Vote on the budget in 2012 next week
On: Wed, 24/11/2011 15:33

BAGHDAD - A citizen
The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, has been the completion of the general budget of the country for 2012, confirmed that he will be voted on within the Council of Ministers next week at a meeting of the Council.
The Minister of Planning Ali Shukri that "the budget presented by the Ministry of Finance in September to the cabinet and returned 4 times to the Ministry of Finance." He pointed out that "the Ministry of Planning mentioned a lot of points and thus we asked for reconsideration of the larger budget." He said, "it was finalized once and wait for the next meeting of the Council of Ministers approved and forwarded to the House of Representatives for a vote," and expressed his hope that launches the budget this year in early January, saying he "will be the first former since 2003 and until this year. He added that "The ministry has completed the adoption of the plans to be implemented for all ministries in the coming year as well as the completion of the approved plans, more than 7 provinces," explaining that "the launch of the budget in the month of January with the adoption of plans, provinces and ministries will ensure the implementation of projects provinces since the beginning of the first month."
The estimated budget for Iraq in 2012 to $112 billion, including $17 billion for security and arms, up 36% from last year, but a deficit of $20 billion.