Posted on the Observer today:

Folks, its done tomorrow!

Tony (PTR) – Just REC. – Subject: FYI..afternoon Tony Breaking News BEFORE whole world saw it Text direct from smart card holder….$3.47 loaded he can cashin Brother Tonys.. call direct from sandbox.. $3.47 just got his card Within 1 hour..4 Calls..Texts from different WF branches across US Yeasterday nothing… POP UP this afternoon..$3.47 BUY RATE…BUY RATE..not a HOLD RATE first time These Contacts saw this..and all four had $3.47 FYI…I know you are worn out…YOU NEED IT TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK.
(Unscored – we’ll see…)

I am listening to Tony's call right now. Yes, he did say that someone called him saying their card was loaded and the rate they calculated was $3.47. In the next comment he said that someone else did not have their card loaded, but knew some people whose cards were. Upset is an understatement, understandably. I make no claims as to if this may actually go down tomorrow or not, no one really knows except those who are in control of it. However, logic says that if M has not been wrangled, there is no stable GOI intact and Erbil has not been implemented then odds are we are still looking at a couple days. I honestly hope I am wrong, and it is tomorrow. Only time will tell. I can rest comfortably on the knowledge that it is imminent and it is on the horizon, but I do not want to see any false hopes get set up because someone misconstrues info because that is something they WANT to hear. Lots of good things happening though, so we just wait a little bit more and see what happens. Let's hope that our new dawn bears the silhouette of a GORGEOUS RV!