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    The Dinar Daily .... Tuesday 9 April 2012

    Najafi sees early elections conditional on the formation of an interim government Last Update: Tuesday, 09/04/2013
    BAGHDAD - "Gulf":

    Search Iraqi parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, on Monday, with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler update on the Iraqi political scene.

    A statement from the Information Office of the Speaker of Parliament that the meeting dealt with the file search elections and the issue of deferred in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and special voting procedures. The statement quoted Najafi concern and fears of some of the actions that take place. He pointed out that the indicators and dimensions of the postponement of the elections in the two provinces put everyone in a position of suspicion and lack of trust the integrity and transparency of the elections.

    The statement quoted Kuebler asked about the possibility of early parliamentary elections, Najafi replied by saying: "This is conditional on the necessity of the formation of an interim government does not represent any political party does not aspire members to stand for election." Nujaifi urged the Election Commission to continue its independent approach and to distance themselves from political interference as the sole institution responsible for justice and the integrity of the electoral process
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    Tareq al-Hashemi told «Middle East»: Iran requests .. Orders in Baghdad

    Iraqi Vice President: the former regime did not sectarian evidence that the 39 leading member of the Baath Party were Shiites

    Mustafa Dessouki
    said Tareq al-Hashemi, Vice President of the Republic of Iraq's past, in dialogue with the «Middle East», in the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein, that after ten years shows that harvesting the invasion, and then occupation, was «harvest bitter », since stalled development programs and reconstruction programs campaigns have failed because of the prevalence of« corruption is unprecedented in the history of Iraq and the world.
    And Hashemi revealed that he will return to Iraq as soon get rid of any of provinces Almentvdh, called it terrorism (Prime Minister) Nuri al-Maliki and his iron grip in order to ensure equitable litigation. He continued the vice president - sentenced to death in absentia on terrorism-related charges - that came out of the ordeal many lessons, which reconsidered his vision for many Muslim women and convictions Since the beginning of political action. On the other hand, describes the Anbar uprising as' spring Iraqi paves the way for real change, stressing that it «national uprising nonsectarian represents all Iraqis. He accused al-Hashemi, currently residing in Turkey, the Maliki government of sectarianism, and added that Iraq has turned in the reign of al-Maliki from the Protector of the eastern gate to the source is a real threat to Arab national security, especially the security and stability of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The following is the text of the interview:

    * In your opinion, what the most important achievements of Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein?

    - Perhaps the presence of the parties and a permanent constitution and an elected government and parliament monitors the performance and civil society organizations ... And to what extent a free press, and the prosperity and improved living conditions in the Kurdistan region. But in return, is still a culture of tyranny tyrant, and still overlapping security policy and clear, and add to that the prevalence of injustice, corruption and loss of sovereignty. Ten years after the overthrow of the former regime, I can assure you that the harvest of the invasion of Iraq was a bitter harvest. Ten years later, stumbled and development programs failed campaigns reconstruction programs because of the prevalence of corruption, which is unprecedented, not only in the history of Iraq and the world .... I am not exaggerating at all, and enough evidence classification «Transparency International which ranked Iraq in his list within the four most corrupt countries in the world ... And on top of that government protects the corrupt and venal leaders. In this particular regard, I refer you to the statements issued by Judge Rahim Ugaili former chief of integrity as well as statements MP Sabah al-Saadi.

    * Why pretend Sunni provinces after ten years from the fall of Saddam? How silent revolutionaries today for decades during the rule of the Baath? Indeed, the provincial opposition to the rule of al-Maliki did not move a muscle during the popular uprising in 91 despite Shi'ites of injustice and oppression, and Kurds exposure to a war of extermination. Then specialists observers say today that Iraq today but suffers excessive democracy and pluralism and freedom of the media, and therefore, there is no room to accuse the current government of sectarianism and dictatorship?! What's your comment on that?

