Iraqi bloc: Maliki will present the names of candidates for the defense and interior out of the responsibility
26/11/2011 15:55

Baghdad, November 26 (Rn) - A list of "Iraq" White Saturday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will show the names of candidates of Defense and the Interior of the House within a few days to remove himself from the responsibility of the ministries remain vacant.

Still the Ministries of Interior and Defense Tdaran acting after almost a full year to form a government because of disagreement over the names of the candidates.
A member of the Iraqi white Zuhair Araji, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "al-Maliki will submit names of candidates of the Interior and Defense Council of Representatives during the next few days."
He pointed out that al-Maliki wants to come out the same responsibility and will take responsibility for the crisis and the House of Representatives to delay the survival of the ministries vacant.

He said al-Araji said, "Maliki will present the names of candidates for the defense. They are not among the names of the candidates who came from the Iraqi List."
The MP said Fuad Masum, the Kurdistan Alliance, said Maliki's security ministries will end the crisis before the end date of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

He told (Rn) that the file of the security ministries will be decided by the U.S. withdrawal due by the end of next month, which was confirmed by MP for the coalition in Iraq Iskandar and berries.
U.S. forces continue to withdraw its troops from Iraq in an orderly implementation of the security agreement with Iraq, which expires later this year.