Maliki called the ministers of security before the date of withdrawal of the U.S.
09:24:46 2011-11-28 PUKmedia

Premier Nuri al-Maliki to make a list of candidates for the vacant security ministries (Defense, Interior and National Security) during the next two weeks, at the time announced a block of "Iraq" lack of any negotiations with al-Maliki on the new list.

To see that the parliamentary session today, questioning the Mayor of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi by the mass of "state law" in regards to the files of administrative and financial corruption, while the information was nominated for the existence of negotiations led by the "Supreme Islamic Council," al-Issawi, who belongs to the Abolition of the interrogation.

For his part, MP for the block according to the "state of the law," Ihsan Yassin's "life" that "al-Maliki will restore the security ministries to provide candidates to the parliament during the next two weeks to end the responsibility is discharged, the parliament is to be al-Faisal in filling the security ministries, or keep them vacant."

He explained that "the mass of the National Alliance in general and the state of law in particular are facing difficulty in dealing with the components of Iraq's divided."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi components is consistent with its leaders, and when presenting their candidates for the office of the Ministry of Defence refusing to run into some of the components of the candidate, which is hampered by the nomination of candidates obtain general acceptance of the incompetent."

He pointed out that "with the American withdrawal end of the year will need to arrange security ministries and the completion of the security ministries candidates crisis." He said that "al-Maliki will raise the final names to Parliament for a vote, which will be known by everyone and enjoy the experience and efficiency." He pointed out that "Parliament will be al-Faisal to keep an ongoing crisis or not."

Yassin refused to disclose the new candidates, but government sources told «life» that they Tawfiq al (National Alliance) of the Ministry of Interior, Saadoun al-Dulaimi (coalition of the center) of the Ministry of Defense, and Faleh Al-Fayad (National Alliance) of the Ministry of National Security.

The spokesman denied the "Iraqi" Haider Mulla, knowing the structure of the Prime Minister to present candidates for the ministries of security, said the "life" that "negotiations with the state law parked in relation to the security ministries," and pointed out that "in the event of the oldest Maliki to submit names of candidates without the consent of the Iraqi Vservdha parliament, certainly. "

And managed-Maliki's security ministries since the formation of the government in December (December) last year, and has in the middle of this year to grant the defense portfolio proxy to Saadoun al-Dulaimi, who serves as culture minister in the government as well, with runs the leader of the «Dawa» Adnan al-Asadi of the Ministry of the Interior as a senior agent in the ministry.

It warned that «the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue» headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq of the political and social implications of «for the continuation of arrests that began affect the various segments of society under false pretenses».

The front were part of the «Iraqi List» led by Iyad Allawi said in a statement that «the arrests wide by the executive bodies of the security forces and the military in various parts of Iraq and its cities and the accompanying promotion campaigns in the media and satellite channels, procedures seriously with the meaning of domination and injustice against a lot of innocent people of Iraq ».