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    Blaino Tidbits posted by Kennypth at Get Team Chat Tuesday PM
    01/22/20130 Comments

    [Kennypth] Wisdom sd: 1:15 pm Blaino: several foreign currency exchanges and the like were trading the iqd saturday and SUNDAY..... Several were preparing to board planes for the sandbox, but ALAS... Trading suspended this morning (THERE)...... HOWEVER..... what was the purpose? Was this an opportunity for those in the "cat bird seat" to turn a few 'bucks'... (sheckles, ruppies, pounds etc) for use in their endeavors to stay ahead of the great unwashed masses? (that's us, you and i)

    pm jbob77: Blaino how can currency only trade in one or a few countries and only for a few days? pm

    Blaino: jbob77 wishing i could know! This was confirmed by several of our top resources, not the least of which ... 'PANDA'.... SO... Very believable. We wanted to wait and see if this would hold up beyond sunday night before stirring up the STUFF....

    sunnydays: Blaino what rate was it trading?

    Blaino: sunnydays the numbers were way too LOW... So methinks it was planned that WAY... Lil under a buck or SO.... So, mebby there was a lil 'deal' made while the nations watched the 'innagural' pomp and consequenses... Uh, circumstance!

    Blaino: as you may KNOW.... We have NEVER..... Not EVER.... Been wrong on a "pass" to DATE... i'll share more as it comes IN... And will advise if there is any changes, cancellations or extensions to the pass we are currently UNDER.... Thanks, blaino!

    [Blaino] we just heard "stuff" about a $1.11 rate in COUNTRY.... AGAIN...
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