    - If proven at the time, through the course of events on the ground, that the target is the system alone and not the state ... Note that the facts indicate otherwise, if possible immunization activity of any Iranian interference .. This was not the case at all, if possible coordination and consultation early, maybe the situation was different. But in all cases, we believe the change and reject tyranny and oppression, wherever it comes from, but we are patriots and Houdarion not Makavilliyn. There have been many attempts to change the system, and this is enough to indicate the position and relieve us of the charge. One did not survive from the oppression of the former regime .. But injustice was unjustly years, included everyone without exception. I mention here that the previous regime was not sectarian, as evidenced by the 39 leading member of the Ba'ath Party leadership, which was distributed administration names on the list of required judicial figures on the eve of the invasion of Iraq were Shiites! So where marginalization and exclusion that complain about him day and night?! By contrast, to announce Dawa Party How Time employees year in the army and the intelligence and security services and the ministries of higher education, interior and foreign affairs and justice and other ministries, many of which closed on Shiites only. God, if published facts shocked the world, including Nuri al-Maliki did. Yes ... Under the previous regime total exposure of injustice, but the injustice of the current system beyond that to a large extent .. The selective injustice and sectarian orientation and is tantamount to cleansing and genocide against humanity.

    * How do you rate the Anbar uprising? Is considered an introduction to «Spring Iraqi mother of a sectarian coup elected government?

    - Anbar uprising is a real spring Iraqis paves the way for change. This is a national uprising nonsectarian represents all Iraqis, was launched from the womb of real suffering from injustice, oppression and discrimination. We are continuing to the end of the half until a goal is realized, and will not back down in front of threats (Nuri) al-Maliki or terrorism repressive apparatus, and will not weaken our resolve or affected our before procrastination Maliki or prevarication or Mrogath that he knew.

    * What is your role in the 'uprising'? Are you thinking of repatriation in the event of the fall of al-Maliki?

    - Intifada her privacy and independence as representing a popular mobility, however I am not far from what happened or is happening, after he offered my services and hired my experiences and my public relations and put at its disposal. And I'll be back as soon get rid of any of the governorates Almentvdh six from the terrorism of al-Maliki and his iron grip and guarantee fair litigation in order to appear before the court.

    * After more than ninety days of the start of 'intifada', how do you see the future?

    - Change holds even after a while, and this promise. 'Intifada' has today - thank God - all the requirements of success. What we need localization, internationalization and then, if they come to a dead end ... This is very possible. Recognizing the significance of the order, addressed the Arab leaders and presidents during their recent summit in Doha, also closing statement general references, but apply to the issue of Iraq and supports popular movement ... I will build it to expand the circle of Arab interest in the uprising. And the presence of Qatar in the rotating presidency is a good omen and Bishara good. I feel completely that the internal voltage must reinforce external interest provides the required support in various fields ... I really active in this direction for my conviction that a long and costly battle.

    * What is your assessment of the Prime Minister's position on the demands of the opposition squares?

    - Maliki did not deal with al-Intifada seriously. Did not act as a statesman, and therefore is not expected to respond to the legitimate demands. Notice how that instead of visiting the provinces Almentvdh and meet activists from coordinating committees Vihaor with them face to face in the hope of an agreement, he went to Basra to meet there with representatives of the Shiite-dominated provinces and Ahacdha against provinces with a Sunni Arab majority. It meets conservatives, not consulted or seeks help in solving a national disease ... No, never, but to threaten and thunders and singing the charges and request the support and support for its heavy-handed approach. How to be sectarian informed of it?! Maliki is betting on time, which is thought to be «intifada» weaken even fade over time, like «revolution twenty-fifth of February 2011» which finished off by using excessive force, associated with a campaign of assassinations long prominent activists where pistols equipped بكواتم sound, including journalist Hadi al-Mahdi. But this 'Intifada' will weaken and will not retreat. This will not happen because we are aware of the heavy price we pay later got it .... We know how to behave Maliki, especially as the information leaked from his inner circle that the al-Maliki waits a moment refraction will rebelling so-called militia, formed recently, confiscating governorates Almentvdh and writing last chapters of the plot to eliminate the Sunni Arabs in Iraq ... From here, begins to change.

