Companies: Basra is now playing an important regional role in the management of the economic situation of the world
26/11/2011 12:38

Basra, November 26 (Rn) - The number of owners of companies participating in the exhibition Basra International oil and gas province of Basra on Wednesday, the Basra has played an important regional role in the oil industry, and in the Iraqi economy with high day after day its oil exports and increase the number of its oil installations, which led to one of the stations make Basra the economic mission in the world.

The director of my company AC U.S. specializing in the field of oil equipment to Salem, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that "the establishment of international exhibitions in the province of Basra, particularly in the field of oil, which is one of the main pillars of the economic mission in the province makes the movement of progress to maintain economically faster and better than it is now, however, they are playing an important regional role in the world in the economic sphere. "

On the other hand, said Director of Business Development at Gulftainer Ibrahim Sarhan (Rn) announced today that "the cause of post his company in the exhibition for the second year in a row is that the company now started doing berth container terminal in Iraq or the city of Iraq logistics specialized transport equipment and oil which would be up by Iraq's economy, which relies on oil companies to bring in Iraqi ports, oil equipment. "

For his part, said Exhibition Director Albermides Group Mohammad Sharifi (Rn) announced today that "oil and gas exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions held in Iraq and ranked tenth in terms of the importance of exhibitions in the world with participation of a number of companies and countries, as well as the importance of companies located in the exhibition."

He said the "Fair Basra importance of other non-economic significance, and reflects a positive image of the province, as well as contribute to the development side of tourism, as this exhibition has caused book hotels in the entire province, which led us to not to receive more companies to the lack of accommodation, and this is what prompted the company to start construction of five-star hotel within the hotel is the province. "

The exhibition opened Basra International Oil and Gas on 25 / 11 and lasts for four days in the province of Basra (550 km south of Baghdad), where the representation of more than 400 companies from more than 30 countries, amid very tight security.