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    " The Dinar Daily " ........ WEDNESDAY, 30 January 2013

    Kurdistan Alliance accused the government of "procrastination" in resolving the disputed areas management

    01/30/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

    Baghdad / Wael grace
    accused the Kurdistan Alliance bloc government and the Ministry of Defence of the Federal stalling in resolving the issue of the disputed areas and lack of access to definitive solutions,

    pointing out that the central government delegation negotiating the always adding conditions and new demands in each round of talks bringing back the negotiations back to square one.

    but State of Law bloc confirms that the ongoing negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil reached agreement Ready needs to sign, attributed the delay in signing TO the demonstrations taking place in the western provinces and northern, unexpected continuation meetings until resolve all issues.

    accused the Kurdistan Alliance MP Chuan Mohamed Taha, the government and the Ministry of Defense to "stall" in resolving the issue of the disputed areas, stressing that the ministry put new conditions in each round negotiation.

    Taha said, a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary "The last meeting was the fourth between Baghdad and Erbil did not reach to the final agreements on the disputed areas around, did not specify how to manage areas until time. "

    said Taha in touch with the "long" yesterday that "The Federal Ministry of Defense adds new conditions in each encounter is between the parties leading to stir up trouble and disrupt the efforts of the agreement,"

    revealed the existence of targeting and clear officers Kurds within the system of defense or internal federal, as well as Disclaimer Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for previous agreements to transfer airport army in Kirkuk to a civilian airport. "

    so criticized Taha continued formation of the Tigris, which sees beyond the legitimate and exciting problems in Kirkuk, demanding dissolution despite from his assertion that the government does not want to end its existence, adding that the leaders of processes deployed across the country demonstrated their lack of success in dealing peacefully with citizens, but deal with them as enemies, as happened in the recent events in Fallujah and killed demonstrators.

    part hinted MP for State of Law bloc to an agreement final ready for signing between Baghdad and Erbil, saying that military solutions to manage the disputed areas need more time.

    al-Bayati said in a statement to the "long" that "talks between the two parties and the Kurdish federal government reached the common points and a unified vision in the management of the disputed areas", confirming the presence of the Convention Full parked signed to end the problem between the two parties.
    considered Bayati, who is also a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary demonstrations taking place in the western and northern areas prevented the completion of the negotiations weeks ago.

    denied Bayati and there are differences between the two parties, stressing that the meetings continue and there is no break There are even a determination to find appropriate solutions for the management of the disputed areas, returned implementation steps military needs time and the number of maps.

    comes as announced the Ministry of Peshmerga yesterday failure to reach agreement with the Federal Ministry of Defence on a mechanism for joint action in the disputed areas, with an eye to that the meeting between the two parties attended by officers and advisers Americans.

    said Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga Jabbar Yawar said in a statement that "the meeting did not reach an agreement on the sites centers common security and the withdrawal of additional troops from the region."

    and added that "the conferees reviewed the what has been reached at the meeting Previous on the mechanism and the principles of joint work between federal troops and forces the region in the areas of joint action. "

    He Yawar that "remained a dispute between the two sides on two key points on how to locate centers common security and installed and mechanism withdrawal of the additional troops for both sides of the regions work together," pointing to the that "it was decided to discuss These two points later and the field in subsequent meetings of the Action Committee Supreme."

    and increased that "the delegation of the Ministry of Peshmerga stressed during the meeting also cancel transfer decisions officers Kurds of employees of the Ministry of Defense and Interior in the federal government for unjustified reasons and returned to places of their former and also desist from calling officers Kurds for interrogation justifications different as well as commitment to the decisions of previous agreements and stop military moves all. "

    and escalated the crisis between the KRG and the Baghdad government following a decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to form the leadership of the Tigris, in the wake of an incident eliminate Tuz in Salahuddin province in October Second past marked by the clash elements of operations of the Tigris and the protection of the convoy, "a Kurdish official."

    and the incident resulted in the killing and wounding 11 people, mostly members of the forces of the Tigris, which the depth of the crisis rooted mainly between the parties about the files secondary, including file sharing oil wealth and pay dues Financial imposed on the government for the benefit of oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region. term

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    Sunni went for a conference to unify positions and choice of reference

    01/30/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

    Erbil: Shirzad Shaikhani
    looming move Sunni in Iraq, about the reunion and unify positions after the protest movement that swept the western provinces and northern parts of the country and is expected to hold the Sunni parties conference soon for this purpose, as informed sources.

    The sources added that «there was a move to the political parties and popular Sunni and head towards rearrange House Sunni and choose reference range, especially with the developments of recent events witnessed by a number of Sunni provinces in Iraq, and that there is an intention of some parties to hold a general conference with the participation of most of the Sunni parties to achieve this goal ».

    confirmed lead in the Kurdistan Islamic Union It Islamic parties that belong to the current Muslim Brotherhood that «demonstrations that erupted in a number of Sunni provinces, stressed the need for the need for a reference Sunni in Iraq, in addition to the need for community for the unity of the situation, and this is what us feel that there was a move on them in the coming period».

