects his return to Baghdad to amend the budget and security coordination in Kirkuk

    22-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

     Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

    Stipulated that the Kurdistan Alliance bloc ministers return to the government and the deputies to the parliament, the exit of the ongoing negotiations between them and the National Alliance bloc, to amend the Federal Budget Law for the year 2013, and the redistribution of the security file management between the federal army and the Peshmerga forces.

    But the National Alliance ruled out the possibility of returning federal budget law to Parliament again amended, after it was approved, asking not to be the security file management fragmented.

    And decided the presidency of the Kurdistan region the day before yesterday to send a delegation political "high-level" to Baghdad in the light of a "positive" sent by the President of the National Alliance, and confirmed that the delegation would seek to "direct dialogue" with the National Alliance and with the federal government, expressing their desire to "processors drastic files the relationship between the federal government and the region. "

    A spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, a good supporter in an interview with the "long" yesterday that "the message sent by the National Alliance for Kurdish forces were positive and provides for the commitment to partnership and find a solution through dialogue and application of the Constitution in accordance with what was agreed upon in advance."

    He added that "there are two important issues demanding Kurdistan Alliance Bhlhma the foremost is to resolve the issue of security in the disputed areas, and amend the law on the federal budget," adding that the solution to these two issues will open the doors to resolve all outstanding issues.

    On the subject of security in the disputed areas, Taib explained that "what we want is respect for the powers of the provinces in the formation processes and leadership specifically Tigris Operations Command, which has caused a lot of security problems in the province, after how many security management."

    He added that "it is supposed to manage the security file in the disputed areas jointly between the federal army and the Peshmerga even have a unified view to manage the security file and not multiple."

    Regarding the amendment of the law of the federal budget for 2013, said Kurdish leader that "the message sent by the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari emphasizes the application of the resolution of all outstanding issues, including amending the budget, which calls for Kurdish forces to amend one of the terms of the paragraphs of this budget, which gives the right of the federal government to punish the Kurdistan region and cut its budget in the absence of convinced Baghdad actions and procedures for the region. "

    Ok said that "amend the law on the budget bill will be according to motivate the Council of Ministers to Parliament to amend the controversial points and then vote on them and this was achieved only with the help of all the components of the National Alliance."

    He pointed out that "the return of ministers, MPs, the Kurds are subject to the return of the Kurdish delegation who will go to Baghdad and the magnitude of the results were positive فسيحضر our ministers, our deputies, otherwise we will continue in the province."

    For his part, the coalition of state law, one of the components of the National Alliance to re-amend the budget law to one of its paragraphs can not be applied because the budget was approved.

    The MP said Iskandar and berries in a telephone conversation with the "long" The budget law can not be returned to the House of Representatives again after he was approved, noting that "the differences between Baghdad and Erbil on entitlements oil that is supposed to Kurdistan Send revealed its value to the central government for information and on after that you will be paying dues oil. "

    He noted a member of the Security and Defense Committee that the parliamentary "Managing the security file in the disputed areas must be federal, but the commander of the federal forces," explaining that "Peshmerga controls to manage the security file in Kirkuk by 99%."

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2R9sQwPKH

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    The start of a general strike in all the cities of Anbar
    22-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Anbar
    Began in Anbar province this morning, Monday, the implementation of the general strike, closing schools, colleges and government departments and institutions, as well as shops and markets its doors, and the streets were free of the passers-by, while security forces deployed heavily.
    The reporter said "Alsumaria News" in Anbar province, the primary and middle schools and junior colleges and colleges and universities, as well as government departments and institutions and filling stations, as well as markets, shops and grocery stores all, in the cities of Anbar main eleven, closed its doors this morning, announcing the strike year.
    He pointed out that the markets and intersections and main streets and secondary schools in the city of Fallujah seemed free from citizens, while deployed police forces widely, warning that quieter careful prevails city and there is a fear and anticipation, because of the bombing of the night on Sunday Restaurant starling center of Fallujah, and the willingness of parents to mourn victims the bombing.
    The city of Fallujah, on Sunday night, an improvised explosive device explosion targeted a starling restaurant downtown, killing two people and wounding 18 others were injured in the initial proceeds.
    , Said one of the organizers of demonstrations in Anbar Imad al-Dulaimi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The strike on this day in Anbar province complete and comprehensive and there are fasting collectively by the citizens and there will be Iftar also establish prayer unified evening across cities of the province."
    Dulaimi between that consolidated Prayer "will be held in the arena of sit-in in the eleven cities of Anbar, a Ramadi and Fallujah, Hit, Anah, modern and Rawa meal and vine Husaybah and Habbaniyah and Khaldiya".
    The preachers prayer consolidated in some provinces called, yesterday Friday (April 19, 2013), to declare civil disobedience in the governorates of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala and Baghdad, which is witnessing demonstrations, to express their protest against the policies of the central government and the pressure to implement their demands.
    It is noteworthy that shopkeepers in the stock markets and the Corniche and Al Faisaliah in the closed city of Mosul, on Monday morning, the doors of their shops in solidarity with the demands of the demonstrators.
    And warned the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, on Sunday evening, the staff of departments and institutions of the state in the governorates of Anbar, Nineveh, Salahuddin and Diyala, Baghdad and Kirkuk to participate in the civil disobedience to be initiated on Monday.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2RBnDYkdf

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    Currency Auctions Announcement No. (2361) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 22-Apr-2013. The results were as follows: Details Notes Number of banks 20 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 152,102,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 152,102,000 Total offers for selling (US$) -----

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    Deputy for the rule of law: Jaafari invite the leaders of the political blocs to a national meeting

    22-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (news)

    A member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Sadiq Al Laban, about the intention of the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, at the invitation of the political blocs to hold a national meeting to get to the real solutions are based on the Constitution and the law.

    Frankincense said in a statement (of the Agency news): there is an intention to head the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and in agreement with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to hold a national meeting to ask all the contentious issues to reach real solutions based on the Constitution and the law.

    He added: after the end of the electoral process has become a suitable atmosphere for such a meeting is therefore essential that calls for al-Jaafari, or any political leader of the leaders of the political blocs to sit at the table of dialogue to resolve differences.

    The MP for the coalition in Iraq Mutashar Samurai, reported that the provincial elections of increased political divisions within the bloc and between the political blocs, pointing to the existence of resolving the differences after the election.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2RBprASjC

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