Economic parliamentary: confusion caused by the delay of the development process in the country
On: Friday 11/25/2011 6:52

Baghdad / term
called a member of the Economic and MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Hussein Abtan to the need to develop accurate strategic plans for the development of national economy, noting that the reasons Takhramlah development to economic policy is clear in the country.

Said Abtan in a press statement on Thursday: that the main cause of the delay in the process of economic development in Iraq is due to confusion draw economic policy in developing strategic plans inaccurate, leading to a reluctance of some economic ministries and departments in their work.
stressed Abtan the need to develop plans clear and understandable strategy for the development of economic sectors in the country, pointing out: that Iraq is still "confused" Ptaamlath with economic issues as a result of lack of precision drawing his economic policy development. He noted that the export of oil in Iraq since the fall of the former regime, and yet not at the level required and in limited quantities, adding: supposed to be exporting more oil abroad, the result of what is owned by Iraq's oil wealth, great.
The Member of the economy and investment representative to Iraq has ingredients and supplies that make the economy strong, pointing out: that the political system is stable and is not based on ownership or tyranny, but its democratic and this is what gives a positive indicator for the development of the Iraqi economy and its development.
Earlier, between a member of the Economic and MP / coalition in Iraq / Qusay Fri In a statement (of the Agency news): The Iraqi economy is still not clearly defined "Is it an economy or market as a result of his confusion," indicating: that the federal government is still working totalitarian laws that were operating in the former regime.