    Said Mouloud Bawa Murad leading member of the Union of Islamic told «Middle East» that some Sunni parties in Iraq Imagine the outset they confront U.S. forces and expelled from Iraq will turn Iraq into a stable and safe, and that year Sistaidon role in the new Iraq, but appeared quite the opposite ,

    despite the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq, the role Sunni Pat marginalized, and they could not meet the other parties which tightened its control over the political situation in Iraq, so the ongoing renaissance of a mass in the Sunni provinces in parallel with moves by some political parties Sunni within the parliament and the government, and the emergence of calls to set a reference Sunni in Iraq, as well as the emergence of calls for federalism to Sunni areas, all of these developments predict the existence of a strong desire and urgency to the members of the community to rearrange internal house, having been unable to house in order Iraq,

    so I heard from some officials and leaders year that there is a tendency to have to hold a conference in the Sunnis will be primary mission is to unite House Sunni and consider the options including demands federalism.

    and around the place and time that conference said Bawa Murad «These things have not yet been resolved, it is possible to hold such a conference in Kurdistan if the parties agreed calling her, can also be held elsewhere in Iraq, it is important that there is a serious approach to this framework and that most of the Sunni parties are convinced of the need to unify the Sunni position to meet the challenges facing this community in the current circumstances. Middle East

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    Bahr al-Ulum: Government steps resolve the crisis positive but very slow

    01/30/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

    Baghdad / follow justice said former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said the Iraqi government needs to make more effort on the subject of meeting the demands of the demonstrators constitutional.

    Uloum said in a press statement on Tuesday that "there were positive steps made ​​by the ministerial committee to consider the demands of the detainees but must be the committee's work faster to meet the largest number of demands of the masses legitimate. "

    and called on the government to "invest time and find solutions to end the crisis in order to prevent aggravation and turn it into a sectarian war." and demanded "remove irregularities that come from some security agencies in dealing with the demonstrators and restraint uncle dragged behind sectarian strife. "

    He said, "There are demands illegal can not be achieved in particular with regard to cancel the general amnesty law and the law of accountability and justice because these laws need to be a political consensus in order to pass the House of Representatives."

    and saw Falluja east of the city of Ramadi, Anbar province last Friday clashes between demonstrators and troops army, killing many according to different sources.

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    High Nassif: the absence of solutions to the crises of the presence of foreign agendas linked to political money

    Date: 30/01/2013 07:35:07 Wednesday

    Baghdad (news) .. ruled independent deputy high Nassif, to find solutions to political crises to the presence of foreign agendas linked to political money, noting that those agendas country linked to the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the re-Syrian experience in addition to the presence of the forces embraced the Jews in their home provinces.

    Nassif said in a statement (of the Agency news): The crisis is the one who creates the same cable agendas associated with foreign political money "dirty" and adopted in its supplier financial foreign espionage and its association with intelligence officers some countries and brought the country to such crises.

    She added: These agendas linked Iraq to the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and linked to what is happening and re-Syrian experience and try to resettle Palestinians in Anbar, in addition to a political force embraced the Jews in their areas and began to work for these schemes in order to keep Iraq weak.

    The independent MP pointed out: that the crisis will not end the existence of these agendas and solutions are no longer especially in light of the Iraqi access to the stage the lack of dialogue between decision-makers.

    The MP / coalition in Iraq free / decent slain, demanded an urgent investigation into the events of recent bombings Tuz, noting that political differences gave way for terrorists to distinguish between the sons of the same people. / End / 2.. /


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    Mutlaq discuss with Canadian Ambassador bilateral relations and joint cooperation
    Date: 29/01/2013 23:20:05 Tuesday

    Baghdad (news) .. Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, with the Canadian ambassador to Iraq Mark Gwozdecky, bilateral relations and economic and scientific cooperation and service.


    A statement by his press office received Agency (news) copy of it on Tuesday: that the meeting included bilateral relations between the two countries so as to enhance the bonds of friendship between them and opens up new avenues of economic and scientific cooperation and service.

    The statement added: The two sides also discussed the situation of local and regional and international cooperation in light of the problems facing decade the political process in Iraq and the importance of settled to ensure civil peace and achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people to improve his status at all levels.

    The statement noted: that the Canadian ambassador expressed his country's support for the Iraqi people, and wished: to exceed Iraqis crises and security prevail in the country and progress and prosperity. / End / o. P /


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    Jubouri victory: the political process at a crossroads ... and solutions exist

    Date: 30/01/2013 07:39:07 Wednesday

    Baghdad (news) .. According to MP / coalition in Iraq / triumph Ali al-Jubouri, that the political process at a crossroads in the tunnel do not know when we will come out of it, noting that solutions exist if there had sincere intention to resolve it.

    Jubouri said in a statement (of the Agency news): The political process at a crossroads in the tunnel do not know when and how we will come out of it!, And especially since the demonstrations has been going on for a month.

    She added: There is no response from the government to the demands of the demonstrators despite the formation of committees but did not reach a solution that satisfies the protesters that the political process stands for "a dangerous point."

