Streaming Updates Call with BGG and Poppy3 - Thursday, FEB 14, 2013
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Thread: Streaming Updates Call with BGG and Poppy3 - Thursday, FEB 14, 2013

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    Streaming Updates Call with BGG and Poppy3 - Thursday, FEB 14, 2013


    Streaming Updates Call
    with BGG and Poppy
    Thursday - Feb 14th
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    February 14, 2013 Transcript of Straight Talk Radio with BGG & POPPY3

    BGG – Welcome everybody. Thank you for tuning into Straight Talk Radio. Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s February 14th, Thursady and Poppy is going to get it kicked off here on a quick updates call here.

    POPPY – First thing I want to do is just a little short prayer here and talk with the Lord and ask for His help. Father God, we come to you this afternoon. We just want to thank you and appreciate you Father for all that you do. I pray Father that all of the husbands and the wives that are listening to this remember what this day is for and to show some love to one another and that everything goes good today for everybody. We pray father that you continue to protect our soldiers and to bring more home Father and in a peaceful way Father. That we find peace throughout the country and that all things begin to improve in a lot of different ways Father. I hope people turn to you instead of turning away from you. We thank you Father and praise you and give you the glory for everything you do in our lives. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

    BGG – Amen. Real quick, before we get going, let me thank our mods, our VIPs, new VIPs, people who cover chat for us. I thank poppy for supporting the web site so much and Dinar Corp for being our flagship advertiser on the website. Appreciate all those folks and anybody who’s advertised our calls out there or anybody who’s even passed us around onto their email lists. I appreciate every single one of you and let’s get on with the info. You go ahead Poppy.

    POPPY – All right, well, ladies and gentlemen as you know BGG has been telling us for months and months now about the fact that Maliki is going to be gone in some way, some how, some shape, some form and then I got the call the day before yesterday and I posted that evening that there was a move to remove Maliki or at least get him under control day before yesterday and then I came back on and elaborated a little bit on that yesterday. Well, then I got a call last night. This is all coming from a, well I won’t say where it’s coming from, better not do that. But it’s a solid source. He’s been right all along. He told us this was going on and that the meeting with Najafi and the meeting with Barzani, that’s pretty much what they were doing was ‘Look, we gave you the ultimatum two weeks ago on Tuesday and you had until this Tuesday to get things done and you haven’t done this.’ I just can’t imagine this conversation that went on between them and then yesterday we got news that they are removing Turki from the leadership of the CBI. Also that the judge has been removed now. And both of those of course are Maliki’s key people and people that have been running interference for him. And we know that Talibani has been running interference for him and now he’s out of the picture for the most part. He’s not functioning in his capacity. So look ladies and gentlemen, this thing is boiling down. They’re taking away all the ways that Maliki has been able to skirt the system all this time and they’re getting him under control. Well, the call I got last night was that they anticipate that he will be out of his position sometime by the middle of next week. Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Now this is just a prediction. It’s their hopes and wishes too. But I feel sure that’s what they’re trying to do anyway is in some way to get him to resign between now and then or they likely will go ahead and take the vote and remove him. So I think he sees his interference and his backing is weakening and being taken down a step at a time. You know, it’s like I said in the post yesterday evening. If we had to do the same thing and we tried to remove Obama. Can you imagine that every agency in Washington would be involved in that? There would be certain things that the public could and couldn’t do. Well, it’s the same situation that they’re in. It’s not an easy task to remove a president or prime minister and it’s next to impossible without everybody working together. And it appears to me and this is just old poppy’s opinion that parliament has their mind set that they’re going to try to get the Iraqi people what they have been promised. It’s not just what they want, it’s things they have been promised that he has blocked over and over and we all know that. He’s been doing that for months and months and months, years actually. That he’s been blocking things to embitter the people of Iraq and they’re finally fed up with it. The protests are helping to make this happen. It appears that the people of parliament are listening. They’re paying attention and they have made their mind up that they are going to give the people of Iraq what they need and like I say, what they’ve been promised. And I’ve always said and you’ve heard me pray about it. You’ve heard me ask you to pray about it. You’ve heard me talk about it many, many times in the last two, almost three years. I guess I’ve been on that same thing that if the people of Iraq get what they are supposed to get. If they get good things for them, you and I are going to have the great things we’ve been waiting on. That’s my update for today. I know I want BGG to bring us up to date on some things that he’s also uncovered. BGG come on in here and broaden the base some more.

