Kurdish sources: a meeting of leaders of the blocks on the U.S. withdrawal before leaving Maliki to Washington
25/11/2011 20:39

Baghdad / Orr News
Political sources said the Kurdish President Jalal Talabani plans to convene a meeting of leaders of political blocs to take a unified position of the extension to the survival of part of the U.S. forces, headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Washington the middle of next month.

The sources told (UR) that "the meeting will be preceded by Maliki's visit to the United States," indicating that "the aim to find a compromise formula between all parties, blocs and the need for the survival of a number of American forces for training and the protection of the atmosphere."

She added that "there is a prior agreement between Talabani and Maliki on this meeting, the Prime Minister explain to the leaders of the blocks the ability of Iraqi forces and the gravity of the situation after the withdrawal and the size of internal and external threats facing Iraq."The sources revealed, for the first time, that "the meeting will consider in granting immunity to U.S. soldiers in the light of the agreement all the blocks, with the exception of al-Sadr, the need for the survival of a number of U.S. troops for training purposes and the protection of Iraqi airspace."

And suggested that "the masses accept the grant of immunity for Americans, especially after the emergence of the need for air cover to protect the atmosphere and watching the armed movements." The Office of the Presidency of the Republic said Wednesday that "Talabani discussed during a meeting with his two deputies Tariq al-Hashemi and Khudair Khuzaie to invite the heads of blocs and political leaders to the general conference to reach a comprehensive national project meets the desire of Iraqis in the next phase." He explained that "Talabani called for direct contact with leaders of the blocks to determine the date of the meeting."
Baghdad had asked Washington to stay trained, but the dispute was on the immunity, as Washington has refused to stay any soldier is not receiving immunity and not subject to any Iraqi court to be an al-Faisal at his trial the U.S. military justice.

In the meantime, renewed for security and defense committee parliamentary confirmation that "Iraq is in need of 5 years for the rehabilitation of cadres air." A member of the Chuan Mohamed Taha, Iraq does not have pilots new, what we need to staff, and will not be rehabilitated, but during the time period of not less than 5 years, and therefore, Iraq is not eligible for the protection of air space now. "Taha called on the government to" deal New with the United States to protect the atmosphere, from bases in neighboring countries without the use of Iraqi territory. "