Monday nights 3-18-13 the chatroom's "dinar fix" call notes
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Thread: Monday nights 3-18-13 the chatroom's "dinar fix" call notes

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    Monday nights 3-18-13 the chatroom's "dinar fix" call notes

    The chatroom’s “dinar fix” call monday 3-18-13 with bgg

    lots of good news

    nukem prays

    all of thanks to advertisers

    tuesday and/or wednesday might do a call

    okie in your prayers…no matter the intel….lost his son

    chattels and bgg good conversation
    couple things two main things of news from thur and now

    status of appeal of fed. Court law…17th to office of president to ratified and then published in gazette
    fed court challenge being put off not while mahmoud being around (the supreme judge that was in maliki’s pocket)

    technical grounds not to hear the appeal

    new appointee to judicial councel…dated february 15 mahmoud replacement…sounded like new guy worked with allawi… could be very huge if true unsure about this article will have to wait and see

    allawi calling for provisional govt. … bgg thinks 50/50 could happen interim or caretaker govt…maliki do a deal or interim govt one of those two things will happen

    majority govt.
    1. Purpose by concensus to protect minoritys because of the majority passing the budget
    talk in news in slc about majority vote instead of consensus…
    bgg slc most magical dream talking about forming a majority govt. For a year…
    majority two levels not parliament but councel of ministers side…they could hold two positions
    maliki has already done this to some extent quotas…kurds sunni shites…seats…
    everything goes back to erbil agreement that maliki signed…
    2. Vote and chg laws with impudity….
    Sadrist voted for budget was not for maliki but for their own people..sadrist finance minister position..(budget)
    budget being pushed thru would give maliki the ability to cause dramma calculated on purpose by maliki…
    if maliki had the power to have a majority govt…it would have already happened.
    Maliki survial national alliance one third of the bloc…keep 2/3 of voting confused fighting cant cut his head off (my words lol) “fire bombs” governs through crisis

    bgg thinks it is politically going this direction sadr hand shake a way to having the prime ministership…
    or one of theree power spots

    everybody is so done with maliki will take anybody

    do not believe that sadr and great lover of maliki…sadr called maliki a master criminal…sadrist asked for maliki resignation

    don’t worry over majority govt at this point

    chattell: Kurds upset about the consensus process boycotting councel of min or parliament..
    Bgg bottom line kurds upset maliki not paying the oil companies not the concensus

    1. News rumors from iraq working on borders with kuwait…
    un in uproar about this
    pivotal issue to get out ofchapt 7 and
    ban ki moon hates maliki’s guts…keeps messing with him
    neither has to happen for currency rv

    2. No objection to three zeros project this is from a parliament committee.. Saying we are ready to go with this…it is the govt causing the problem

    3. Meat and potatoes…parliament is ready…

    30 to 45 days timeline was depending on how quickly maliki was dealt with.

    Bgg been talking about for 6 months the federal courts and term limits law…bgg screaming about this…
    maliki wouldn’t have legal system in back pocket
    this just now happened…but in the term limits was

    article 5 law
    this appears to give another avenue to disolve the maliki govt other than no confidence vote which would be the last bullet shot
    in the erbil agreement vague but there, will give maliki the authority but not done kurds would withdraw from this govt then maliki’s govt is then null and void\
    certain number of ministers retire…then com is null and void

    then the caretaker govt elect all new….added bonuses to deal with maliki even though it might take a little longer

    conversation new source:

    Very smart guy an un known.. M.e. Arabic speaking asute watcher of m.e.

    He was talking about back channel sources. They feel like or they sense afundamental shift in the political landscape in the last couple of days…
    things to start happening that havent happened before
    bgg is looking for a different political landscape in the near future…this can not continue …

    now don’t just have a no confidence vote to get rid of maliki but 4 or 5 other options to attack maliki with
    and in the end as soon as this term limits laws is on books dealing with maliki is the govt walking out…
    maliki is aware he is in trouble….no way out…closed supreme court judge door (mamoud)
    may extend this a little longer but better for us in getting rid of maliki

    several major me researchers… parliament wasted time with term limits…should have just done a n/c vote … but it was because of article 5… now they get both options to get rid of maliki and talabani may not even have to be around

    current sources just recently is a shift taking place right now behind the scenes…wont take long to manifest…gut tells bgg caretaker govt put in place then the financial situation will change

    new source has some skin in the game….bgg self serving interest be ready for it … money money money lol this is sam’s in put

    nukem: 500 meter line between iraq and kuwiat….is that signif. To get out of chapter 7…is not the key to the rv…

    loveit2 closes with prayer

    will be covered again…poppy and bgg will do a call at the latest on wednesday[/SIZE]

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    Excellent notes. Thanks!

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    Thanks, Sam........U R AWESOME!!!!!!

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