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    Reduction in the ministries of exchange rate (25.4%)

    Author: the future of Iraq
    12/1/2011 0:00

    BAGHDAD / the future of Iraq
    announced that the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation for the rate of exchange in the ministries in 2011 for the year 2010 by (25.4%).
    A statement of the ministry: "The cause of the low rate of exchange in 2011 due to low purchasing power of the ministries and departments not related to the Ministry this by the public in 2010. He added: "The purchasing power to the provinces for the same period, increased by (37.8%) despite an increase in allocations allocated to balance investment in 2011 increased by (40.1%), which came from the recycling of the remaining amounts of the allocations in 2010." He statement: "The proportion of expenses of the investment budget for 2011 up to November, with total advances and 39.3%, while the ratio of the actual expenses of the investment budget for 2010 and for the same period 52.7%.
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