Deputy for Iraq: lack of trust between Maliki and Allawi led to a lack of choice of ministers by independent security
On: Wed, 12/01/2011 13:35

Baghdad (news) .. Eliminated MP / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini be resolved file security ministries in the current parliamentary session confirmed no intention of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to accept any candidate by the coalition in Iraq to take over the position of the Ministry of Defence.
The Daini in a statement (the Agency news) on Thursday that the coalition in Iraq presented to the Prime Minister more than (10) candidates for the office of the Ministry of Defense, including deputies, and some of them held the post of Minister stated last refusal "under false pretenses and irrational", and just not to accept any candidate suggested by the Iraqi
It continued, which he accused the Iraqi candidates they are covered by the law of accountability and justice or criminal cases against them if they are also "how they got to these positions?".
The MP for the coalition in Iraq: that the claim of the political blocs to be the candidates of the security ministries independent and not belong to any block is just a "word of flags" because all the blocks you want to be a candidate belongs to the parties are represented in order to ensure his loyalty, and the lack of trust between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of a coalition Iraq, Iyad Allawi, and the different electoral their programs, which led to the generation of such a trend, confirming that the decisions of government interventions and pressures facing the U.S., regional and Hospb form a government on the basis of quotas, and even the security ministries are governed by external transactions.
And was a member of the citizen and the mass of MP / National Alliance / Ugaili Aziz has stressed the need for peaceful resolution of Ministers before the end of this year, adding that the minister had more interest in managing his ministry on behalf of those who run.
Said Ugaili in a statement (news) that the management of the ministry by her best to be managed on behalf of and in particular, and we on the verge of withdrawal of U.S. troops, and continued: Minister inherent be more interested in his ministry, leading to improved security situation and the reduction of terrorist operations, indicating the presence of many people incompetent for these positions.
The National Alliance MP: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the commander of the armed forces can not control the security ministries, even though they are managed on behalf of, demanding Pfsh way for Blind People who are able to control the security situation after the American withdrawal.