    * Insist on accusing Maliki of sectarianism .. What are the reasons behind such accusations?

    - Nouri al-Maliki even recognized by sectarian Shiite leaders, but with closer to power and worship in surmounted slaughter opponents and opponents of whatever race or creed. By, introduces himself to the Shiites as a savior ... Assume personal Mukhtar bin Mohammed Thaqafi pro Husayn and slay year as Noesb, killing is permissible ... As well as the displacement and impoverishment and marginalization and exclusion and denigration of their dignity, but it is a religious duty. Thus justify Maliki for his community campaign that did not stop targeting since 2006 against Sunni Arabs. On top of that, and cling to power ... He will not be allowed to Shiite that rivaled the power and prestige. In this context, introduces himself to the Iraqi people that the national jealous best interests of Iraq, why not a targeted capital Shiite rivals?! The truth is that obsessively driven power is not, and this is the origin of the dispute with «Sadrists and the Supreme Council 'and' call - Iraq Organization ... Etc., etc. even within his own party, and had reached the secretariat of Dawa Party and the maximum Ibrahim al-Jaafari of fraud. And I have seen at the time of the document, saying in this regard, and when confronted Maliki militia Mahdi Army in 2007-2008, it was not driven by a national, but an authoritarian ... For dominance of the Shiite house no more, no less, and is mistaken who thinks otherwise.

    * What are the most important lessons learned from the plight of terrorism Adthamkm, which you place them almost a year ago?

    - Have emerged from the ordeal many lessons, which were prepared to consider my vision as well as in a lot of Muslim women and convictions that shaped my attitude and my relationships over the years, and particularly since it began political work as a public figure. One of these lessons, it should not be responding to pressure by my brothers .. And agree to the leadership of 'Islamic Party' in 2004 even guarantee a minimum of success is not available, but we dreamed it would be achieved over time and that did not happen, and proved that the decision was a risk is calculated results. Then the trust and confidence of the parties to the political process, both national and foreign, were replaced at all. In short, it was a very difficult task ... But much larger than the energies. And there is a lot I will talk with him at the appropriate time.

    * You say that Iran tamper with the security of Iraq .. Can you separate this aspect more?

    - I think that al-Maliki has become a tool of Iran in the implementation of the agenda, not only at the national level, but also at the regional level. Noticed his position about the slaughter of the Syrian people, and through its support of the regime of Bashar militias and means of destruction and killing, caravan and money, whether from Iran or Iraq, uninterrupted toward Damascus ... This advertiser and known, but hidden, Iraq shift from «protector of the eastern gate to the source is a real threat to Arab national security .. Especially for the security and stability of the GCC countries, and we have in this area documented information, unimpeachable. Maliki provides services to Iran, not only driven by a culture of intolerance per doctrine, but to swap with Iranian backing, is urgently needed, to stay in office. So, it is no longer limited to intervene, but worsened and become lost influence with the independence, sovereignty, and became Iran and not other orders Vitaa .. Iran's influence complexity and crept into all aspects of the Iraqi state and its activities, especially at the levels of security, politics and culture, the official and popular. And I'm here to warn the Arab and Islamic countries of Iran's soft power and sweet rhetoric the esoteric and positions, and humanitarian programs suspicious employed by maliciously and guile to control and influence. What happened in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain ... Even in Pakistan and Afghanistan, should be an eloquent lesson for all. Wherever Iran's influence, become a national problem. Yes, it is regrettable that Iraq, through the Arab invasion and negligence and relaxing, turning from the eastern gate guard, his mission to protect the Arab nation from the expansion of Iran ... To claw Iran to harm his fellow Arabs.

    * So, you are not comfortable with the position of the Iraqi government of the Syrian revolution?

