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    The Dinar Daily****MONDAYin IRAQ, 1/21/2013

    Maliki: government committees interact with the demands of the demonstrators

    21/01/2013 12:00 am

    Counting Barzani's comments surprising and remarks Davutoglu is responsible
    Baghdad morning
    called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki people to stick to the language of dialogue and take caution of political agendas and regional interventions, and considered statements Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani recent "surprise", was described as the statements of Turkish Foreign Minister to " irresponsible. "While stressed First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr. Qusay al-Suhail," the importance of concerted all efforts in order to reach practical solutions on the current political crisis, noting that the continuation of the crisis will affect negatively in all state facilities and the citizens, "said Deputy House Speaker Arif Tayfur "The Kurdistan Alliance was still at the forefront of the forces and the national parties that work for the interest of Iraq." Maliki said in a statement issued on Sunday, and received "morning," a copy of it, "At a time where the processing of things to solutions and detente which serves the interests of all the Iraqi people and reflects positively on the security and stability of Iraq surprised the positions and statements counter views regional and Iraqi political figures Kalpaan issued by the President of Kurdistan Region and irresponsible statements launched by the Turkish Foreign Minister that reveals a desire to block dialogue between the components of the Iraqi people and the revival of sectarian strife obnoxious. "Maliki said:" The committee formed by the Council of Ministers made ​​its best efforts to interact with the demands of the protesters and respond to the legitimate demands, especially committee, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani, "noting that it" carried out in a practical lot of demands and continues its work and meetings were held with representatives of the protesters in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and will meet with representatives from the province of Nineveh. "Al-Maliki said the remarks" are a blatant interference in the affairs of others and abuse of good-neighborly relations, "adding that" some parties do not resolve their agreement Iraqis to solve their problems through dialogue or frustrating it not check scenario armed clash which they expected and worked to implement it. "Maliki called the Iraqi people to" stick to the language of dialogue and take caution of political agendas and regional interventions suspicious that do not want Iraq and its people good, stability and prosperity. "and was President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani stressed that the mentality of resorting to the tank and the plane is still present refusing to see the army officers involved in the Anfal dressed Iraqi army once again, in what was considered that the treatment of Iraqi army soldiers to the Kurds "bad." It is noteworthy that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu considered that the target what he called "Iraqi national figures" create tension in the country, in what was seen as the northern Iraq represents a natural gateway to Turkey on the region.

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    Keywords: Iraqi ministers absent from the meetings of the government, "unjustified"

    21/01/2013 12:00 am

    Legal Counsel asserts that the continued absence would put them to dismissal
    BAGHDAD - morning - Tariq al-Araji
    promised the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers absent ministers existing Iraqi cabinet sessions as "unjustified." said Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords in a statement singled out the "Center Brief Media Network Iraqi ": that" absent ministers existing Iraqi cabinet meetings is unfortunate, "noting that" ministers mentioned doing a job in their ministries and practicing their routine. "
    and added, "they must be present in the Council of Ministers, especially with the existence of problems and requests public, and supposed to attend the ministers of the Iraqi List cabinet sessions to express their opinion and suggestions and see the action taken if it was right or not, and at that if there is no conviction or having things require no attendance Fletkhzu decision to that effect. "He continued:" The cabinet does not differ never issues logical and realistic nor seen as part of a complex political, and there is an understanding at a high level, and that the decision-making level smoothly in the Council of Ministers, which is one of the best councils state Bansjammeha and rhythms regular and decisions taken, "stressing that" the Council of Ministers is currently discussing issues demonstrators even if the other party exists it will give other things serve the demonstrators and serving government and assist and facilitate the decisions taken. "In turn, the legal advisor to the Council of Ministers Fadel Mohammed Jawad, said the absence of ministers existing Iraqi Council meetings adversely affect the performance of the government. said Jawad's" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ": "The most important duties of the minister is to come to the meeting of the Council of Ministers in order to discuss issues of state and executive decision-making."
    and stressed that "the absence of some ministers from the Council of Ministers greatly affect the performance of the government," noting that "there are legal proceedings were taken against absentees. "Jawad stressed" that he was warning absent from the meetings and inform them that the continued absence would put them to dismissal from office and then be assigned an agent for them to manage the ministry. "

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    Economic Commission: Adoption of Renewable Energy Act during the current legislative term

