Wednesday, September 28

Minimum Sudan / the future of Iraq: proposed financial expert Haider Faraji number of solutions for private sector development in Iraq, would be through cooperation with government agencies and response demands of the private sector in order to access to resolve the crisis existing in the country, in addition to this must abolition of laws and fees that impede the work of the private sector.

Faraji said in a statement to “the future of Iraq: You must eliminate all deficiencies that impede the work and development in general, therefore, should find a solution to the infrastructure needed for the work of production and development of domestic industries, especially in the industrial, agricultural and oil, trade, etc. ..

He stressed Faraji “the need to develop new laws as well as serious in its implementation and work to unify the government’s efforts are not organized and make them face a united can deal with the problems of the private sector seriously and in the plans studied, and must also unite the efforts of the private sector and be by the terms of reference for cooperation with government and impose their will upon in order to reach solutions to develop the Iraqi economy and overcome the cases against the confusion of the situation.