    - Disgraceful government's position .. Iraqi government in this file reproduces the positions of state «velayat-e faqih in its foreign policy, and thus Arab singing outside the flock. This is stark evidence of dependency Iraq to Iran, although the Iraqi interest requires commitment to the unified Arab position that crystallized in the Baghdad summit in 2012. Not to mention that Iraq's position is nothing wrong even morally .. How can Maliki government claims that the Arab Spring began originally from Iraq in 2003 and in the same time supporting Iraq today is a tyrant in the killing of people looking to change. For this, the position of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in the Doha summit matter of surprise and disapproval Arabs as a whole, and bears Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a great responsibility in this situation. No use flimsy excuses given by the Syrian coalition to change the belief that Iraq's foreign policy, including allowing money laundering, as well as convoys of murder and destruction of Iran by land, air, actually contribute to prolonging the suffering of the heroic people of Syria. I think that the Syrian people will never forget the position of the Maliki government and those involved with him, and the Syrian Kurds now feel ashamed and embarrassed in front of their colleagues in the revolution of position Minister Zebari harmonious with Iran and al-Maliki's position and Hezbollah .. And is consistent with the principled position of regional president Massoud Barzani.

    * I understand from your words that Iraq is a threat to Arab national security .. Is not it?

    - This is actually the case. True situation constitutes a threat to Arab national security, but at the same time is not in favor of Iran in the long run. Perhaps what happened solicitation was smart to reveal its hidden agenda in the invasion of the Arab world .. This time,, persisted Iran, not to use military force which broke in 1988 thanks to the Iraqis Championship, but using soft power .. And Iran in this field shrewd and school, but nevertheless did not hesitate in waving military arsenal from which threaten the near and long term. Must feel that Iran extended by Iraq's expensive and hefty price tag, and its interest to tend to their internal concerns and leave their neighbors to live in peace without the tutelage of one. And the Arabs to move, and not wait to stand up other task ... In this area, there are many options.

    * What's the impact on the Iraqi internal situation and national unity in the country?

    - Maliki authoritarian approach on the one hand, and sectarian on the other hand, spent the opportunities brotherly coexistence in one nation .. Spent on the unity of hearts, and in a situation thus becomes the task of maintaining the unity of the land difficult. Darkness and mismanagement, shook the feeling of belonging to the homeland, and forced millions to migration and asylum. Maliki's only goal, is to stay as long as possible in power do not care about anything else. It activates a policy of 'divide and rule, and employs polarized power to target opponents. We have subjected the Shiite National Alliance prevailed and terrorism .... And tight on everyone only bow his loyalty and obedience. Notice how the weakest nemesis «Supreme Council» hard «Badr Brigade» him, and noticed what he did b «Sadrists» and trying to weaken hard-«League of the Righteous», and it does the same thing with «Iraq» intimidating or carrots, and do the same thing with the Kurds ... And his tool in this area of ​​Iran. All of his political opponents, are for him are legitimate targets. But on the other hand, the al-Maliki, for electoral reasons, touting himself as the protector of the doctrine of Naasibis!! So, to draw near to our brothers the Shiites, but noticed .. Electricity service is no better or subsistence congratulate or seat cleaner or schools serving the finest health or security tight .. Neither, but by harming Sunni Arabs and crush them, including amounts to cleansing confessional, which now takes forms of severe oppression and marginalization, murder, deportation and humiliation and starvation no longer patience it is possible, this is why the six provinces to rise. I rebelled because Maliki disastrous policies .... So now Iraq is at a crossroads, and all possibilities are open.

    * What's your analysis of the decision to postpone the local elections scheduled for 20 April current governorates of Anbar and Nineveh, for security reasons?

    - When you do not abide by the ruling of the Constitution and the laws in force ... It is the constitution and law and order, it analyzes what he wants and denied what he wants. How, then, be tyranny? Decision void and unconstitutional .. He politicized and tendentious, and I call on the two provinces refused to respond, but his firm to address, and the holding of elections at the scheduled time for all of Iraq's provinces.