    She MP for the coalition in Iraq: that the solutions to the crisis exist if there sincerity for a waiver of all parties for their own interests and partisan solve those differences.

    And witnessing the political process substantial differences and many among the political blocs, in addition to the crisis relationship between the province and the center, and the crisis arrest protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, and finally the demonstrations witnessed by the western provinces, all of these things are factors that help an explosion of the situation in the country.

    Also saw the city of Fallujah in the province of Anbar, clashes between demonstrators and members of the army, which claimed the lives of more than 60 dead and wounded. / End / 2. N. P /


    Najafi convince Mutlaq to postpone the announcement of his resignation one week

    Published on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 13:32

    BAGHDAD / obelisk: political source revealed Tuesday that Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq plans announced his resignation from his current position, but the parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi convinced him to postpone it.

    The source told "obelisk", "House Speaker Osama Nujaifi persuaded the Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Saleh al-Mutlaq to postpone announced his resignation for one week under the pretext that the Iraqi List, will agree on a unified approach to withdraw from parliament and the government."

    The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity that "Iraq within the consultations were being conducted based on a mechanism of this matter."

    The Iraqi List, demanded, on Friday evening the 25 of January current, the National Alliance replace Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "because it is no longer faithful to blood Iraqi and his presence a threat to the unity of Iraq" and asked the religious pressure to achieve this requirement, and confirmed that dialogues and negotiations are no longer going to work In light of the continued presence of al-Maliki.

    The move already announced Minister of the Iraqi List boycott meetings of the Council of Ministers and the subsequent announcement later based spokesman Maysoon that the Iraqi List, suspended attend the meetings of the House of Representatives with the exception of those in which they are to discuss the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister or that meet the demands of the demonstrators.



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    Parliament: you can not rely on the private banking sector without government in the conduct of the financial matters of state
    Date: 30/01/2013 08:00:42 Wednesday

    Baghdad (news) .. Rejection of a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Jassim Mohammed Hussein, the idea of ​​reducing the government and banks to rely on private banks in the conduct of the financial matters of state.

    Hussein said (of the Agency news): The proposal made by some economists to reduce the number of government banks and rely on private banks "is not successful" and does not serve the country at the moment, because these banks only works to their advantage and to achieve profits.

    He added: that relying on private banks in the financial conduct of matters of state under the current circumstances, which abandoned legislation sober and strict control on the work of banks would harm the national economy, especially since some banks have experienced in recent corruption and smuggling of money.

    This has been suggested by a number of economists and financial experts to reduce government banks by integrating each other and rely on civil private banks in the country for the purpose of giving the actual role of the private sector for the advancement of the national economy.

    It is noted that the banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed according to ownership between (7) state banks and (30) Bank Ahli including (7) Islamic banks in addition to (6) of foreign banks. / End / 8. N . p /


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    " The Dinar Daily " ........ Wednesday, january 30, 2013

    Kurdistan Alliance refuses the use of oil and the disputed areas for political pressure.
    29/01/2013 09:19:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Kurdistan Alliance rejected the use of oil and disputed areas as political pressure or to get partisan gains.

    Farhad al-Atrushi, spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The central government used the issue of drilling for oil in parts of the region and the issue of disputed territories, as a mean of political pressure on the Kurdistan Alliance to change some of its positions in some domestic issues," saying: "This way is rejected and unacceptable."

    He added: "The problem of oil exploration is not a new problem, the province gives the central government about $ 8 billion, but the central government does not give dues to the foreign companies working in the region. "

    Regarding the disputed areas, he said: "The central government is the part which sent the army to the disputed areas, to get political goal, which is not to apply Article 140, and also to pressure on the province to change some of its positions."


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    National Security Council: demonstration is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.
    30/01/2013 09:20:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The National Security Council confirmed, in its recent meeting, the need to ensure the protection of demonstrators as a right guaranteed by the Constitution and miss the opportunity to terrorist groups and those with bad intentions who want to take advantage of these events for the benefit of their aggressive plans and regional agendas.

    A source in the Chancellery of the National Security told the National Iraqi News Agency /NINA / that the meeting called on the demonstrators to thwart terrorists and face the infiltrators' schemes in these demonstrations and emphasize the unity and national cohesion of the Iraqi people.

    He added that the meeting called on the security forces to be vigilant, composure and caution and respond resolutely to all suspicious attempts.


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    Atroushi describes Maliki as major part of current crisis
    Wednesday, 30 January 2013 08:54 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Firhad al-Atroushi, of the Kurdistani Alliance called "The Iraqi National Alliance to replace the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki," describing him as "The major part of the current political crisis witnessed in the country."

    Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he said "The monopolization of Maliki in running the government in its civil or military side and his failure in presenting the required for the political process are the major part of the current crisis."

    "The best solution to solve the crisis is to replace Maliki and it is impossible that there is no other figure to rule the country except him," he added.

    Concerning Fallujah clashes, he said "The Iraqi Army must be kept away from the political disputes and be concerned with its only constitutional duty that is protecting the borders of the country."

    "The citizens of the western provinces feel themselves as being marginalized so they revolted where their demands must be accomplished," he concluded.


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