    21/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid
    revealed Economic Commission parliamentary all efforts to pass a law of the National Renewable Energy during the current legislative. said decision Economic Commission Mahma Khalil: The «Renewable Energy Law of important laws and which dates back to the previous session», indicating that this law regulates clean energy and new and renewable and alternative energy and work to stabilize the national security of energy and the lowest cost and cheapest and creates opportunities for work.
    Khelil said in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that Iraq has reservoirs of oil energy and hydrocarbon enough to many generations, in addition to the amount of solar energy falling on Iraq , as sufficient for a thousand years », adding that« there countries in the region took sold long in this aspect and has great potential in energy Alhaedrocarboana had exploited the likes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ».
    and MP that «there were reading a lot of research that talks about astronomy new and renewable energy and the light was put the proposed law on a thorough and comprehensive has been read the first reading », indicating that« the possibilities that exist in Iraq in the field of energy, whether solar energy falling or wind movement in hideaways or thermal energy emitted from the earth and others can utilize them, especially since the the world today the cut in this field a long way and there are numerous studies around ».
    also said Khelil said a team of Germany and another American was to have a desire to invest in this area and benefit from it, especially given that the research in this area has shown that kilowatt of electricity in this area cost much less than the product of oil or water.
    continued MP: The «This project was nucleus linked to the Ministry of Industry, and tried Economic Commission benefiting from the Ministry of Technology in the subject because they involved in this aspect and it was possible to benefit also from the potential state of the former Iraqi engineers and scientists in mic or in other places, but the concerned ministry did not send an envoy them ».
    said Khalil that reason «delay this project is that it has faced objection by the House in the previous session, where there were attempts to pull the project by the Commission on oil and energy involved and attempts not to degree on the agenda under the pretext that energy hydrocarbon in Iraq and the oil and gas requires huge potential », pointing to the existence of attempts by some in the Presidency that is read this law a second reading and then voted on during this legislative term being one of the important laws that are not less important all other laws, particularly as it befits the civilization of Iraq and its scientific and economic potential.

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    Iraq finds extra billion barrels of oil: ministry

    January 21, 2013

    Iraq said on Sunday it has discovered deposits of crude equivalent to one billion barrels of oil after the first exploration work by state-owned firms in almost 30 years. The deposits were found after exploration in Maysan province, in southern Iraq near the border with Iran, and could potentially make a significant addition to Baghdad''s already substantial reserves.

    "Exploration began in Maysan, south of (provincial capital) Amara" last year, oil ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told AFP.

    "Today, it completed 100 percent and achieved a big success.

    "The initial assessment from this discovery is about one billion barrels of oil," he said, adding: "It will increase production capacity for (state-owned) Maysan Oil Company."

    Jihad said the state-owned oil exploration firm had been carrying out its first exploration work within Iraq in nearly three decades.

    Iraq, which is highly dependent on oil sales for government revenue, has sought in recent years to dramatically ramp up production and exploration in order to help rebuild its conflict-battered economy and infrastructure.

    The country has proven reserves of 143.1 billion barrels of oil and 3.2 trillion cubic metres (111.9 trillion cubic feet) of gas, both of which are among the largest in the world.

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    EU-Iraq agreement: new opportunities to boost democracy
    External/international trade / Development and cooperation / External relations − 15-01-2013 - 16:12

    Mario Mauro

    Iraq can enjoy new economic opportunities and receive a boost to its efforts to promote democracy and human rights in the country thanks to its first-ever framework agreement with the EU. That is the view of Italian Christian Democrat MEP Mario Mauro, who is responsible for steering the agreement through Parliament. He is recommending his fellow MEPs to approve the partnership and cooperation agreement at the vote on Thursday. We spoke to him about how the EU can help Iraq.

    How can this deal help Iraq on its path to democracy, rule of law and effective protection of human rights?

    Clearly, Iraq is in trouble and the transition is far from finished. At this time we have to create concrete opportunities for their economy and society. Our intention is to strengthen the country's economic infrastructure and to guarantee development and peace.

    At the same time we have to be very clear when talking about human rights violations, e.g. religious discrimination. There is a lot of tension between Sunnis and Shiites and there is also the particular case of Christians in the country. The dramatic situation in Syria is another element of instability because of the refugees coming to Iraq.