    * One last question: Why is this difference between the cadres coalition «Iraq», between supporters and opponents, on the issue of the withdrawal of existing ministers of the government to put pressure on al-Maliki?

    - If Al-Iraqiya is not much different from if other coalitions. All subjected to fragmentation and fission, but there are members of the Al-Iraqiya proved they Near disciplined and committed to the decisions of leadership .... This is unfortunate and has its causes, and talk long. But in my opinion, what compensates for this weakness is the uprising of the masses «Iraq» in the fields of pride and dignity in the six provinces, which initiated and took determination and broke the barrier of fear .. It will work on grade purification and excreted between owners of the real issue and came to Al-Iraqiya in pursuit of prestige or benefit.

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    Tuesday, May 28, 1434 e April 9, 2013 number 12551

    Iraqi politicians ignore the April 9 after they had declared 10 years ago «feast of liberation»

    Maliki canceled a holiday .. Kurdistan is established

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
    in May of 2003, after less than a month on the invasion of Iraq by U.S. forces, he went former U.S. President George W. Bush to the United Nations requesting b «the greatness of the tongue» considered what happened to Iraq, which was launched in circles then-Iraqi 'liberation of Iraq' on it 'occupation'. Indeed the UN Security Council passed resolution 1483, which he considered what was done by the United States and Great Britain occupation under international law. The Bush and Blair legal Mbrrathma and procedural especially at the level of responsibility for Iraq as a country under occupation.
    Iraqi political class have had another position than what happened boils tale fall of Saddam Hussein after 35 years of rule and they see that the process of falling resounding this could not have been for her to get to and «strong role» of the opposition in the process of falling and therefore wanted to celebrate this day as a timeless days in the history of Iraq, and that there is among the members of the Interim Governing Council of the student as a national holiday for Iraq.

    But in July 2003, after the formation of the Governing Council was among the conceivable achievement for him to make the ninth day of April a public holiday. After eight years of considered an official holiday the government of Nuri al-Maliki decided to cancel the holiday and consider this a normal day for the official time. But Kurdistan decided to celebrate this day and declared a public holiday.

    Official in the office of Iraqi Prime Minister told Asharq Al Awsat on condition of anonymity that «there is a difference between the fall of the joy of everyone to his downfall definitely among the state to occupy another country under any pretext. The «not all opposition forces were with the military option to topple Saddam Hussein's repressive bloody, where she was looking for other means to dislodge even if long-time rather than what happened to occupy and destroy everything», referring to «we fought for the withdrawal of U.S. troops, a What happened, according to the Convention, which was signed in 2008 was the implementation of the withdrawal in 2012.

    The source explained that «many of those who had Tbloa and Zmarwa against the Americans initially had refused to withdraw and declared by various means their attachment to the Americans asking for their survival so the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is what you should celebrate and not a day occupation regardless of the outcome of each to the overthrow of the regime Previous a great result undoubtedly but the price was too high.

    In turn, says a spokesman for the bloc «united» Dhafer al-Ani told «Middle East» that «this day for me is a day of occupation was preceded by blatant aggression has not received any international legitimacy. And Ani added that «Bush himself before anyone else said that this day is the occupation and secured a resolution from the United Nations in this regard, is that which hurtful to see that at the time it calls the United States occupation, some politicians called liberation This means frankly that Golan was more honorable than some Iraqi politicians.

    According to Ani that «paradox striking that the occupier is gone, but the occupation remains as the philosophy of the occupation remain, as some politicians who say America their enemy, clinging to the decision of Bremer and his hands» saying that «the occupier had wanted to divide Iraq and weaken the role National preserve Israel and tearing Iraq and plunder its riches and all achieved because of what his political, as some of these politicians are more terrible than the occupation, stressing that «Iraq today is unable to defend himself because of what happened during the years of occupation, which reap fruit corrupt and destructive and ill-Services and a breakdown in infrastructure.

