Neutralizing M, HCL, Erbil, RV, & exit CH: VII
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Thread: Neutralizing M, HCL, Erbil, RV, & exit CH: VII

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    Neutralizing M, HCL, Erbil, RV, & exit CH: VII

    If someone could clarify a thought process I am figuring on the following would be great: as I understand it, Maliki agreed on and signed aforementioned when we occupied Iraq as one o the conditions of us leaving. Upon us leaving, Maliki started undoing everything we worked to help them achieve, this is what I believe to be pretty accurate. Am I correct?
    What I would like clarification on, besides the above thought is this: now that the budget has passed (still has to be signed in by the pres) and the powers that be are coming after M with word coming from US that M will be dealt with, effectively dealt with by the 11th. If this happens as intel suggests, am I accurate in my ascertation that once M is neutralized, in whatever capacity, Talibani is back as Pres, Shabibi heading up CBI and Sadir(?) Back as Deputy PM that all that would need to be done for RV is jockying of papers, additions and addendums and then made official through their means of doing so? If BGG, Poppy, Chattles or one of the mods could provide input, that would be great!
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    Interesting train of thought Richard..... I would have to think ..that if Mailiki is removed or out in place (no control) finishing out his term .... then yes .. I think many "might" return to positions... tho I don't know this as fact.... but if the country needs this currency as many say does make sense to bring back former people who worked many years to get the country to the point of where it is... I could be wrong ...but that be no we all have seen nothing is set in stone in Iraq

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    Thanks LI2
    I can only see VERY good things happening once M has been effectively dealt with. Being fairly new to all this; having been involved for only a few months, I have been trying to get a handle on all the goings on in understanding the nuances and keys with this crazy investment. As I talk with people who have been involved a lot longer and know a great deal more, my inquisitive problem solving thought process cannot help but wonder if in fact what I wrote previously is in fact in the ballpark of the keys that need all of this to hit this RV right over the fence? It seems to me that everytime a dicussion ensues it pertains to either the HCL, the Erbil, Maliki being ousted, the budget, and the key players who are the good guys circling in the outer limits as things get done. Obviously, no one knows for sure except for those directly involved in all of this and that I am sure is a very close knit, tight lipped group. Once the Rv happens and the book gets written, then and only then will we be able to see how it all truly unfolded. But in the mean time, as many of us do, following the bread crumbs as we watch and wait and plan our post RV lives is the best we can do as we approach the finish line.

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    Richard personally have been in the "investment" about three years now... it was only in the last year (actually less) that I joined a chat room. BGG I can assure in the year I have been here has never called the RV... never once. Now with that said his feelings of recently are these... He feels we are in a very good place in this investment, Mailiki must be "stopped". How Mailiki is stopped is no way possible of knowing... As about a year ago we felt that Talibani might be the one to get him gone with a vote of no confidence. Well it "appears to ME" ... that Mr. Talibani at the time was in the "money pockets" of Mailiki. (Nothing is in stone just JMHO.) The one thing we have seen since the end of the year are "demonstrations" with innocent people being killed. There is a cleric there "Sistani" who is suppose to be the cleric of cleric's that is on the people side...or so it might be taken that way from articles provided. I personally don't know him as good bad and or if he is just a name thrown around in articles. In the last two years there was never a "shown" or "voted" budget to the best of my knowledge. But just yesterday they did pass a budget, or so we have been told. Now if this is true and we all hope it is....Mailiki very well could be left in the office of president but "restrained". They have voting in next month. For new politicians.But as you well know voting there is a bit like here....broken promises I'm sure... so the voting thing may be just as useless. After the "vote of budget" yesterday many were very happy with what was read....but no less then a few hours a article comes out say the Kurds are not happy.... so who REALLY knows with all of this...lots of "he said she said" and has been for a long time..... Now with all of that said .... I DO BELIEVE they will have a CURRENCY,,,floating? Managed? LOP? straight up RV a GOOD value? or even a 1:1? Who knows... I have no clue... But I will let you know my feelings... personally it will RV and at a decent rate to get our selves, and the people in Iraq back into real life...What happens after that I leave to GOD to decide... I'm in this make some cash ..but mostly to help others after this blessing comes... not sure your faith... but I have a link I like to show you and perhaps you'll read.... it says that IRAQ will rebuild and be the if not the most wealthy country in the world....THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN ..... but this link could help you see why MY "believe" is in this.. Blessings friend, and may you have peace with all of this RV stuff

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    I believe as you do, that Iraq will be what the bible foretells. I also believe that once the RV happens, many many lives will be permanently changed for the better; and not just for the Dinar holders, but for the people who are recipients of the benevolent blessings given in whatever form God calls them to be blessed and by whom. I myself have plans to help homeless soldiers and displaced families. I am fortunate enough to have become a part of this wonderful blessing that has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. Not because of the ups and downs in the short time I have been involved but because of the dreams I have that have been re-ignited with the very real possibility of actually making them come true. One thing I do appreciate is all the work of the mods, BGG, Poppy, Chattels, Red, you and the rest that work their guts out to bring us the best intel possible. Having that said, I also don't "read" into things and try to put words in someone's mouth. No one knows for sure when this is going to happen except those that are directly involved with it. Granted, awesome intel may come down the pipe, but we will not know when it's going to happen until it does, unless we're blessed with a 24-48 hour "get ready" window. My analysis of everything that I put forth is just that, an analysis and was put out for discussion to see if the events mentioned were in the thought process/alignment with/of those who have been involved longer than I have. More of an understanding and learning adventure than anything. I am one of those rare people who will attend school just because I enjoy learning. Good brain exercise I think. Now, if I could just some of Poppy's BBQ ribs for brain fuel, that would be perfect.
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