Arch Angels thoughts on QE 4
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Thread: Arch Angels thoughts on QE 4

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    Arch Angels thoughts on QE 4

    I firgure I'll drop in a thought here.

    QE 4 has been rolled out. Now we have 85 BILLION dollars pumped electronically into our economy, PER MONTH until unemployment goes down.

    Just a thought, how does pumping electronic money help us? Well as Dinarians we hold a currency that (at the moment) there really doesn't seem to be enough money (Electronic or other wise) to cover if the rules are we have to convert our dinars in for dollars before we can do anything else with them.

    The current administration has gone to great lengths to hire many more IRS agents. Again, WHY? Well the answer is possibly two fold,
    1: with Obamacare marked as a "TAX" by the supreme court (and therefore legal) IRS agents will be needed to audit all companies and individuals that fall under the classification for needing the Government insurance.
    2: It has been stated on various calls and sites that there would be an IRS agent standing by at cashin points to take their %15 right off the top. Now the % may vary. but none the less we're looking for a possible explanation for needing new agents.

    Now as Dinarians with our blessing headed our way (prayerfully soon) We will need Dollars to cover the money going into the "system". So creating E-money is the easiest way is it not? Maybe a QE is something we might need to help the "system" handle our transactions, and help the banks with fractional banking.

    With an influx of dollars (our converted dinar) the banks will need a vehicle to cover and move and operate these funds.

    I'm not trying to make the banks out to be good guys here. I'm just throughing some Ideas out there.

    This in all is just an idea and my opnion

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    TERRIFIC analysis!! Your thoughts are appreciated!! ((((HUGS))))

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