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Yesterday, 03:56 PM

Greetings Peoples Dinar Members. On behalf of Ray and his family, my wife and I, we all wish you a very safe upcoming Christmas Holiday.

Due to past posts I realize that this will be all over the internet in every dinar forum that exists, Ray and I have elected to keep this very generic. Believe me, Ray and I are sick of the morons asking for a link for this information. As you are aware, this information is coming from our contacts that have relatives that live in various parts of Iraq and are very interested in what is going on and they are keeping up on the current events.

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There are some very interesting events happening as we speak. My partner is trying to confirm one of them. What I am trying to confirm is that the Minister of Security position has been cancelled, thus leaving two major positions. According to Ray and my sources, the Minister if Interior is a done deal and now so is the Minister of Defense. This news is huge.

I will post an update to this post once my partner gets back to me about this. Now for the information Ray's contacts have, I can (from my partner in Iraq) confirm that companies are being trained on how to handle new and current contracts with a new exchange rate. My opinion is why are they teaching us how to handle a new rate if something is not about to happen fairly quickly.

Here is what Ray sent to me today. We have been talking almost daily about our information and we both feel we are very close.


Here is a small update that I got from one of my contacts just this morning that I found very interesting. He told me that several Iraqi companies have been having meetings with various government officials and are being told how to handle their contracts with other companies and the government after the dinar revalues. They are being instructed on everything that will take place when the revalue happens.

He also told me that Maliki picked a Defense Minister last night that he is very happy with. He told me that it will probably be a couple of days before they know if this candidate is the one. He also said that an Interior Minister was picked and that everyone is happy with this choice and there should be no problem with his appointment. I asked him about the Security Minister and he told me he thought that position was cancelled. I asked him to try and get verification for sure. He was pretty adamant that it was cancelled but said he would verify it. So not totally sure on that position.

He said the people over there feel the RV will happen by Jan 1, if not sooner. They say there is a lot of things going on over there and everyone is getting very excited. I told him we are too. Hope to hear more later and will keep you informed. Take care of your foot and will talk to you later.



Well, this is all we can provide to you.... (text removed)

Please just live each day to its fullest and let this happen. My wife and I pray for each and every one of you members daily asking that you all can stay strong as this very complex investment comes to an end blessing us way beyond our imaginations.

Merry Christmas to all.

Blessings from your family to yours,

Steve & Marion

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