    We are very well aware of all this. But it is also important to underline that we are producing new opportunities for Iraqi people through money and the economic relationship. I suppose that is the best way to support democracy in Iraq. Our position is simple: we offer economic opportunities in exchange for human rights improvements.

    When could we expect major improvements in Iraq?

    We are in the middle of a big discussion about the rule of law in Iraq. We have to support the dialogue and strengthen civil society in the country, ensuring that it is possible for parties to take part in the debate. I think it is very important at this moment to be open to all proposals and listen to what they have to say

    We need to remember that in the past Europe needed a long transition too. After seventy years we have peace but every day we still ask for more clarity in our political project.

    It's unrealistic to expect Iraqi people to be able to solve the situation in a few years. It's a long process during which we can build a very strong friendship. I think this should be our goal.

    Do you think Iraq is making any progress towards democracy?

    I think so. People are concerned about the future and not thinking so much about the war. But Iraq is a country where exceptional interests come into play. We have to remember that Saudi Arabia, Iran and probably Turkey are interested in destabilising the country. So we need to stay near our Iraqi friends and foster dialogue in the country.

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    Allawi: the governmental Administration divides Iraq as well as the community.. The demonstrations will spread to the south… this is how the crisis could be solved

    Thursday, 17 January 2013 08:29

    Shafaq news/the head of Iraqiya list and General-Secretary of Wifaq national movement, Ayad Allawi warned against drifting the country towards a political sectarianism confirming that protests in Sunni areas will go on, recalling on holding early elections in the country which to be supervised by the UN.

    "Shafaq News" interviewed Allawi in Erbil when he expressed his opinion regarding the demonstrations as well as general situations in the country.

    Shafaq News/In your point of view, how it is possible to get out of the country's current crisis?

    Allawi: What is important now is the issue of the political sectarianism beating the country in the meantime, this is why we have established a base to solve this issue and open a door to a dialogue in order to avoid sectarian slogans and to stay away from the exploiting of those protests by any political side.

    Shafaq News/A dialogue with whom?

    Allawi: With the national alliance because the government is still refrained to its stances especially the prime minister, this is why we should refuge to the really democratic ways i.e. activating the role of the Council of representatives as well as coordinating among political powers in order to achieve right situations in Iraq.

    Shafaq News/Some of Maliki's oppositionists said that he is attempting to divide Iraq, what's your comment?

    Allawi: I personally had alarmed since my opposition time then post Saddam's toppling and I am still alarming yet against sectarian policies because such policy will result in dividing the country –God to forgive- but unfortunately the government's current policies are all pouring in this direction in particular the issue of dividing the Iraqi community, this is why we should get out of the sectarian bottleneck as soon as possible.

    He went on saying; unfortunately the overstatement by government sets and the cabinet contribute to the complicating of this situation day by day.

    Shafaq News/There were calls by you as well as the Iraqi prime minister to hold early elections, have you discussed the matter with Barazani in Erbil?

    Allawi: Wq2e are keen to find a solution to the crisis which reached disastrous levels, it is not a mere crisis so far, so current dialogue is poured into how to get out of sectarianism and to take our positions as politicians and to resort to the constitution, holding an early election is a potential move, I personally believe that the very appropriate solution is to hold an early election in the country supervised by UN and to get the government resigns, this is the only solution to Iraq's crisis but the current get-out-way of the current crisis is to cancel the adoption of sectarianism.

    Shafaq News/How long anti-Maliki's government protests will go on in Sunni areas?

    Allawi: They are going on as I have been acknowledged and even in southern provinces, and Karbala, we will witness much and more of such rallies in the south in the upcoming days.

    Shafaq News/ It is possible to have pro-Maliki protests, how will such demonstrations impact the general atmospheres?

    Allawi: No impact, media reported that people of Muthana province ordered to participate in such protests, we are not discussing who is with and who is against, the reality showed there are demands and these demands should be answered. The pro-government protests do not announce any demands while anti-government rallies are asking for releasing their detainees, asking to stop excluding and torturing policies against them, asking for services, electricity, water..etc. demonstration is a right guaranteed by the constitution, but we ask to avoid sectarian slogans..and not to steal protests.