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    Nassif: Kurdistan delegation's visit to Washington defiance of the will of the Iraqis and the gateway to external interference
    By: Bayyna
    on: Tuesday 04/09/2013 05:39 am

    Criticized MP for the coalition in Iraq free high Nassif do Kurdistan to send a delegation to the United States, calling it a challenge to the will of the Iraqi people rejects foreign interference in Iraqi affairs
    . said: that the Kurdistan Alliance to send a delegation to America is a challenge for the Iraqi people, who declined to U.S. occupation and make dearly and sacrificed his blood to remove U.S. troops from Iraq, in addition to being a challenge to the effort of political effort by blocs and political currents to end the occupation. said: that this visit could be interpreted as an open invitation to the U.S. to intervene in Iraq's internal affairs, regardless of whether the military intervention or politically. Nassif called popular and political circles to condemn this visit and express their rejection of everything that would open the door to foreign interference in Iraq.

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    Adjust nearly 500 kg of TNT (C 4) high explosives in a mosque south of Baghdad and Alosoraly on CDs for materiel in Anbar
    By: Bayyna
    on: Tuesday 04/09/2013 05:47 am

    The new evidence / special
    Interior Ministry announced, in the seizure of large quantities of explosive materials, weapons and materiel in different parts of Baghdad. spokesman said the Interior Ministry Saad Maan in a press statement: The «intelligence Baghdad and in cooperation with the Police Directorate Baghdad province was able to find more than 450 kg of material (c4) high explosives buried in the garden of Rahman Mosque Dora district,
    and the force placement of materials ». added that the strength of the intelligence Tarmiyah area managed to neutralize an improvised explosive device and waived without any incident, referring to enable other power of intelligence area Zaafaraniya to find CDs hardware included artillery shells 67 mm number 3 and valve rounds 60 mm mortar rounds. revealed Brigadier Maan for find detachments intelligence in Anbar on CDs for materiel included launcher RBG7 number 4 with rounds 60 mm mortar rounds and improvised explosive device, was lifting material without incident.

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    Rafie al-Issawi complain to the Americans: Iraq is moving toward dictatorship
    By: Bayyna
    on: Tuesday 04/09/2013 05:44 am

    BAGHDAD / new evidence
    revealed Finance Minister resigned and leader of the Iraqi Rafie al-Issawi that he told the U.S. delegation visiting Iraq now that Iraq is heading toward "model dictatorship," and added that the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, "chose the way", and the feasibility of directing more messages to him . Issawi said: "I have been informed by telephone of the U.S. delegation visiting Iraq currently headed by Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Brett Macgork, that Iraq is moving towards a model dictatorship,
    and explained to them the political crisis and the position of the Iraqi parliamentary bloc, political and position list are united. "and added that" fragmentation elections and postponed constitutes a violation of legal and constitutional pursued Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to strike his political opponents, "adding that" no one threatens polling stations in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar, the political decision. continued Issawi, that "the positions of the Iraqi List, either by its president, Iyad Allawi, or leaders where and whom Osama Najafi, Rafie al-Issawi and Dhafer al-Ani and Salman Jumaili, identical positions and moves with the leadership of the Kurdistan region on the refusal autocracy and dictatorship, coup-winning Iraqi constitution. "and was president of a coalition of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, said Saturday, 6/4/2013 to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Bazna, the delegation of the National Alliance, who visited Arbil, in the (fourth from this April), that "no dialogue with the Baghdad government without installing national agreements and stop targeting political partners," noting that Barzna stressed that "waiting position of the National Alliance if this delegation represented or a part of it. "In another matter, said the Iraqi leader Rafie al-Issawi," I do not want to draw any message to Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Iraqi Saleh al-Mutlaq, "مستطردا" I do not have any intention with a message because our message had reached him as he chose way.

