Deputy Central Bank Governor: State-owned banks dominate 90% of the domestic financial transactions
On: Tue 11/22/2011 12:50

Baghdad (news) .. A Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq Mzarmohamd for the domination of the government banks on 90% of the financial dealings of local, which weakens the Doralqtaa private sectors in the economy moving.
Salih said (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: that there are many laws and regulations The instructions are limited to the economy of the market sector, noting that the right thing is to establish a partnership a joint-stock companies in which the capital from the government and the private sector.
Saleh added: There is a committee will develop a restructuring of government banks in the Central Bank and this is a plan to develop the sector government banks over the past the next three by organizing policy payments and the conduct of credit cards, indicating that there is resistance from within the banks to change the fact that the change is not easy for the managers or owners of the chairs.
and between valid: that the central bank is currently in the project name (National Switch), or is intended switchboard national plus the conduct of credit cards, which will be completed in two or three will be established a National Council for payments regulates all payments policy in Iraq.