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Talabani: Adoption of the security agreement to develop relations with Washington

02/12/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad / term government took the presidential palaces in Baghdad's international airport of U.S. troops on Thursday, where he was a big party, was handed the presidential palaces, and most notably the Al Faw Palace in Baghdad International Airport, in the presence of President of the Republic Jalal Talabani and Vice President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President of the Republic and a number of ministers and security chiefs and members of the House of Representatives Talabani said in his speech "in people's lives for the moments condenses the history, folding stages and opens prospects for new phases change the course of life and adjusted her career. It was the ninth day of April 2003 and one of those moments point in the history of Iraq, which suffered for decades from the tyranny of an unjust regime dominated all walks of life and make our country a prison badly when the people ill suffering and deprivation and disrupted party life and has been the monopoly of the media and become laws just a paper written order ruling and is in accordance with his will. Instead of using Iraq's resources, both natural and human, in the development of the economy and improve the conditions of the citizens, scoffed at those resources for the purchase of accounts receivable and interference in the affairs of other countries waging a civil war and waging aggression externally. and by the it became the government in Iraq hated at home and isolated at the regional and international, which has increased the suffering of our people, and stimulate the national forces to escalate their struggle to get rid of tyranny. " He said Talabani "and was getting the job done something extremely difficult, and fraught with great sacrifices but the support of allies and in the forefront of the U.S. and friends helped to end the oppression and tyranny and open broad prospects for building a democratic Iraq, a federal independent and have contributed to the coalition countries, and particularly the United States of America a great deal in promoting security and confronting the terrorist onslaught fierce was their driving forces, and induced them push the country towards the abyss of civil war. Thanks to joint efforts, to ensure stability is frequently at the post-Saddam and reshaping, and arming and equipping our armed forces. and made men from coalition forces, working hand in hand with members of the Iraqi forces, a lot of sacrifices and martyrs who venerate always their memory and renew today offer condolences to their families and their loved ones and fellow citizens. and added, "Thanks to these efforts and sacrifices ripe climates for piling and foundations to rebuild the state and age of the permanent constitution and approval and initiation of reconstruction Mahedmth years of past wars. It was not the battle of reconstruction easier and easier than the battle of freedom from the oppressive regime, and has a strong and fought entrusting the great help of our friends from different countries of the world and in the forefront of the USA " . and went on "and has created the completion of the bulk of these tasks difficult atmosphere to ensure a convention troops withdrew in 2008 and that was an admission actually that the two parties, Iraq and, Khatib has succeeded in achieving the desired goals, and a transition to a new phase of cooperation has developed features and prospects the strategic framework agreement concluded between the two countries, which became the basis for future relations between our two countries. " Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is a victory for the option of negotiations, saying that just talking about a full withdrawal was years ago, impossible, , urged all countries, especially neighboring to the establishment of better relations on the basis of good neighborliness and mutual respect. Maliki said while attending a ceremony in Baghdad, marking the "day to fulfill", "The completion of the withdrawal of foreign forces from all Iraqi territory in accordance with schedules agreed upon between the States and Iraq United American is a historic victory at the option of negotiations that we have adopted in the difficult and sensitive period of Iraq's modern history, in dealing with the issue of the presence of foreign troops. " Maliki said that "the withdrawal of American troops will eventually lead to a new phase in the relationship between the two countries where the Strategic Framework Agreement stone cornerstone of bilateral relations and will include aspects of political, economic, commercial, cultural, scientific, "asserting that" full withdrawal check today and was just talking about it years ago, a kind of impossible. " He said Maliki, "We extend our hand to all brotherly and friendly countries, especially neighboring countries, we call for the establishment of best relations on the basis of good neighborliness, mutual respect and non-interference and resolve outstanding issues through dialogue and peaceful means. " Maliki has called for all political forces and religious scholars and tribal elders, intellectuals, artists, journalists and civil society organizations to "stand by the security forces in this critical phase through which Iraq," stressing " the need to keep the Iraqi people for this achievement of national unity and rejection of differences for the safety of the nation and the unity and territorial integrity. "of his part, Vice President Joe Biden that Iraq today has become full sovereignty, and became one of the four countries in the Middle East has American weapons developed , and one of the ten countries in the world. He said Biden in a speech during the ceremony: that the United States today has a relationship deep with Iraq, which managed his forces today to be among the first countries that possess advanced weapon and capable of maintaining security. He pointed out that Iraq has become one of the four countries in the Middle East has advanced American weapons, and one of the ten countries in the world. and Biden: that Iraq's relationship with the United States was a war, but disagree on the case, making strategy a relationship of friendship.


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