Preceded by an international mediation signals Kuwaiti and U.S. pressure to liberate Iraq from the UN resolution .
Thursday, 24 October / 2 November 2011

Twilight News / after the announcement of the United Nations for its willingness to mediate in the reconstruction of relations between Iraq and Kuwait to normal, and directed the first item under penalty of seven different views of the political blocs by the success of international efforts to resolve the issue.

While it has ruled the Iraqi List, in response the Kuwaiti side to the international calls as a result of spasm of relations and tense with Iraq, a student coalition Kurdish blocs to obtain positive signals from the other side before you start any talks, called upon the Iraqi bloc white to the U.S. administration to intervene to get Iraq out of the item in question through the exploitation of its influence within the Security Council.

The Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler announced at a press conference in Najaf after meeting Sistani reference, the readiness of the United Nations to mediate in the reconstruction of relations between Iraq and Kuwait to normal.
He says the head of the solution were part of the coalition, the Iraqi Ziad Tariq worldwide abolition in an interview with "Twilight News" that "the general situation between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti strained and tense, and there are many outstanding issues between the two sides, which will make the second more intransigent and determined to keep Iraq under Chapter VII ".

Shows the worldwide abolition that "one of the outstanding issues between the two sides, is a question of building a port Mubarak of Kuwait, which until now did not know the House of Representatives impact on the Iraqi ports or not" asking "the Prime Minister to send a report of the Committee that went recently to Kuwait to the House of Representatives for their results. "
The technical committee composed of experts under the chairmanship of the advisers in the Office of the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban ended her recent visit to Kuwait in August last, as discussed with Kuwaiti officials, the cause of building the port of Mubarak.

The Prime Minister and his deputies met, last August, with the Technical Committee to discuss the report returned by the last of his visit to Kuwait to see the impact of construction of a port or not Mubarak on Iraqi ports.
The Iraqi government formally asked the Kuwaiti counterpart to postpone construction of a port to be established Mubarak, Kuwait's Boubyan Island, overlooking the waterway shared with Iraq, while making sure not to impact on the rights of Iraq in common water, in the last rejected that request him usually illegal.
In turn, says MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc Saman Fawzi in an interview with "Twilight News" that "it is essential that there are positive signals from the Kuwaiti side before starting talks with him to get Iraq out from under Chapter VII."
Fawzi and adds that "the talks under way between the two sides in this regard but it is difficult to predict the response of the Kuwaiti side with Iraq", saying that "Kuwait in cooperation with the United Nations to reach a solution to this issue."

Iraqi officials have stepped up their efforts in recent years to persuade the Security Council to bring Iraq from under Chapter VII, confirming Iraq's compliance with all United Nations resolutions, and that he no longer poses a threat to the security and stability in the region.

For its part, says a spokeswoman for the Iraqi white high Nassif in the reported statement of "Twilight News" that "the United States to seek international level to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and the abolition of the Security Council resolution No. 833 of 1993, which is the decision of compliance for Iraq," Usually, "he said of their duties towards Iraq."

She says Nassif that "America could use its Security Council and the UN to help Iraq, as well as address it to France and Britain in this regard and relate the subject to invest these countries in Iraq," emphasizing "the role of the Iraqi government to work to rally the international community for this purpose, particularly States which are linked with the interests of Iraq. "

Referred to Chapter VII consists of 13 articles, which is Resolution 678, passed in 1990 and the proposal to remove Iraq from Kuwait by force of the provisions of this chapter, Iraq is still under Tailth, because the survival of several issues pending such as the remains of Kuwaiti citizens and prisoners in Iraq and Kuwaiti property including the archives of the Amiri Diwan, the Crown Prince's Court, and the issue of environmental awards and oil which do not relate only to the State of Kuwait and other Arab countries and companies still have some rights.

The subject of Iraq under Chapter VII for more than two decades and to date, and comes from the Iraqi government efforts to get Iraq out of them and keep his money.