Barham Saleh calls on the government to leave the debates, and quickly provide oil and gas law to parliament
Tuesday, 29 October / 2 November 2011 19:41

[Erbil - where]
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barham Salih, the central government to leave the controversies aside and work hard to provide a draft law of oil and gas to the Parliament as soon as possible. "
He said in a press conference attended by the correspondent of all of Iraq [where] on Tuesday on the sidelines of the opening of the consulate Palestinian in Erbil that "oil is the wealth of the Iraqi people and every barrel is produced from the province of Kurdistan, added imports of Finance to the Treasury of the Federal because the province is part of Iraq and of the duties the Advancement of reality the oil. "
And by Barham Salih, the "disappointment of what he described as [controversies media] ongoing about the oil and gas law and the signing of contracts with international companies," and expressed his hope that "return the contract signed by Baghdad with Shell Oil recently well for all Iraqis."
And that "the region has achieved very important steps in the oil sector in accordance with the Constitution and the law controls the oil and gas through what we have achieved considerable progress in this sector and enhance its productivity."
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barham Salih, visited Baghdad recently and held meetings with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a number of political leaders were talking about the disputes, the relationship between the center and the region.

The draft law of oil and gas has seen debates between the political blocs did not come to be resolved, although several copies of this Law, provided by the Government recently, including a shortened version of this law, rejected the Kurdistan Alliance and wanted to return to the 2007 version.