Saturday's 3-9 conference call with Randy Koonce
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Thread: Saturday's 3-9 conference call with Randy Koonce

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    Saturday's 3-9 conference call with Randy Koonce

    here is the initial chatroom talk about Randy's call

    3:27 PM [chattels] any revelations yet ?
    3:27 PM [buck] fixing to go to questions...had a good report,
    3:27 PM [Sam] chattels very good him and bgg are on the same page
    3:27 PM [buck] i took notes
    3:27 PM [chattels] tens words or less, what ?
    3:27 PM [MichelleL] he's done as far as I can see buck
    3:27 PM [Sam] here you go
    3:28 PM [Sam] budget means NOTHING
    3:28 PM [Sam] maliki is run out of time
    3:28 PM [buck] MichelleL yepper just questions now...he will do an hour of saying the same thing to the same questions
    3:28 PM [MichelleL] i dont have to say a word in this room Thanks Sam
    3:28 PM [hurricane] chattels - I have a few "not-so-random" acts of generosity that I can't wait to do once this RV happens
    3:28 PM [Sam] next week will tell which direction this will go
    3:28 PM [Sam] if we see articles about him stealing money he is fighting the process
    3:28 PM [chattels] hurricane charity begins at home
    3:28 PM [MichelleL] Sam don't forget the window to mid april
    3:28 PM [Sam] no articles we are looking good
    3:29 PM [Sam] mid april will be if we see articles about him stealing money
    3:29 PM [hurricane] chattels - we have a few family friends that have blessed us dearly and we want to bless their socks off!!
    3:29 PM [Sam] randy's opinion is he will do what he is suppose to
    3:29 PM [buck] Sam if that is as far out as M can push it...i am OK with that
    3:29 PM [MichelleL] ahhhh i'm going to lie down and breathe now (rofl)
    3:29 PM [Sam] to stay alive
    3:29 PM [chattels] hurricane me too, i am " indebted to many
    3:29 PM [Sam] literally
    3:29 PM [Sam] people are trying to kill him now
    3:30 PM [amberplex] $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ CHAT COPIED $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    3:30 PM [Sam] reason why we are not seeing barzoni screaming
    3:30 PM [Sam] is because maliki and him have already come to terms
    3:30 PM [kmiller68] hurricane gonna buy them new sandals, no sox needed
    3:30 PM [Sam] talabani is gone politically dont worry about him anymore
    3:30 PM [hurricane] kmiller68
    3:30 PM [Sam] and this can now happen without a national meeting
    3:30 PM [chattels] Sam very interesting, i was wondering about barzani this morning
    3:31 PM [Sam] No bank screens are blinking
    3:31 PM [Sam] Run run run from those people
    3:31 PM [chattels] barzani has been acting very " presidential "
    3:31 PM [Sam] barzani and maliki signed deal on 12-28
    3:32 PM [Sam] yes more than ten words but that is the zest
    3:32 PM [Sam] it has come to a head we should be there
    3:33 PM [Sam] i dont think i have left anything out
    3:33 PM [scottiegirl] Sam Still the same time frame as BGG?
    3:33 PM [chattels] Sam will you consider posting your notes in the member to member section of the forum please ?
    3:33 PM [sliderule] listening too Sam good recap
    3:33 PM [Sam] under what section
    3:34 PM [chattels] membet to member is a section i think
    3:34 PM [chattels] member *
    3:34 PM [buck] scottiegirl pretty much so yes
    Only people maliki is scared of is Exxon
    Maliki make it 3 or 4 more weeks
    Parliament is tired on Maliki also

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    Again if the articles come out about him stealing the money could go another 3 to 4 weeks... If none of these articles we SHOULD be there

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    Maliki at this point is using the RV like a carrot dangling in front on everyone's face to get them to work with him to exit out of this with his life

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    ok here is Randy's time frame....starting sunday start getting excited....if within the next couple of weeks we start seeing articles about Maliki stealing money from that point out about another 30 days

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    spoke w/Randy
    he feels now that Shabibi is out but willeventually return Maliki now has the right to RV
    RK thinks we r /in a 30 daywindow
    much pressure from Exxon and other countres to want to get paid

    Exxon is threatening maliki to cut off southern oil which would make him broke
    right now kurds run the oil
    so he must act now

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    randy feels we are in a position right now for this to happen at ANYTIME

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    IRAQ is out of money... have a 100 billion budget with only a revenue of 27 million

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    7124321085 Pin is 541268 here is the number for Randy Koonce's conference call from today

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    here is the mp3 link for Randy Koonce's conference call today

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    at the end of the call it sounded like someone texted the gentleman hosting the call... he read the text about somebody have a scheduled meeting with his wealth manager at the bank because it was going to rv on monday.....randy without missing a beat said it is not going to rv monday if it were i would already know but this week is looking very good....9pending maliki not digging his heels of course0

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