Consistent with the national investment company "General Electric" on the training of Iraqi cadres
21/11/2011 16:55

Baghdad, November 21 (Rn) - The National Investment Commission, on Monday, a memorandum of understanding with General Electric Company of America for the training of Iraqi personnel in government institutions in the areas of transport, health, energy, emphasizing that it has been agreed with the company on the n be cadres working in Iraq, an Iraqi by 75%.

The deputy chairman of the Investment Authority Salar Mohammed Amin during the signing ceremony held at the Authority in Baghdad and attended by the correspondent of the News Agency of Kurdistan (Rn) that "the national investment entered into a number of agreements with GE first opening a training center in Iraq is a maintenance center in the Middle East for the training of Iraqi personnel working in government institutions. "

He explained that the Authority agreed to be 75% of the personnel working at the company are of Iraqi employment, noting that this would "reduce unemployment in the country."

"The GE Giant Ttaiwiraadd is in the process of electric power stations," waving, "The work will be in the sectors of transport, energy, health and other areas."

For his part, Executive Director of the company in the Middle East Nabil Habayeb during the ceremony that "Iraq today is in need Ttaiwirmassadrh natural and Massadralamaah addition to the development and provision of health issues and energy kinds," adding that "Ketrk today moving towards the development of these sectors in addition to the transport sector."

He Habayeb that GE now has three offices in Iraq in the south, center and north, "will work to overcome all the obstacles faced by the government institutions in the process of restoring the infrastructure of the country."