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    Disclosure initiative to activate the work of parliament[/SIZE][/B]

    21/01/2013 12:00 am

    State law called for a meeting parliamentary expanded
    BAGHDAD - morning
    called coalition of state law to hold a meeting parliamentary expanded to leaders and representatives of the blocks to end the problems facing many important laws, revealing an initiative to activate the work of parliament.
    MP said the coalition Abbas al-Bayati's »Center Brief Network Iraqi media »: The« atmosphere dominating the street demonstrations began reflected on Parliament and affect the work, rather than a parliamentary part of the solution became part of the problem ». Al-Bayati said that« the gel solutions lies in dialogue and consensus in the national framework is not the wishes political Lay of the ingredients, but stems from a genuine desire of all the components of the Iraqi people in peaceful coexistence according to constitutional controls ». stressed that« the solutions that underpin parliament became narrow and speeches raised by some MPs often pouring oil on the fire, and now Parliament is at a crossroads, either to rise constitutional duties in the field of legislative and regulatory framework, and either paralyzed .. And thus remain throughout the year and a half remaining paralyzed and unable to accomplish his duties ». Said Bayati that« political indicators confirms the seriousness of the paralysis of the parliamentary work of stop passing laws task that can not blocks that reach an understanding and conform them, was listed on the agenda for three Months, not yet agreed upon by the political blocs have so far, which is important laws interference in state-building and necessary to serve the citizen and living », explaining that« Since meeting consultative parliamentary recently got, do not pass the session, but got the altercations and discussions and debates political, and this means that Parliament became consumed effort in such debates what constitutes a financial burden on the budget ». called coalition member state law the House of Representatives that rise from the collapse and continue his career under the Constitution, and either take the courageous decision to dissolve itself and the trend to early elections. also stressed the importance to be held Presidency of the parliament extended meeting with the heads of the blocks to take the recommendations of the truce does not allow for any block of insulting other blocs with organizing parliamentary behavior and the dimensions of the laws that are a resource otherwise to three months and made ​​laws services that do not lead to differences and the House of Representatives to put laws according to priorities, especially service laws related to the lives of citizens, and so we can get out of the House of Representatives of the dark tunnel. He noted Bayati that «early elections need to be three measures including political and numerical and constitutional, The procedure constitutional is, according to Article 64, which stipulates that Parliament resolves the request of the absolute majority of deputies at the request of the third of the members, and the second procedure is that the Prime Minister asked the President and with the consent of both solution Parliament, and in political terms and in order to be secure enough to vote for must agree with the mass of another great to be able to achieve 163 votes in the House and this needs to be an understanding and consensus, stressing that calls to dissolve parliament began rising by a large number of demonstrators ». and on the demonstrations, said Bayati: The «government is not against demonstrations anywhere in Iraq, since this right constitutionally guaranteed as part of the constitutional article that stipulates the need not to prejudice morality and public order not turn into civil disobedience paralyzes life by calling disable circuit», referring to the need to apply five bases until sorting between demands legitimate and illegitimate, namely: Showing demands on law and the Constitution, and to be those demands nature holistic, and be specific and must pass those demands through existing institutions such as the Parliament and the Council of the judiciary and the government, as it should not be to those demands recipe sectarian or ethnic or regional, and enforceable according to a specific timeframe ». rose saying:« demonstrations may Tgazptha three directions first has legitimate demands and represents the trend Sheikh Abdul Malik al-Saadi, and second trend extremist and militant raise flags of the former regime, The third trend is represented trying some politicians riding the wave demonstrations are politicians who have lost and failed in the performance of their mandate and implement the demands of their areas and their audience ». stressed Bayati said« who want character demonstrations derailed trying to apply agendas here and there », urging demonstrators to« cleanse ranks of the few who try to poke agendas states and go these events away from the tracks and their legitimate demands ». pointed out that« the government has three steps from its side and expressed the will and good intentions toward the demonstrators and made ​​for the formation of mechanisms to deal with them and the practical steps to meet the demands of the demonstrators legitimate and this Goodwill came to San Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who said he would interact with each legitimate demand and a section of these demands into four sections, the first for provincial council and the second the government and the third House of Representatives and the fourth elimination, either mechanisms has been formed committee of wise men has بالتعاطي with file prisoners were then formation of a seven-committee headed by Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani has made ​​several steps judicial and procedural security in order to control the demands and resolving the crisis and the government sent more delegates, in addition to the Prime Minister received a delegation from the tribes.
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    Project to build a new building of the Iraqi parliament remains suspended after the political crisis