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    Spinning and Tip Oake Arafah godfather and funded Iraqi Khamis dagger: Barzani brave and supportive of the demonstrators
    By: Bayyna
    on: Tuesday 04/09/2013 05:41 am

    Stressed businessman and political Thurs dagger, that support the Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani for the demonstrations in Iraqi cities but are supporting «moral» and stressed that it stems from the «courageous positions and supportive of national unity» in phase «decisive» of the country's history. Said dagger, who heads Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies said in an interview media: The positions of President of the Kurdistan region,
    Massoud Barzani, on the demonstrations taking place in six provinces of Iraq, are courageous positions and supportive of national unity. explained dagger which is one of the most prominent figures in support of the demonstrations, that Barzani supports demonstrations morally and this we consider a stand honorable, brave and comes at a crucial stage through which Iraq and the region, stressing that the support of peaceful demonstrations and it is only legitimate supportive message of national unity of Iraq and lift the injustice of the Iraqis and abide by the constitution and achieve security and application of national partnership lost in the country.

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    , And ending holiday on 15 June ». Added that« Next met objection by the House of Representatives, that the topic gets for the first time that the President submits a request to the same ». She Moussawi saying« The Najafi decided after the objection of Representatives view the topic on the Federal Court of gain acceptance Aleghano
    By: Bayyna
    on: Tuesday 04/09/2013 05:48 am

    BAGHDAD / new evidence
    uncovered political source close revealed the biggest fraud in the number of voters in the Kurdistan region after the introduction of recording about 200 thousand voters of Kurds displaced from Syria in the voter register. source said «The point of Kurdish, unnamed, succeeded in introducing some 200 thousand new voters untapped Seen Syrian Kurds displaced to add them instead of the deceased who did not delete their names from the voter register ».
    said the source, who declined to be named, said that «the process of recording voter response from Syria in the register voters Kurdistan, and carried out by one of the Kurdish parties, designed to manipulate and influence the outcome of elections, as well as give impetus big electoral to a plug », indicating that« this manipulation will darkens the remaining ingredients, especially as the number of wealthy populations Erbil and Dohuk are not the true proportion declared now, but are much less ». was political circles, Most of the opposition parties in the Kurdish region of Kurdistan, raised recently a sensation about the existence of manipulation numbers of census population in the region by the Ministry of Planning, and strive to increase abnormally for electoral purposes, particularly in the provinces of Dohuk and Erbil, which enjoys the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by regional president Massoud Barzani two wide influence. The Presidency of the Kurdistan region has announced the second of this April that the region's president, Massoud Barzani agreed with opposition forces three Kurdish change and the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group and the two parties KDP and the Patriotic Union of the parliamentary elections as scheduled in July. Two days earlier, met the Joint Supreme Committee for the offices of political of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Jalal Talabani and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Barzani, to strengthen the strategic agreement between the parties, but hinted at the possibility of entering parties separately in the forthcoming elections in the province. Issued after the meeting a joint statement, the two parties said that the National Union and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, with an emphasis on the protection and development of strategic alliance agreement between them, emphasize respect for the independence of the decision of the two sides on how to participate in the elections.

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    Abu Bakr Zainal: the return of ministers and deputies Kurds depend on the response of the government to the demands of Kurdistan
    09-04-2013 05:26 AM

    Erbil (news) .. According to MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Azad Abu Bakr Zainal, that the return of ministers and deputy mass to their sites depends on the government response to their demands, adding that the formation of committees to resolve differences 'waste of time'. said Zainal in a statement (of the Agency news): The return of ministers The deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance to their sites depends on the government response to the demands of the region and to be on the ground. added: that the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance demands unconstitutional and Terms of the Erbil because it was agreed by all the political blocs so it's up to the leadership of the Kurdish and to respond to the demands of the province. said deputy coalition blocs Kurdistan to: lack of positive indicators to respond to the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance despite visit by a delegation from the National Alliance to Kurdistan and agreed to form a committee, noting that the formation of committees just procrastination and time-consuming because the demands are known there is no need to form committees. and was a member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Rh g Mahdi, confirmed that ministers and MPs Kurds continuing to boycott sessions Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, while Re National Alliance on a Kurdish forces. Mahdi said in an earlier statement (the news): The after the last meeting a week ago between the Presidency of the Kurdistan region and the committee representing all Kurdish parties, the decision was made ​​to send a message to the National Alliance, adding: that the positions of the Kurdistan does not change on the suspension of work in Baghdad, but Aatouka there will be different position, but until the arrival of a response from the national to the message. / end / 24.'s. m /