    BGG – Well, there was a lot there poppy. I mean it kind of boils down to the state department saying they feel like Maliki is going to be done and over with by the middle of next week. I don’t know that I absolutely, it’s great information to hear. I won’t guarantee that that will happen, but it would not shock me one single bit. I tell you why it wouldn’t shock me. It really is nice to be vindicated lately for all the stuff I’ve kind of foreseen on the horizon and obviously a lot of it took a lot longer than I believed it would. I believe sometime real soon here, I’m going to get to say I told you so with a big old belly laugh. Really, this whole scenario playing out exactly the way it has over the last week or two is pretty much the way I laid out it would happen. We were talking about the Fed Courts law and the supreme judicial council before anybody even knew what that was and I think that was kind of the lynchpin for this whole thing. People were sick and tired of having their neighbors thrown in jail for these jacked up terrorism charges with nothing to back them up. They’re just tired of this whole mess. These demonstrations were the thing that got us going in the right direction I think. I don’t really see anything bad in the short term. I think some of these guys calling it for tonight, tomorrow and whatever, I think we’re a little ways further out than that, but to me, the news is just beyond spectacular. The only thing we could ask for better is the actual RV itself. So I think as soon as they put some kind of interim government in that stabilizes things, it won’t take very long. Here’s a point. They just didn’t want to do the currency without some balance of power in place. With Maliki in charge and nobody else there is no balance of power. I think there are a lot of things on the horizon right now, there is so much in the news, it is impossible for me to cover it all. Real quick, Najifi called for Maliki to resign, point blank with both barrels. Get him out of there. US State Department is talking about Allawi might potentially be a legitimate candidate for the president of the republic and if Maliki happens to be in office at all and Allowi get to be POR, that make him deader than a doornail either way because Allawi will absolutely take out his aggressions on Maliki, period. You can just bank on that. We’ve got news coming from every angle. And I’ll tell you what. Today, I’ve got a bit of a starter blog and I’ll work it it up to about ten oclock tonight. I’ll be adding stuff to it all day long. So make sure you tune into the blog at I’ll be following this news and giving you real perspective on what’s going on here. We also have nineteen of the Al Iraqi which is Allawi’s party. Nineteen of which are not allowed to go in or out of Bagdad. If they’re in Bagdad, they’re basically put on lockdown. You know the famous US lockdown? Well, these guys really are on lockdown. It won’t shock me if Maliki tries to pull some kind of gerrymander arrest warrant for some of these guys to slow down what’s coming for him. And that’s exactly what it looks like. There’s really two or three pieces of coinciding news which is about twenty ministers of parliament which are Al Iraquis M&Ps which are about, they’re in some immediate jeopardy. It has to do with Maliki trying to shift the balance of parliament. He’s running out of options. He doesn’t have ways to control the outcome, so he’s really reaching and that actually has to do with he wants those ministers of parliament either to stay in Bagdad or to stay in Anbar. He’s also put the military commanders up there in Anbar on alert to potentially arrest a number of terrorism suspects. So that basically means anybody who is going to vote against Maliki in parliament. He’s calling them a terrorist. That’s kind of what’s going on there. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion your army people are kind of going to let that one slide because Maliki, he’s very close to the edge right now. That’s my update. It’s basically what I’ve been saying all along. The budget is not the lynchpin for us. The balance of power is the lynchpin for us. As soon as the balance of power is changed in Iraq, you see some kind of caretaker or interim government in place that balances power somewhat, we’ll see some kind of status change on the currency in a fairly rapid succession. They don’t have to be out of chapter 7 yet. There’s a lot of issues that Iraq has to solve long term, but the primary issue they’ve got to solve is the power issue, this balance of power. Something different has got to happen. This is what I have seen for a while. I haven’t changed my tune at all. It was exciting to get the phone call from poppy, but it didn’t shock me. Sooner or later it’s got to happen. I kind of figured, based on my last couple of calls, I figured it would be another couple of weeks or so before we get any real live news along these lines, but hey, I’m good with it. It’s about time they do something about two weeks early. Don’t you think so poppy?

    POPPY – I do think that and even though this is what we’re hearing and it’s coming from a great source, of course, we know what the situation is. Maliki is going to …, he’s got that great dictator’s mindset and we’ve explained that over and over again and he is going to fight until the last breath. Like I said before, he may wind up in a hole over there like Sadaam in a dirt box somewhere before he gives up. We know this is what they’re shooting for. This is what they’re trying to do and it appears that Nijafi and the other leaders there are actually going forth with it and sticking to it. Pulling the strings and doing the right things. So I’m encouraged. I wanted everybody else to be encouraged. This is great news. We’ve just got to continue to pray that it all works out the way that it’s supposed to so that it helps the people of Iraq. Like I said, if it helps them, we are going to be some happy campers.

    BGG – Hey poppy, let me jump in here real quick before you say a quick prayer and send us out. Let me make sure everybody understands. Make sure you follow the blog all day long. and as the day unfolds, every day from here on out, what I’ve typically been doing is adding to it all day long up until fairly late at night and then depending on how it goes lately, I might even let that blog run until noon or so the next day so it gets enough air time that people are up to speed. Also the observer, Pay attention to those things because I add to those all day long, every day. The chat room over there and the newshounds in the forum are spectacular. All good stuff. Make sure you hit on that three or four or five times a day and kind of stay up to date with where were at because that’s how we’re … It’s virtually impossible to give a comprehensive call in just an all-encompassing look at just what’s going on the call format. It’s just, the news is so vast right now, it’s impossible. There’s just no way to keep up on what’s going on this way. Anyway, I wanted to make sure that everybody got a chance to get an idea of what we’re up to there. We’re doing that on a regular basis, all day long every day adding to it. If you just pop in there once, you’re going to miss the whole picture. There it is. Poppy, take us away.

    POPPY – Alright brother. Everybody have a wonderful and blessed day and Father God we thank you for the sunshine here in Tennessee and bless those up north that are dealing with the snow and the cold weather and the damage from the storms they’ve had up there Father. We just ask you to bless them and to give them some peace of mind, joy and happiness back into their lives. Let them get things worked out. We ask you Father to bless those that we’ve been praying for and continue blessings upon them. Keep you healing hand upon those who need healed. We thank you Father for all that you do and how you honor us. Your grace is sufficient and is all that we need. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen

    BGG – Amen. Thanks poppy. Thanks everybody for tuning in and we’ll bring you more news on the blog and Observer as we get it. It will be happening all day long every day. If we get something as pivotal as this, we’ll make sure we do a call about it. Thanks so much. Have a great Valentine’s day and stay tuned.

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