    21/01/2013 8:33 am

    Baghdad. (AFP)
    facing Iraqi lawmakers for weeks political crisis prevented them from making any progress in key decisions, including on the project of constructing a new building for the Parliament in the future.
    Iraq had commissioned the Royal Institute of Architects British take of the London-based end-2011 launch competition international selection of a company to design a new building for the Parliament to be a substitute for the current, which was exclusively for conferences under the previous regime.
    decided Baghdad choose the Royal Institute to remove any doubts of corruption.
    and last week, he decided the Royal Institute to entrust the project to the company British engineering Asmbalij. But a select group did not hear anything from officials in the Iraqi parliament since chosen.
    At the same time, reports published by a British magazine that Baghdad is still in talks with architectural Iraqi-born about iron.
    said Peter Beasley one of the founders and director of a group company Asmbalij in a telephone conversation with agency AFP "I think they are now busy in full and are trying everything they can to prevent the dissolution of parliament and the collapse of everything."
    and added that "concerns the basic is that there may be no deputies sitting in the parliament if we have built (...) So we have to give them some time because they are busy a lot in other issues. "
    and refers Beasley to a series political crises that beset the country ahead of provincial elections scheduled for April.
    and affected these crises as well as decision-makers in parliament, which is not prescribed by law whatever since parliamentary elections in March 2010.
    seems Now that the decision to move from the parliament from its current inside the Green Zone to another site in central Baghdad has stopped.
    According to the provisions of the contract, the Iraqi parliament is obliged to accept the company chosen by the Royal Institute.
    and despite the passage of weeks declared the winner, did not acknowledge Officials in Baghdad receiving recommendations British group.
    says Asambalij it received 250 thousand dollars and is keen to move forward in the details and designs and planning to start establishing new building early 2015.
    seems the building according to designs handed cylindrical replicated walls obscured some sun in technical and rosette large yard.
    At home two large rooms for members of the House of Representatives and the Federal Council, which provides the Iraqi constitution, but did not begin until today.
    The Asmbalij said construction of all facilities Parliamentary complex costing $ 411 million.,
    but a number of officials in the Iraqi parliament refused to comment on the theme of the competition. No group Baghdad for its part only bidding on the site of Parliament in 2011.
    magazine reported Bildng Design and UK-based The Foundation Kapta Simon, which came in second place and institution some iron, which came in third place did not win, but they still believe it they could get the contract.
    rejected Some iron respond to questions from AFP. But it said in a statement it "continues to discuss technical matters but not taken any decision so far on the contract."
    and still set Asmbalij somewhat stand observers from Iraqi politics, pending the shapers things.
    says Beasley this regard, "We really want to start this process, but it seems that they have a lot of work now. "
    and adds, "In the West, governments accustomed more on these things and ministries appointed to carry out such large-scale projects. but the situation is different in Baghdad, I think they stood on their feet newly therefore need a lot of support truth ".

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    BREAKING NEWS . Kuwait receives compensation half a billion dollars from Iraq to Kuwait Airways.
    21/01/2013 13:29:00

    Baghdad/NINA /--An official source announced that Kuwait received compensation half a billion dollars from Iraq to Kuwait Airways.

    The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid announced the approval of Kuwait to settle the issue of compensation of Kuwait Airways in the third of last October. Noting that an agreement regarding this issue has been reached between the two sides where Iraq pay / 500 / million as total of final compensation due to damages to Kuwait Airways.

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    Mosul starts strike today.
    21/01/2013 10:26:00

    Mosul / NINA / Mosul province has began a general strike today 21, Jan in solidarity with the demonstrators and protesters in the Ahrar Square in the city center.

    The demonstrators' spokesperson, Ghanem Abed said that "The Ahrar Square in Mosul has witnessed a gathering for the shopkeepers announcing their strike to join their fellow demonstrators in their 27th day of the sit-ins."

    He told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "The shops have closed their doors and stopped working today Monday."

    He added "The decision of strike for the shop owners came in solidarity with protesters of the Ahrar Square due to the government's neglect to the demands of protesters."

    Abed continued: "We have not seen any positive attitude from the government so far, and that is why we have issued this decision and it is a proof that all the people of Mosul are in solidarity with the demonstrators."

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