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    For the second time in a week .. Maliki absent from a meeting hosted by the Parliament

    09.04.2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

    Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat as confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, last Saturday, that the latter would not attend the hearing scheduled hosting him, yesterday, al-Maliki did not really disappoint expectations, did not attend the meeting after his absence from the session similar a week earlier. said on Alfalh member of parliament for a coalition of state law, led by al-Maliki, told the «Middle East», that «according to the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister is determined time hosted, and therefore it has been recognized and Minister of State Parliamentary Affairs purity of net debt formal letter from the government to the parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, asserting that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will determine the time hosted later. He Alfalh that «Parliament adjourn to day 23 of the current month, which means after the provincial elections, and then be hosting». Parliament has been identified originally Monday last week a special session to host Maliki and a number of security leaders, against the backdrop of what has become witnessed the security situation from deteriorating in the country, is that al-Maliki attended the same day due to host a special conference for Korean companies that want to invest in Iraq, while surprised parliamentarians such a move, arguing that could Maliki Send designee to address the delegation of Korean companies . But the leader of a coalition of state law Adnan OS considered in a statement «Middle East» that «Maliki asked more than once that is hosted in the parliament, but the problem is that some parties and political blocs do not want to discuss the situation with the country the right way, but what pleases ». The OS that «there are mechanisms precede the hosting have not been dealt with between the parliament and the prime minister, such as agreeing with him on the nature of the questions and mechanisms, as well as that there are deputies in parliament confuse hosting and interrogation, which is true, and therefore should not be confused» . The OS that «Maliki believes that there are political blocs seeking to politicize, and that there are MPs wanted to spend, but they enjoy parliamentary immunity, and therefore the prime minister does not want to be there trap erected to him, either as a matter of embarrassment in certain issues, or perhaps get important information ». , stressing that «if I want to host that is it must identify mechanisms correctly, in addition to that Maliki asked to be hosting secret and confined to the heads of the blocks, which did not happen». Maliki has devoted the past few days to promote for his campaign in some central provinces (Karbala and Najaf). Maliki called during the celebrations held there to form a majority government political and ending the state of the partnership, as called for parliamentary elections next three or four months. In this context, the member of parliament for the coalition of state law Shaker Darraji told «Middle East» that «the country is on the enviable, as there is political blocs that disable state institutions, especially the government, through the continued harassment of political, has had an impact adversely on the reality of the services that must be provided to citizens» and added Darraji that «past experience proved that the national partnership failed, and did not achieve what is required of them, and therefore it is essential to discuss other options, in the forefront of these options majority government political ». For his part, in response to Maliki's call for early elections and the formation of a political majority, stipulated Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi the formation of an interim government does not represent political entity, the purpose of early parliamentary elections. Nujaifi said in a statement issued after a meeting in his office official in Baghdad representative of the United Nations in race Martin Kobler: «been discussed developments Iraqi political scene, and file election issue deferred in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar, and voting procedures for ». expressed Najafi «concern and fears of some actions that are», stressing that «the indicators and dimensions to postpone the elections in the two provinces put everyone in a position of suspicion and lack of trust with integrity and transparency of the elections». statement added that Kubler questioned «possibility of early parliamentary elections», Najafi replied that «this is conditional on the necessity of the formation of an interim government does not represent any political party does not aspire members to stand for election.

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