The absence of local product .. Economists: Iraq continues to import goods from abroad
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Author: the future of Iraq

12/1/2011 0:00

BAGHDAD / the future of Iraq
confirmed competent in economic affairs Dargham Mohammad Ali Sadiq said to continue the process of importing products from abroad does not lead to the depletion of foreign currency in Iraq, pointing out, that can not abandon the import as a result of the absence of local product. Sadek said in a press statement yesterday that "the Iraq needs to import all industrial products from abroad and can not be abandoned for the time being due to a lack of local industry which is supposed to meet all the requirements and needs of the country of goods. He added that continuing the process of import Products merchandise from abroad will not lead to the depletion of foreign currency on the reverse "What is said by some economic and financial circles," the result of what is owned by Iraq's natural resources, large and coin rolling can not occur to him the process of depletion of the coin, noting "that Iraq continues to suffer an energy crisis which led to a halt most of the industrial plants in Iraq and the resort of citizens to import outside of the goods as a result of the cost of the product of domestic industrial top of the product imported. stressed competent in economic affairs: the need for the Federal Government with the support of local industry by giving soft loans and the provision of electric power and re-industrial factories to work in order to be dispensed with imported products.